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What are the pros and cons of dating a girl I'm not that

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What are the pros and cons of dating a girl I'm not that interested in?
Pro- you might have a pussy to fuck
Cons- you look like a fuckwit for pussy
I'll only do pros.

>friends are busy? you can hang out with her
>practice courting and sex
>practice mind games and dodging her mind games
>you become more desirable to other women.
Women always like taken men. I feel like women see the ring on my finger not as a commitment but more like a sign I've passed the 'exam'. I'm sane enough for someone to marry -- and that's desireable.
>you might have a pussy to fuck
Not that interested in sex, but that's a reasonable point.

>you look like a fuckwit for pussy
But she's actually rather cute. Does this point still stand?

I've gotten decent at the mind games after being in a relationship for several years, but I suppose it's good to get rid of the rust.


I suppose I should just be straightforward: I work a lot, and I'm trying to save money but I miss companionship. What would make it worthwhile?
Imagine the shoe was on the other foot and someone YOU were really interested in feigned interest out of desperation/boredom/loneliness.

It'd be good up until the point you got frustrated over how your feelings weren't being reciprocated fully, or you felt you were being used.

Keep that in mind. If this girl genuinely likes you, you're toying with her and it's not fair. It might end quite painfully for her. Personally I'd wait until you find someone you're interested in rather than faking it for them.
You raise a very good point here, and it does touch upon my empathy. However, I haven't met a girl I like in over a year, and I meet /a lot/ of people in different setting and from different walks of liife.
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>mfw the girl also feigns interest in OP and just wants a backup.
Pro: You get to see what it feels like to be an asshole.
Con: You get to be an asshole.
2/3 of my relationships (6+ months) have started off as indifference/"man I can score now". It's fun because you basically have someone you can call your own to spend time with ect, however you still feel totally alright with ditching them occasionally and doing what you like because really you don't care that much.

The downside is eventually they'll clue on to the no reciprocated feelings and everything will stop being fun because they'll constantly be upset. At this point, chances are you've taken a liking to them (unless you're a sociopath) and the idea of breaking up doesn't appeal to you. If that's not the case, you'll end up breaking up.

There's also the super large issue of you might run into 'the' girl and the opportunity will be missed since you're busy gallivanting around with the other one.

You'll feel like you've gotten the cake AND be able to eat it (partner while also running around doing whatever)
Maybe she'll turn out to be the one?

Moderate to high chance of catching feelings
Can get draining if you're able to feel empathy
Probably makes you a bad person
Chance to miss out on someone you actually like
Was somebody on r9k and heard about the practice gf meme?

I fell for it. It's been 3 months now. May break up soon.

easy pussy access
practice dating (for when "the one" comes along)
you won't be torn up if she dumps you
you can say you have gf


you don't actually like her much
What the fuck is this shit? Pretending to like someone in order to use them for sex?

That is wrong.
It's immoral.
It's mean
It's evil.

This is pussy faggot beta bullshit.
It would certainly be amusing

I suppose so

Pretty good list and insight; thanks, anons.

I don't go on r9k, so I'm afraid I don't catch the reference.

I'm not actually interested in sex, and it would honestly be better for me if I didn't have to sleep with her. I honestly just miss the companionship, and I'm trying to avoid becoming too cold a person from doing nothing but working. I found myself starting to view everyone I meet as a potential business opportunity, and that's rather unhealthy. Maybe a relationship would help set my mind straight.
Er don't do it
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Try not to be dishonest with other people or yourself, you will end up in a mess one way or another. If you haven't already, tell her you're only interested in being "friends with benefits" that way you will avoid if not unpleasantness then guilt/guilt tripping when you eventually leave her. Unless you literally don't give two shits about other people's feelings, in which case I envy you broskinator.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 3

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