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Thinking about revenge.. Suggestions? Major long storytime post

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So you're going to need some back story for this one.

Dated a guy for 4 years. Let's call him Ben because that's his name.

Within a year I started receiving messages from his ex girlfriend, she said they had been fucking the whole time we'd been together. Said she had proof. I confronted him about it, he said it was bullshit (obviously). I asked her for proof, she wouldn't provide it. Nearly broke up with him but I was fucking stupid. It all died down. Went on for about a year without incident.

Two years in he tells me he's going to a mates place for drinks, invites me but I decline since it's nearly two hours away and I don't really like staying at other peoples places. We are both totally cool with this, he's going to have a boys night (turn out quite literal) and I'm going to chill with video games.
Next morning he comes over and tells me a story how his mate, (who is a gay man and just so we are perfectly clear and I don't confuse anyone, I am a female) gave him Xanax or Valium or some shit and he went to sleep in his mates bed, who then slept next to him later on in the night. I knew this was a red flag, I knew something had happened between them because why the fuck would he tell me an innocent story about how he slept in a king size bed with his mate next to him, it's unnecessary information and if it was completely innocent he wouldn't feel the need to mention it at all. Later down the track (after we've broken up) I find out he did in fact have sex with his mate, effectively cheating on me.
Six months later things start getting weird, his friends are acting really strangely around me to the point where I'm scared to hang out in social circles because it's making me seriously uncomfortable and my female friends are ‘warning me’ but are too fucking weak to actually tell me what the fuck is going on. I finally discover why when I'm at an Australia day party and I go off with a mate I went to primary and high school with to get more booze. Out of the blue he asks me why I'm with Ben. I say I love him and he proceeds to tell me how Ben is telling EVERYONE that he wants to break up with me, has been sleeping with other women for months and is only with me for convenience. I confront him, don’t believe his whinny bullshit excuse but like a full spaz, I let it go and things die down again.
We have a quite phase for about 6 months, where I’m actually giving him a lot of attitude and essentially telling him to ‘fuck off if you don’t like it’ daily. He sticks around, I’m sick of being in a relationship where I know I can’t trust my partner but I just don’t leave. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, it’s not healthy and I’m aware of that but I just don’t leave.
The last year of our relationship I felt kind of trapped, he would get quite mouthy when he was drunk, once throwing a MAJOR tantrum in a supermarket and literally screaming at me, I left, hailed a taxi to which he came running up to, pulled the door open and dragged me by the arm out of the cab.
About a month before we break up he tells me his parents are selling their house and moving to the country. Within days the house was up for auction and sold and they were planning the move. He hadn’t told me they purchased a new house, hadn’t told me when they were in the planning stages of selling. Generally selling and buying houses takes a few months so learning about this just weeks before it was all finalised was a shock. The little slime ball had been hiding this from me and also had his family hiding it from me.
I was at his house a few nights after the auction, he’d been drinking and was being a ... I dunno, I’d call him a cunt but he lacks depth and warmth. I was sitting in his room at the end of his bed and I could hear voices talking but I’d zoned out in to the land of thinking about how I was going to get away from him that night when I hear his sister stomp in to the kitchen and declare very loudly that she can hear exactly what they are saying and so can other people in the house. Everyone went quiet and I was suddenly aware that they were talking shit about me while I sat in another room.
Finally the maggot declares that he is moving to Newcastle. I pretend to be sad. He says I can go with him, I make excuses about how I don’t want to leave mum who has health issues and we agree to split. Couple nights before he leaves he shows up, tells me he loves me, starts crying about how he’s scared to go on his own. I stonewall the fucker because I am NOT falling for that shit and have finally found my feet and grown a pair of balls.
Ben moves to Newcastle, I discover that dating actually can be really fun and life is not this horrible endless pit of bullshit, I’m happy, everything is perfect and I’m free.
Within a year he has met a girl, got her pregnant and had a baby, within a year of having the baby they have broken up and he is fucking messaging me again. Between the point of meeting Ben and receiving his first message after we have broken up I have aged 6 years and learnt A LOT about who I am. I am prepared for this fucker, I can feel something is building and I am ready for it. I take the bait.
Ben tells me he misses me, he never stopped thinking about me, it was a mistake that we broke up, he should have treated me better and put a ring on it (no seriously, he actually said that). I tell him I’m happy, not interested, seeing other people. He is deadest so stupid that he doesn’t take my very honest, upfront, no bullshit attempt at steering him away.
Over the next year Ben meets a new girl, books a holiday overseas and the whole time is messaging me saying he’s thinking about moving back to town. Alarm bells ring but i know I have time because he’s booked a looong overseas trip.
Wrong. Dumb arse cancels his trip, loses out on a bunch of money, dumps his girlfriend and moves back. He then persistently asks me to meet up, I persistently say no until he says he has to “Talk to me in person”. I decide to get it over with and tell him we are having pancakes because I fucking like pancakes.
Ben shows up for dinner with his fucking ugly neck tattoo, don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of body art, but this thing is just heinous, he may as well have let a two year old tattoo a dick on his face, it would be more fitting. I order a potato and bacon pancake with an ice cream scoop of butter because I know I’m in for a world of pain and I at least want to enjoy myself somehow. Ben declares that he wants to get back together with me but not just as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’...permanently. He definitely said the word marriage. This clown is proposing to me over a potato and bacon pancake. If this was the man of my dreams I’d be in heaven but the jerk has just ruined one of my favourite comfort foods.
He tells me not to give him an answer straight away, even though I have told him countless fucking times that I don’t want to get back together with him. I go home, share the story with mum who throws up everywhere she is so disgusted. A few days later I tell him that nope, still don’t want to be with him and I don’t hear from him again.

Not your personal blog, army, whatever. Fuck off.
A week of so later I see a photo of him on facebook with ‘his new girlfriend’. I laugh and laugh and laugh.
I start plotting revenge.
My question to you, fellow 4chan readers, is what would you do to get revenge? I did consider posting on the photo right away about how he proposed to me and ruined my pancake but I’m actually not a spiteful person at heart and I will move on and just live a happy life. More importantly I didn’t want to make his new girlfriend feel like I did all those years ago. I do however wish she knew what he was capable of and could make an educated choice about being with him.
I will however still be getting revenge, I haven’t decided how yet. I might sit on it for a few weeks or even a few years because, fuck it, I can! I treated this man with respect and love, I never cheated and I was loyal to a fault, in hindsight I should have treated myself that way.
You should really get the police involved.
I can't believe i read this whole thing. You don't need revenge, ok? If you want to do something send a pizza.
Can't I send pizza and get revenge? It's 2016, I feel like that's a possibility.


He was a shitty boyfriend you chose to stay with, and a shitty ex-boyfriend you chose to meet up with. I'm not denying for a second he treated you like shit and you have every right to dislike him. But he didn't actually DO anything to deserve revenge. You could've left anytime you wanted, but you stayed until he literally moved away.

And now he's back, and instead of avoiding him like the plague, you're trying to dream up childish pranks so you can get yourself MORE INVOLVED in his life? Why not just block him, ignore him, and move the fuck on?
Probably because I hate myself for staying for so long, being a doormat and not standing up for myself.
It's good advice, thank you.
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He's a slimeball, you made some poor decisions and that's life.

Revenge would be sweet but you lost very little in this. Let him continue towonder through life bumbling his way into a meaingless rut where he'll blow his brains out with a 12 gauge shotgun.

That or leave a pile of dogshit on his front doorstep.
Finally, a suggestion! Sadly he is staying with some mutual friends who I care about very much and that would mean leaving dogshit on their doorstep.

I could possibly pay someone to have it smeared all over his car though.. Oh he did just buy a new one, stupid vintage replica thing that has no roof. there is much potential here.
'Wanting revenge'

You've already lost
He sounds like a terrible, unreliable boyfriend, and you sound like a terrible, unhinged girlfriend - and I got that from just your perspective of the story. Leave him alone you miserable cunt, and if he contacts you tell him to fuck off. So you wasted years of your life, who cares?
Have you tried growing up? Because YOU chose to date this guy even after everyone told you what was going on. So yeah, it's your own fault for dating him even after you knew he cheated and stuff.
smear campaign on any and all social media; but take the tone that you're just giving a heads up to help other people.

i just effectively erased my psychotic ex from the internet (they deleted every account of theirs) by doing this; by just telling the truth in a calm and concerned manner.

he will flee the truth. whatever friends you shared will have a lesser opinion of him, even if they don't show so outright.
Yeah this is slander and its illegal
it's only slander if it's a lie

if my neighbor was a pedo, i would need to know about that. and i can, bcos NOTSLANDER lists, news reports, and just plain gossip let me know whose house to skip on halloween.

now, if there was gossip but no news reports, THAT is slander.

if she accused him of physical abuse, THAT is slander.

telling everyone you know this guy is a liar and a manipulator and warn that he could give his next target an std? not slander. straightup truth telling.

op, don't let anyone silence you. we could all stand to take warning signs, including the warnings from exes, a little more seriously.
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Jesus, can't believe I read any of this. Typically narratives of this length start with something memorable like

>> Call me Ishmael


>>it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
OP is a petty little bitch. Move on and be an adult
Okay, first, I like this story - I would read a book based on this, where it just ends with the girl realizing that revenge is petty and she ends up with a good guy.

Next, major revenge is petty. After my dumped me out of the blue after 3 years and I later found out he was cheating - I felt the same as you.

Now, six months later I saw pictures of him on my friends facebook feed. It turns out he's developed a coke addiction, and he looks like fucking skeletor. I actually feel bad for the guy, even after all he put me through.

I mean, there he is: A waiter at a restaurant with no higher education, coke addict, looks like total shit, lonely. And here I am: A graduate with a nice receptionist job that my new boyfriend gave me, said new boyfriend who completely blows the old one out of the water, I'm fit and pretty, not a drug addict.

I have gotten the ultimate revenge by just letting things go and enjoying my life. You're just very angry right now, but give yourself a few months and you'll understand this feeling.

And finally - his new girlfriend is getting with a young single father, who also has a neck tattoo and therefore reeks of being a loser. She's an asshole.

Just concentrate on you. And remember the thing we learn from dead relationships: to never date that kind of person again.

Revenge is kid shit. Just move on with your life.
>everybody actually burned for being an asshole

just don't get caught, or do it in a way that seems well-intentioned. i think if more people held liars responsible for their actions more often, the dumb fuckers would actually learn to act right. and we'd be able to talk more honestly about who did what, and why, and keep the dialogue open for future potential victims without it looking like an 'obsession'.

like, if dudes can warn other dudes about a cheating slut, why can't women do the same for other women? c'mon now.
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