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>Friday night chilling with my popular friend >known her

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>Friday night chilling with my popular friend
>known her since 5th grade, best friends for years
>bored as fuck
>ask her if any parties are on
>says there's a gath at a friends house
>only person I know there is the owner, good lad
>drive over and walk in, look around to see 10 guys sitting around a table smoking weed
>me and best friend have smoked weed since year 11, I smoke almost every night
>me and friend join them
>have one cone, goes straight to my head
>start getting really nervous and start to feel angry
>hear guys around me talking about me
>saying stuff like I'm the guy that hangs out with my friend and still hasn't gotten a root from her
>start to get really pissed off start drinking the vodka I brought
>friend leans in to me
>"anon, do you wanna go?"
>start thinking if I go it'll make me look weak
>"nah only if you want to"
>keep drinking vodka
>walk out to the kitchen
>hear them calling me a faggot and a retard
>walk back in, they go quiet
>stare at one of the guys talking shit
>"anon, you wanna go?"
>"I'll go if you wanna go"
>one guy says that maybe my friend wants to go and is trying to make it look like I wanna go
>agree with the guy
>fuck did I do that for?
>friend gets up and walks to the door
>"well you can stay here if you want, I'll go back"
>get embarrassed as fuck

I walk my friend home and apologise, which is very hard for me as I've never been sympathetic or upset around her and I tell her that I'm depressed and an alcoholic and the only time I'm happy is if I'm drunk or with her, making sure to make it look like I wasnt hitting on her.

Do I just let her go? The problem is the only other friends I've got don't leave their houses and live off centrelink. But it's pre obvious that my friend is embarrassed around me as we have had sex and she's told someone there that we haven't.
are you from newcastle or melbourne
hahaha was about to say that, im from newcastle, classic
which part m8

im from melb but i couldnt follow this story
youve pretty much just made yourself look like a massive beta, prepare for her to barely speak to you in the future and if she does it will be just to be nice to you
Islingotn haha, you have relatives here what?
I'm drunk, I tried
Basically I went to a party with a friend that I've known for years only to find out that she talks shit about me and lies about me. I hardly have any friends and she's the only person that I actually do anything with. All my other friends are drugged up as fuck or don't leave their house. Do I stick with her in hopes that she apologies or I give in or do I let her go?
yea i have some pals that live in catho bay
Thing is she asks me if I'll visit soon all the time, as I live pre far away. But she's acting like I don't know she's talking shit
this has got to be the most boring fucking story I have ever read in my god damn life.

What the fuck was the point of this? What are you upset at? Why the fuck do you care about any of these people and why would any of it matter.

Are you 16?
And I'm asking If I let go of the only person that I literally give a shit about who, I'm asking for advice not story time
none of it matters. Nothing you have ever done in your life fucking matters if this is what goes on in your life.
Should I just an hero? My whole life is pre much just a massive lie and a joke
On the hook bro.
Fuck centerlink cunts, they'll drag you down. Get off the booze, find a decent chick and real friends.
I want to stop drinking but I don't feel like myself sober. When I'm drunk I'm happy and I can get along with anyone, like how I was in high school.
But alcohol all the time is extremely detrimental; to everything. You don't want to feel like you did in school, this is a part of growing up.
I spent almost a decade stoned. Literally. I had maybe 3-6 months of days I couldn't score. I did everything stoned because it was like the weed let me. I was on the hook to a horrible bitch who did the same thing to me, and every cunt I used to know is probably still on centerlink.
I'm telling you from experience bro,
Quit drinking. Not like some bitch AA member, but just like. A few drinks at pubs/clubs or with your mates and shit.
You'll find a chick who's not going to string you along, but that won't happen if you're drunk all the time.
Let go of what used to be, and embrace what could be. I did, now I have an amazing partner and a close circle of friends.
Cheers man, any advice on how to not be paranoid when blazing? Since I started smoking weed at home I've always had to have precautions to stop my parents from finding out. I've moved out now and I'm still paranoid even though there's nothing to be paranoid about. This is why I prefer drinking.
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That's how we do in 'Murica.

Glad to hear someone stand up for themselves and not be a little bitch about it like your friend.

But you shoulda slammed that vodker and went and turned over the table those fags were sitting at and just start punching and kicking anybody you saw.

Also, root that girl, fag.
I smoke cones in my room or on the verandah out back. I used to smoke little hits, and blow it out the window and shit, but there's no real need for that extent. All my neighbors are old, and on one side they're actually friends with half the cops in my town. Not one has ever noticed. People have come round freaking out about cops next door and I've just smoked a gram hahaha. But if you're always paranoid you can go for a bathroom sesh with an exhaust fan on.
Not a lot of people care about quiet stoners though, it's the 3am dubsteppin' ice heads you gotta keep an eye on haha
It wasn't my house and the owner wasn't home, would've made a pre shit impression
We fuck heaps, but she doesn't want anyone to know
>male-female friendship

This meme is five stars
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/adv/ is lit tonight
Bro, just don't talk to her anymore
What would be the better alternative? Stop talking to a girl who shit talks and lose my social life or stay friends with her, keep shagging her friends and continue to destroy my mental state.

The thing is I don't relate to anyone as much as I do to her, we have the same sense of humour, the same views of the world and I don't think I'll find someone as good as her

Dude fuck them. Cunts that just get in groups and decide to act like cunts, it's fucking annoying. Not one of those cunts would have said a single thing to you if they had been on their own or you know what if there was like 3 of them even then they wouldn't have. Just know this, you maybe did look like a bitch but it's not like they didn't know it was 10 v 1 so who gives a fuck?

I smoke a bit too but it's for this very reason I don't like to smoke at parties, cunts are hostile as fuck all the time and it shits me that I'm stuck in some bullshit archaic mindset but if I don't keep my wits about me this shit happens like what happened to you, I've been there man.

Just fucking put it out of mind there's no point agonizing. Think about it, here you are typing up the whole story and replaying it all in your head and they probably woke up this morning, got maccas and haven't considered you at all. You're wasting your own thought.

Just fuck them man they're cunts and if you can isolate one one day, hit him up, call him out and see what he fucking says.

As for your friend don't make excuses, you sold her out to a bunch of guys who she was trying to help you with. tell her the truth, you were a cunt, you see how and you're sorry.
I feel bad, I know I sold her out but she is the one who talks about me behind my back, but she's always messaging me and asking when I'm going to visit her next. I want to see her but I know it's not going to be the same. Before I see her I want to sober up, but we'd probably end up going for some drinks or something.
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