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I've accepted the fact that I'm going to be alone for

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I've accepted the fact that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. My question is how do I be content with being alone?

define 'alone'. im guessing you are edgy and claiming that the universe has magically decided that you will be single, so im going to write out assuming that.

the things you need for a happy life are
>a job you can stand
>'productive' hobbies
>meaningful relationsihps

lets start with
>a job you can stand

not everyone gets their dream jobs and most dream jobs are not what they are cracked up to be. however if work is something you hate or get sad at the thought of, then your job isnt right for you. try to find a career field you can stand.

my best friend loves working at a restaurant cuz its social. he just has to take orders, make small talk, and deliver plates. it keeps him on his feet and burning calories. I cant stand wokring at a restaurant. i enjoy the exercise but after that it makes me feel like im dead inside. I prefer working in a small business cuz i enjoy wearing suits, relaxing, doing math etc.

dont be afraid to try new jobs. it may take up extra time until you find the right one (what iwth working one job and applying for another) but its an important sacrifice to make until you find one that works for you.

>'productive' hobbies

i put productive in quotes cuz the actual definition of productive is hazy here. my advice is generally to take something you enjoy doing in your down time and reverse engineer it. for instance,

>do you like playing video games? learn how to design one
>like reading comics? draw one!
>reading books? write one!
>watching TV? film a web series!
>watching movies? write / produce one!
>sitting in chairs? build one!
>listening to music? learn an instrument!
>like cars? start remodeling them.
>any other subject? consider a podcast! or managing a meetup!

some hobbies can be a little expensive but a LOT of hobbies are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day. even filmmaking is REALLY cheap after the initial investment. i even learned visual effects to make it even easier for me to tell the badass stories i want.

whatever your interest, reverse engineer it. dont be afraid to try multiple things you do not need to have one hobby for the rest of your life or even the rest of your year.

write a book, then a comic, then radio play, then learn to build shit, then make a video game. do anything you want. just make sure its the kind of hobby that has a sort of 'end game' and mile stones.

just 'drawing' doesn't have much reward cuz there isnt much you can do with a drawing when its done except post it. no matter how bad your comic book is some people will want to read it.

most people avoid productive hobbies cuz they have a weird fantasy of only doing this when tehy magically get a huge budget and it becomes their careers. dont bother. just produce something for the fun of it.
This guy nailed it honestly.

But honestly hobbies can do alot to help. I don't have any hobbies as of recently and it can be pretty depressing as I don't really have many friends as well. I spend my time working and attempt to keep myself fed and healthy.

I honestly can't complain though, I am not homeless, and I am relatively healthy aside for some poor nutrition as I can't afford to buy alot of food to sustain my body, but I still can eat at least once a day.

It's not too bad.
You don't.
get a dog

finally, meaningful relationships. this doesn't mean dating. on the contrary. Romance is the absolute most fragile of all human relationships. its the reason you go through a million girls in your lifetime (whether in actual dating or just weird fuzzy feelings) but your best friends tend to be a select few.

if you like your parents, try to deepen that relationship. if you like your friends, deepen that. or make new friends, some hobbies, such as the filmmaking, are GREAT ways to meet like minded friends, and working together on such projects really bonds you together.

generally speaking. the best way to bond with people is to spend extended periods of time together, work on things together, and experience emotional shit together.

the reason high schoolers seem as close as those soldiers that call each other 'brother' is because in a high schoolers mind, daily life is just as dramatic and traumatizing as a battle field. its edgy, but it works. they share their emotions together adn spend more time together than they do with their parents.

so dont be afraid to collaborate with people on building, designing, writing, go camping, take a road trip, or just have a fuckin sleepover where you intend to beat an entire game.

nothing bonds people together like time. being 1 on 1 also helps as they develop a bond with you instead of a whole group.

good luck OP, hope this all helps. if you have any questions comments or concerns let me know, I'll be around for a little bit but gotta go cuz a friends coming over to do a greenscreen test.
Thread posts: 7
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