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I was going to college and I got really mentally fucked up. Trying

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I was going to college and I got really mentally fucked up. Trying to kill myself, lying comatose on the bed after downing a bottle of pain pills and booze. I got an F in this one class and a D in another because I never went and they told me to apply for a medical withdrawal. It was denied, twice.

I'm not a bad student. My GPA would be a 3.8 and these grades I didn't deserve put it in the toilet. What the fuck can I do? Do I talk to the Dean? Do I get a fucking lawyer? I really wanted to apply to law school and I have a pretty good LSAT (170) but this one class putting my GPA in the sewer would essentially make me very noncompetitive. It takes me from being definite good law school material to fucktard mcdumbass. I don't want this one shitty summer session that got messed up because of circumstances beyond my control to fuck up my dreams forever.

There is 'academic forgiveness' but it only applies to my undergraduate institution. Grad schools will still see the shitty grade and it will definitely affect my prospects.

Help. Should I retain an attorney and threaten them on the basis of discrimination?
You tried to fucking kill yourself. Now is not the time to think about post secondary education. You should take at least a year off with therapy and maybe medication to sort yourself out, or you're just going to fall hard again.
Believe me I know how serious it is. I am not going to school now and have become a NEET living with my parents, cumstained underwear, eating Ben and Jerry's daily when I used to be in great shape. This whole thing has just put me in an emotional gutter. I wanted to get into a good law school but those prospects are honestly fucked with a sub 3.7 GPA. Unless I get a perfect LSAT and I'm not smart enough to knock it out of the park and be in the 99.99999th percentile.

I want to get help but I want to get this sorted out. It's like nobody gives a shit at my school.

I posted on some college forums and it was full of pompous elitist retards saying shit like


Like I chose to do bad and it wasn't that I was trying to kill myself and was in an emotional toilet because of things that happened in my personal life.
>I'm not getting what I want
>people are trying to hold me accountable for my actions
>better kill myself

I have no advice to help you manipulate your school. My advice is to reap what you've sewn, and learn two things. First, what not to do next time, and second, that you're still okay, through all the mental suffering you imposed on yourself over this.
Don't misrepresent me as some child 'not getting what I want'. It was a medical emergency that fucked me up bad and i was fucked.

It's not manipulation. If you don't advocate for yourself you get screwed in life. If anything they manipulated me since someone from the college said 'yeah don't worry there's no way they won't approve it'.
>those prospects are fucked with sub 3.7 gpa
They literally are. It is so ridiculously competitive you have no idea.

>medical emergency

Didn't know faggotry was a medical emergency OP.
You can easily do a top 50 school with those numbers. T-14 not so much.
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>t14 not so much

This makes me want to fucking shoot myself in the skull
cant you retakethe class and take out a loan
No it still counts towards GPA if I retake it. It's keeping my GPA in the toilet and my dreams of being a lawyer are in the gutter now (you're fucked unless you go to the top 14 law programs, which you need like a 3.8 for)
OP, I'm a PhD student who tried to commit suicide.

I ended up having to leave school for essentially a year because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent a good long time in a mental hospital.

Just talk to your prof. I am your prof, okay? We are very, very understanding and there is a lot in our interest to take care of our students. We want all of our students to do okay and we are generally very understanding of mental disabilities.

I mean, undergrad problems are shitty, but think for just a second about being a PhD going "hey, I'm too insane to teach or go to school this year" and my school STILL supports me. Unless your uni is absolute shit, they will understand. If you need any more help with college shit feel free to email me OP.
Fuck me, I put that shit in. I hate this board sometimes.
Lawyer here

Would be a 3.8

170 LSAT

dont worry you good OP

I go to Notre Dame Law School and working Biglaw...sooo
Discrimination? What kind of discrimination? You never went to class and so you did badly in it. There is very likely a cause-and-effect connection there you might try to figure out.

Two possibilities:
1. Some colleges allow you to retake a course and have the new grade cancel the old one.

2. Apply for law school and explain in your personal statement that that one bad grade was the result of emotional/mental/family problems that have passed, and that you hope they will consider your record without that class as more representative of you.

(Admission committees are used to seeing someone screw up one class or one term, and are open to disregarding it if the rest of your application is impressive enough.)
You got bad grades because you didn't go to class. This has NEVER happened in the history of education EVER.

You fucking retard.
Thread posts: 19
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