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Am I Bi or Straight?

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I need to know if I am Bi or Straight. I have always masturbated to girls but last night I masturbated to a man who I have been talking to for a while. What are some ways to see if I am Bi or straight without requiring another human being.
All you have to do is stay calm and think about last night.Why did you do it? How did you feel? Did you like it? Do you feel attracted to him?
Those are the kind of questions you have to ask yourself.

There's no exact method that can say "Yes, you're 100% bisexual" or something like that, this is more like speculation in a sense, you have to use your feelings as a guide

>what are some ways to see if i am bi or straight wihtout requiring another human being.

porn, generally. its not fool proof but if you can watch a lot of gay porn and get off, you are likely gay. watch some without touching your penis and see if oyu are naturally stimulated.

its not fool proof though to be honest i think the most important thing to sexuality is chemistry. I am a gay man, but a few weeks ago i saw a webm of soem really hot lesbians making out and fingering each other and i went ahead and jerked off to it. i have literally zero chemistry for women in real life however. whereas men i feel an immediate bond of sorts.

try porn and if oyu like it, consider trying a real life approach.
Sexuality exists on a spectrum for most people. It's likely that you're mostly into girls but have a strong attraction to this man in particular.

Don't sweat it and don't get too worked up about discrete categorizations. Humans are more complex than that.
Can you imagine yourself fucking somebody of the same sex? If not you're straight.
Thanks for the advice. I will checkout some more porn. Yes I did like it, how it felt

that doesnt mean gay if it was just a fantasy of a guy. our brains arent always clear and you were purposely stimulating yourself.

as stupid as it sounds i do believe htat someitmes people fall for the wrong gender once in a while. not even in a 'trap' situation but sometimes you meet someone and it feels right regardless of gender. i think thats how some people turn gay, but a lot of people go back to straight after. some kinda hover there with dudes once in awhile.

tehre is a scale. either way, just remember it doesnt have to define you. its okay to keep your sexuality private.
Trying porn, like the other anon said, is also a good idea to explore your sexuality. Really obvious too, I'm afraid the lack of sleep is getting to me

However, >>17099570 also has a point, you might be more into how he is, his personality and such, than what he is; that is, a man.
Then the fact that he's a man doesn't matter as much since you're feeling attracted to his character
However, I think giving porn a try and seeing what you find is a good idea.

Anon is also right about sexuality not defining you. It's just an aspect of you, not the whole thing. Don't worry, it won't change who you are, at least not much. People are way more than who they feel attracted to

>an aspect

and i dont htink it has to be a major one. i think the biggest reason men have trouble coming to terms with their sexuality isnt just the way striaght people would treat them, but the concept of what gay people are.

a lot of gay people wear their sexuality on their sleeve, and their shirt, and their pants, and their hair, and cant open thier mouth wihtout saying something related to it.

whats comforting about being striaght is that it isnt an aspect of you. its simply a fact of life. you eat a little more meat than you should. you have coffee too much. theres a weird spot on your balls you like touched while masturbating. none of these things really defining or even being an 'aspect' in your mind. just passing htings you might notice if you paid attention to. dating women is the same way.

but when you're gay theres this expectation from almost every party involved that its all you are anymore.
Was "aspect" a poor choice of a word? I'm not a native, and while I try my best I end up messing up here and there. At first I was going to go with "characteristic", but ditched it since it has that "defining trait" nuance to it.

I agree, sexuality is just part of who you are, but that's it. It's nothing that should be hidden, nothing to be ashamed of, but neither should be what you show yourself as, the first thing that pops up when describing yourself.

Of course, the problem, more than anything are the social repercussions of not being straight. Not because it's wrong nor anything of the sort, but because of being compared to the stereotypical gay. No one wants to be thought of like that, and have that erroneous idea damage his bonds with people, create distance between one and his friends, family, and the like.
They fear being ostracized for their sexuality because people might think they're like those vocal types.

Which is enormously stupid, people don't suddenly change when they tell you they're homosexual or whatever, they're still the same. But people don't get that. It's still the unknown in a sense, a novelty. After all, barely fifty years ago, less even, being gay was something terrible to the common eye

It's mostly a matter of time passing and people getting used to it, to grow familiar to the idea.
But that kind of people sure ain't helping.
Not that they're bad or anything, I'm glad they're proud of themselves, but they ain't helping

>was aspect a poor choice of a word?

not really. i just try to over emphasize just how little it has to mean. a lot of people have trouble cuz they think its goign to change everything. i just try to ensure people it doesnt have to change anything.

its okay to show it off if you want. but its okay to hide it if thats more comfortable (and ofr me it is)
Yup, it all boils down to it being blown way out of proportion. It doesn't change anything outside of what you're attracted to. That's it. It's nothing more than a preference, like preferring books to movies, doesn't make you better nor worse, nor changes you that much as a person

Sorry for the previous rant, BTW, I really have a problem with brevity
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