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Post your story of how you got together with your significant

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Post your story of how you got together with your significant other! I'm a hopeless romantic who loves reading others' love stories, especially when I'm feeling lonely. Maybe it'll help folks like me who are feeling down?

Adding to that, what do you feel was the main thing that allowed you to meet and connect with your partner initially? A place you went, a friend you had, something special you did, etc.
When I met her and locked eyes for a moment, it was love at first sight. I would leave everything and all this just to be fully trusted again
If I'm to find any advice to give out of my own experience, it's to be genuinely satisfied with yourself and your lifestyle first. I don't mean to say that arrogance is how you attract people. It's just that when you feel whole on your own, two great things can happen. The first is that you'll have the confidence to say "Hey, if someone out there is looking for something, I'm pretty damn sure I can provide it within reason." Being well-rounded is vital for seizing opportunity when it presents itself. The other great thing is that you have this rich and fulfilling lifestyle to share with others. We're all people so try to appreciate that others are no less enthusiastic about a fun life than you are. By making that life for yourself first you're sure to have something appealing on hand.

In short, git gud. Gud is sexy.
3 years ago I used to use some livestreaming website where you just sit there and talk to your viewers. I was shy at first but it was so much fun and I made so many friends. Shortly after in the spring, they closed it down but I still just wanted to talk to people. I remembered my sister used to used omegle so I tried it out. Mostly horny people and children. Around a few weeks later I connected with someone and we just talked normally. No one else has my name so,creepily, he looked me up and found my instagram and liked me I guess. He was at work but he had to leave so he gave me his number. We texted a lot and skyped and in June of 2014 we met in person and been together ever since. Best thing that ever happened to me. We talk about it sometimes, things would have been so different it just one of us disconnected from the chat or if I never made the decision of going to omegle anyway. Haven't used the site since. He even says he doesn't even know why he gave me his number since we were strangers, which is really funny to me haha.

we met at the no pants train ride. were checking each other out the whole time. she came up to talk to me at the bar afterward and i asked her to dance and it escalated quickly.

we dated casually for three months, then i knew i wanted to make things a bit more serious, so i took her to a nice dinner, sunset on the beach. then we went on the ferris wheel and i asked her to be my girlfriend. she said yes of course. afterward we walked down the side of the pier and one of the street performers started playing 'just the way you are' by bruno mars. i sing it to her all the time so she went crazy over it. we danced in the dark by the waves.
Met her on /soc/. She had a really cute personality and her insecurities drove me crazy in a good way. When she got too hesitant I decided to give her some space, and she decided I was the one for her. It's been months now and it feels good. She's very soft and kissable and I like her a lot.

Amazing what life can give you when you learn to respect a woman's space and comfort rather than shame her for turning you down.
Sounds about right.
I'm single right now, but /x/-tier methods typically work best for me. I'm guessing those aren't the type of stories you're looking for, though?
I'm 27 and never was in relationship.
And because of my antisocialness, hobbies and personality I probably never will be.
Then this thread is not for you so uh..fuck off?
Yeah, fuck off.
OP wanted a romance story.
He didn't say it has to be happy one.
What's romantic about being foreveralone? Fucking idiot, go fap to your loli bullshit.
I met her through my roomates. I came home drunk and she and her roomate were over having some drinks and playing board games with my roomates. Somehow I didn't make a complete ass of myself, and we discovered our birthdays were upcoming and 3 days apart so we decided to have a joint party. She was in a dying relationship with her ex of about 7 years, and everything I did that summer only attracted her more to me - I took her sailing on my boat, went to music festivals with her, went swimming in canyons, made her laugh and feel good about herself. She left the guy a few months after she met me and we've been together ever since.
In the end with everything I tried and true they have always left me alone feeling blue.
Nice dos you guys live near eachother? How much space did you give her, and did she have a /soc/ name/what threads dos she frequent? I'm in a similar situation (met on /soc/, she has insecurities I like but we live far away from eachother) but I'm fucking up and she's going through shit alone. How did you do it?
My boyfriend and I met in the beginning of high-school (though we waited until we were done to start dating). In the meantime, he grew to be the best friend I had ever had. He still is, even more so now. He is my best fiend, my family, and my partner.

We lost our lip virginities to each other at the ripe age of 18 on a cold October morning a few days before Halloween. I will never forget my first kiss. It was absolutely perfect, and you don't know how thankful I am that we saved each other for each other completely.

I wouldn't have had it any other way.
>met first time in garden store
>I was a child, there with my mom
>his first job
>thought nothing of it
>met him second time at Hot Topic
>his second job, he had long hair with a streak of red
>I had him get a backpack off of a high hook for me
>thought nothing of it
>went to a convention as a teenager
>pass him in cosplay, complimented him on it
>thought nothing of it
>went to a party as an adult, saw him there
>didn't recognize him, but we hit it off immediately
>started talking about this and that
>mentioned his cosplay
>oh shit, I recognize this guy
>keep talking
>mentioned how many jobs he had
>it all comes back to me
>oh shit

It's been over four years since we started dating. We have a kid together now.
He'd hung out with the same group of friends as me during lunch at high school, but I was dating a shitty guy at the time. Shitty guy went to college, I got tired of his shitty nature and didn't like him enough to do LDR, so I dumped him. He helped me get through breaking up with him, which I'm really thankful for.

We really connected at a friend's birthday party around Halloween. I almost didn't go, but he convinced me to partially because he was going. I was sitting alone at a table watching everyone else dance when he showed up. He saw me and sat down next to me and we talked. He even managed to convince me to dance with everyone else for a little bit. I showed him my car's super awesome speakers afterwards. My intention wasn't even trying to get him to kiss me, I was proud as shit of those speakers, but part of me wanted him to kiss me then so badly while the majority of me was entirely too nervous to want that to happen. It took a few times of us hanging out at my house before he kissed me, and I was ready.

He's probably as close to perfect as a partner could get.
I went to mall with my friend. We went into game stop. Saw her with a group of friends. Our when I said hi to her I meet eyes with the guy who is my bf now. Before I was going through a fuck ton of self issues and bad relationships. Ironically him to. It was uncanny were so similar when we talk. But when I decided to part ways him and my group found each other in faggot store called hot topic and we decided movies. On the way to movies I over hear his pal asking why he tagged along and I heard him say "you know why it's because of (my name)" and when we got the movies I remember we watched the amazing Spiderman the first one not the one with Tobie magire I remember I shitted that it wasn't him but I remember he'd always try to talk to me then hilariously he tried holding my hand dying the movie. I gave him my number and he texted and that day we made I official.

We to this day have been dating for 4 years. I love him with all my heart and gotta say that was one of the most greatest days of my life... Unless I g a divorcement but that won't happen. Kek
She is a paramedic who pulled me out of a horrendous car accident which saw my left eye gone and facial and body scars everywhere. We ended up talking for 17 months before I asked her out. It took courage.

2 years later, here we are.
>I'm a hopeless romantic
Thats cute when your a kid, but you need to get over that quick before you get hurt.
Same school since elementary but didn't talk until high school, knew her friends though.

She hated me. Thought I was loud, annoying, rude, which I am.

For WHATEVER reason she suddenly started liking me. I picked up on it and took her out and now it's been 7 years.
I was dating her older sister and she moved in with us when she turned 18. The older sister moved away for a job and we broke up and my current girlfriend and I just kept getting closer.
I asked her out sophomore year of college after being friends for a year. She turned me down for reasons. Improved myself and got a job. Moved in with her and two of our mutual friends a year later; I had put romantic feeling aside at this point. By this point my self confidence was higher than a few years ago, was going to shag a few girls who I'd been flirting with at convention, but then the day I was supposed to she begged me to stay and watch a movie with her. Had fun times that night and the rest is history.
I was 18. My friend's boyfriend's brother was hosting a party in a nearby city. Filled with underage drinking, music, the works.

My friend begged me to go since I didn't really attend those type of things. And I finally decided to go last minute.

I hadn't seen my boyfriend in years. We knew each other before. I had a mad crush on him throughout high school. He was a friend of my older brother's. And I just thought he was so adorable, outgoing and funny and strange. But never had the confidence to ask him out.

At the party, I was a few beers deep and my boyfriend was working the door of the party. Most people were inside and it was late. He left his post to go inside and have a few drinks. I caught him in my buzzed state and just out with it and said I liked him for a long time and wanted to date him.

He acted surprised. And it made me so nervous I probably could have pissed myself. After that, he was like, alright I'll text you and see you around. He mingled with friends at the party. One of his friends was blackout drunk (a female) and he danced with her. It made me want to cry and die inside. Made me wonder if I was being embarrassingly blown off. I thought I should have never even asked him on a date.

But then I saw her do this to a bunch of other guys, then she like made out with a bunch of other guys that night, so I started assuming that my boyfriend probably wasn't interested in her if she's throwing herself all over the place.

We caught each other again when we were outside smoking. We chatted for a bit. It was raining and we were standing under a booth where he was letting people in. We were talking and eventually got closer and closer. Then we kissed really passionately. I remember looking in his eyes and they looked so sincere. We eventually said bye and stuff.

I asked my brother kind of his permission. Like "is it cool if I date your friend?" kinda stuff. My brother has dated a few of my friends before, so he said it was fine with him.

My boyfriend and I set a date two days after the party. Which was basically netflix and chill. It was December, pouring rain. We couldn't do anything if we tried.

We basically just cuddled and talked all that day. We'd call each other and talk all night or until we fell asleep. I had my expectations of him. Basically expected him to be some kind of cool-guy player and we wouldn't last long.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is so much more to him. We've been together 6 years now. I've never felt so close and connected to someone before. I feel like I am in love with my best friend. We are adored by family and friends. We are adored by each other. I couldn't ask for more.
this thread gives me hope, thanks /adv/

Been hurt more times than i care to count, friend. It's in my nature. Loving the stories so far though, a few of them have really made me smile.
That's crazy if that fucking shit actually happened to you.

I'd probably consider suicide in the hospital if lost my eyes...
The problem this romantic love isn't real. Love is just the chemicals I. Your brain telling you that you want to mate with that person. I realized I really don't want kids so I have nothing to gain from sex or love.
By that logic you could argue that nothing is real because it's all electric pulses in our brain. And then how could we even trust that
This. Love is as real as anything else we experience.
We met playing an MMO, where I was sitting alone in the middle of the main city. His character sat next to me, and we started talking. I loved playing, but didn't know much about it so he took me under his wing and took me though a ton of dungeons, taught me what stats and items I needed, etc. If someone killed me over and over, all I had to do was message him and he would show up and wreck shit. We played and chatted together every day. He lived on the west coast, I was east coast.
One point we did exchange pictures, but I had already fallen for him far before then but never said anything. At one point, he disappeared and didn't come online for over a year, year and a half. I was in high school and did have boyfriends and such, but I always wondered what happened to him, and I still logged on daily hoping to find him there.
One day, at a friend's house, I logged on and he was online. Messaged me immediately with how happy he was to see me. Apparently his family had fallen on hard times and he had been homeless for a while, his dad was deployed, and with that money they were able to get a house and move. He thought of me every day, and both got the I love yous out there.
Now we were in LDR status, talking every day. He sent me care packages in the mail, big boxes stuffed with games, movies, my favorite snacks, written love notes. He saved up money and visited-second time he came up, I packed up everything and moved in with him, and we've been together ever since.
Together 8 years, married for 2.
A real chemical reaction that dictates who you want to pass on your genes with.
it doesn't take chemical action to pass on ur jeans m8
Yeah. That's one of the reasons it exists. Way back when, the humans or proto-humans who experienced a natural and strong drive to bond and stay with their mate had better success raising their children, as human children take a ton of investment. So that propensity for "love" propagated and thrived in the population. It's the same force that drives mothers to instinctively care for and protect their children, no matter what. It's a pretty beautiful and powerful thing.
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The ants have, at long last, found a way to build human robots in order to study and conquer us.

Well FUCK YOU ants! We're not giving up without a fight!!
How is this even possible? A friend of mine met his gf through Omegle as well yet when i look all i get is bots or homo's.
I'll tell you the story of how I met a few of my girlfriends.

>First story:
I did chamber music as an extracurricular in HS (I went to an arts school), and I was in a violin/cello duet. We were both planning on studying music in college (I ended up not doing so), so we played some sick shit:
Anyway, during our recital a girl from a string quartet who I had never met (she was in a high school that worked with my arts school) struck up a conversation with me in the green room. She friended me on FB later that day, and I asked her out on a date after messaging her for a while.

>Second story (a year later)
So, I was a music major at the arts school, but I ended up making friends with pretty much only non-music majors. There was a girl who very infrequently hung out with my friend group and had an academic class with me (she was a dancer), but I thought she was kind of bitchy and wasn't too interested. Anyway, we both attended an optional lecture for one of our classes, and stayed for some extra questions and we kept on running into each other at student performances. Eventually we would go to things together and I started putting my arm around her, and things just sort of escalated from there. Eventually I asked her out on a date. We had sex for the first time on prom night. Pretty baller.

I'll post one or two more stories since I'm having fun.
>Third story (A few months later)
Disclaimer: I promise this isn't a lie. I know it sounds like a 4chan meme, but it isn't.
So, I was in college and I had broken up with the girl and was looking for a rebound. A few of my HS friends also went to my uni, and one of them wanted to introduce me to this oboist, for sexual purposes. The oboist ended up somehow dating this actual fedora-wearing furry who was in the room next to my dorm (guess who introduced me to 4chan?) before I got the chance to meet her. He brought her to a hall party one night. He went to bed early and his gf and I started talking about tea. We decided to go back to my dorm to drink tea, and we ended up watching a movie and she jacked me off. She told me she didn't want to do anything sexual with her bf because he disgusted her, and wanted to stay the night. She ended up breaking up with the fedora the next day and we fucked while he was in his room playing vidya.
He dropped out of school and joined the Navy a few months later.

>Fourth story (2 years later)
This one is actually kind of pathetic.

So I was on the fencing team at my uni, and I considered most of the girls just friends. I had slept with one of them (Girl A) a few times, but it wasn't really a big thing. Anyway, a bit after I ended it with Girl A, someone tells me that Girl B had a crush on me at some point. So I ask Girl B out to dinner, and she isn't interested. I ask Girl B out about 6 times, and she says no, and starts going out with this other guy in the club who is so dumb I'm surprised he can even wipe his ass. While he does that I keep on asking Girl B out a few times and develop a serious crush on her. So about a month later she dumps him. I start going on a lot of coffee dates with random girls from my classes and shit, but not really going on any second dates and telling Girl B about it. I usually walked home with her from fencing (we lived close by) and one day she just asked me on a date out of nowhere.
He saw me having fun and being in idiot in our high school courtyard and liked how I didn't give a shit about people's opinion of me. He started talking to me and we became friends.

He asked me out not too long after. I still hadn't finished puberty yet (I was a freshman and he was a senior), and I was still in the mentality of 'a boyfriend is just a really good guy friend that you kiss, right?' but I said yes because I liked him a lot as a friend and figured why not. It was sooo scandalous to everyone else but he helped shield me from that and I was oblivious as usual. He was my first kiss.

Regardless, I wasn't ready for a relationship and we both figured that out after about a month. We mutually decided to break it off but stay as friends, and that was that. We continued to hang out, he dated other girls, and then he graduated and we went our separate ways. He eventually moved halfway across the country. We kept in touch occasionally through email.

Some number of years later, I was partway through college, way off somewhere else. His relationship had failed and he was moving back home, and we got talking again.

And then we never stopped talking. We'd chat via IM until 2am when I had school and he had work in the morning, but we were having too much fun. One night on a whim we started writing together in a kind of roleplay fashion. I had a character, he had a character, and we started spinning this story from absolutely nowhere. It quickly got out of control, with tons of new characters and major plotlines and it was starting to feel like a real book. The two characters we started with started organically developing a relationship, and we were one step behind them.

I moved back home and we met in person for the first time in years. I'd done quite a bit of growing up since he had last seen me, and the flat-chested girl who was only a little more than half his height suddenly had F-cup boobs and could look him in the eyes. I swear his jaw dropped. Priceless.
Cue us doing more hanging out, writing, and playing all the video games. Eventually it got to a point where I really started opening up to him in a way I hadn't done with anyone else. I've always been a pretty closed-off sort of person but he was someone I really felt I could trust. He didn't push and let me open up on my terms, and when I did that sealed the deal.

Now we've been happily married for approaching six years, with a house and a dog and a kid. We're still very much in love, still happy, still gaming and writing, and still being absolute idiots together.

And that book that we were writing together? It was published last December.
Meet her on 4chan
best two weeks of my life.
She eventually cucked me.
Too afraid to trust people anymore.
Met her on 4chan
Best 11 months of my life
She'll eventually fuck me
No longer afraid to trust people anymore
Meet her on 4chan
best two weeks of my life.
She eventually told me about her gay boyfriend and i fucked her
i found a new bitch after
We met in a high school Precal class and flirted for a while by making fun of our teachers and the more we talked the more we figured out how much we had in common and how much we needed each other. We spent a year and a half together in high school and then once we headed off to college we had an LDR that went on for four years until I dropped down on one knee after she got her degree at graduation and we've been happily married ever since. Not really how we first met per se but I figure it's a good story.
Met in college, economics class. He was a mechanic and had a beard. I just wanted a ONS, but got drunk at party, realized I'd caught feels, asked him to be my bf.

I was really fucked up, alcoholic, recovering opiate user. In and out of counseling, relapsed three times, cheated...he stuck by me, loved me. I realized I had to get my shit together or else I'd lose literally the best person ever. Got it together, and we've been married 2.5 yrs now.
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>first bf (1.5 years)
met in the first year of my college. thought he was qt though others would tell me he looked like a toad but i didn't care. turns out we grew up in the same home town and even went to the same elementary school. we had a lot of common interests too, so when he asked me out on v-day, we were pretty much inseparable. he was my first everything.

then he slowly became emotionally abusive (accusing me of cheating every second, guilt-tripping me, putting me down, calling me shit like "whore" and "slut" in public) and finally cheated on me. later stalked and harassed me in order to try and get me back. total nightmare.

>second bf (8 months)
met him in 3rd year of college. i didn't know of his existence (he skipped classes often), but apparently he had a big crush on me for the past few years but couldn't approach me since i was dating my ex. he was really tall, muscular, and objectively handsome as fuck lol. also loved painting, which is important to me. he was literally my ideal if i had to describe one.

as soon as he found out i broke up with my ex, he asked me out about a week later. i felt so much better about my self-esteem thanks to him. but we would only meet once every week and barely text each other. i didn't really have that emotional connection with him in the end.

>current bf (9 months+)
met him on tinder. i didn't think it would go anywhere, was just messing around on the app too. he was so negative and sad and just full of problems; i felt like he was bad news. but i kept listening to him complain and tried to cheer him up, and eventually he admitted he had feelings for me and i realized i cared about him too.

he was so excited about us, introduced me to everyone he knew, and it made me really happy to see that. turns out he's the biggest sweetheart who always wants to make me smile. he was also so much more positive and happy since we got together. we're complete opposites, but we still work somehow. i love him so much
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Good for you anon
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Why are only women posting in here?
Because women are the only ones in happy relationships because they often pick and choose who they want to be with instead of crying with a bottle in hand from the people that hurt them
This might sound strange but what made me want to hang out with him again (because we broke up) was because of my dream. I dreamt I was lying down on someone's lap. It felt so peaceful. I got up and I realized the lap I was sleeping on was his. He looked at me and he was smiling. In this dream, it wasn't strange even though we weren't together but there it semed like we were. He said that he was happy we got back together and we hugged. I never got over that dream so I called him up and we hung out again. It was supposed to be a fling but we opened up more about ourselves, I felt more comfortable with him, we felt so close. No one has ever appreciated me like him. No one has ever called my sneeze, my gestures, the way I talk cute before.

I really like talking about these kinds of things because it makes me giddy and happy but it also makes me miss him.
Sure I'll bite.
>Be working at McShits
>New guy starts working there after a few years of me being there.
>He seems arrogant, proud but a very good worker. He was also quite overweight.
>We work on grill together, eventually find out he likes to smoke the green stuff.
>Smoking after work became our thing.
>Never thought he really liked me.
>One warm workday we both go on break at the same time.
>Outside we're drinking our energy drinks and talking about life.
>Find out he's smart as fuck, a musician, and very charming.
>At this point I was sure he had a gf..
>Months later I met someone on soc thinking we were in love.
>I move down south to see him(GA guy picked me up).
>McShits guy gives me an amazing bowl as a parting gift.
>Doesn't work out with guy down south, he's a shit bag and kicks me out.
>Back to the east coast with family.
>When A(McShits guy), finds out I'm back, I see he's lost a lot of weight.
>He casually wants to hang out more and I have my manager ask him for me to see if he likes me.
>Find out he does, he takes me out to eat, we smoke and drink. Talk about life.
>Eventually one night I called him up and confessed that I like him and wish he would've told me he liked me too, but he felt it wouldn't be fair to me.
>He's been an amazing boyfriend, very supportive and loving.
>It feels like we've been together longer but our one year will be next month.
I stay at his house most of time. We're cuddling right now.
I may as well give this a go because I think it's kinda cute.

I always had a little crush on this girl since middle school. We were both kind of the shy nerd types but we never got past being acquaints. After high school ended we started talking on Facebook and we had a ton in common. So I decided to ask her out, then I asked her out a few more times.

No kissing or hand holding was happening so I thought I was friend zoned hard and it really depressed me. Till after the fourth date she asked me which way I wanted things to go because she wasn't sure if I was interested. Turns out we were both too shy to show affection even though we really liked each other.

Been seeing each other for 4 months now and we are both really happy. I don't know how a guy like me got a girl as beautiful as her, but I'm very thankful.
Was out on a 15 min break at work - it wAs drizzling and i was sitting under an umbrella on a park bench smoking bud and thinking how I would like shrooms for a college reunion that weekend. A young man approaches and asks for a light. I tell him to get under the umbrella and ask if he wants a toke. He asks me if I want to buy shrooms. I told him why yes. I give him my number and His friend delivers them that night. A week later I get a text asking if I want to come to his house to hang out. We had amazing sex and i headed off to a wedding the next morning. A week later I lose my new phone and that night he shows up at my house. He had called and someone picked up and returned the phone to him. We have been together 6 years now and have a beautiful baby girl and another on the way.
We worked at the same place, but we met through a friend of mine that also worked there. He was funny and weird, we just clicked. He told me later that the day we met he made a promise to himself, that I would be his. 12 years together, 10 years married, 3 kids and still going strong.
Sad story incoming.
We met at a summer camp, I was one of the hosts (not too hard to get the job when the director is your uncle, kek) and she was a participant from the US. We both were 16 at the time, it was kinda love at the first sight. We got to know each other and quickly realised we're soulmates, we spent the summer together, it was the most beautiful time of both our lives. It was true love, I've never been so happy ever, you know, when you feel like you could accomplish anything with her.
Once she asked me why did I love her. I couldn't give a proper answer, I said I love you for what you are, I can't ask for more. As stubborn she was, she insisted me to give specifications, so I said I love her for her beautiful red hair, her lovely green eyes, and that she always takes care of me and makes me happy.
About half a year after, she got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it was terminal. She received a chemo, but there was nothing to do to save her.
As she was laying on the hospital bed, she jokingly said to me, that her hair is fallen out, her eyes are sunken and she can't make me happy anymore. I jokingly said to her that she was right, there is nothing in her I could love. I couldn't fight back my sobbing reflex when I continued by saying "Do you understand it now?".
I lost her a few weeks afterwards.
Sorry if this wasn't what you expected, but this is my love story.
Very simple, will greentext

>Want Tequila?
>Hey want cigaret?

and that it
>my bday
>friend asks me to go out and celebrate
>shows up with her brother and whole squad
>i hit it off with one of his friends pretty neatly
>we talk endlessly that evening
>exchange numbers
>go back to friends apt
>watch movie
>sit next to him
>legs touch
>everybody starts going home or to bed
>lean head on his shoulder
>he kisses me
>text whole next day
>go on date in the evening
>have been together since half a year now

Pretty simple and straightforward
Oh and the thing that made all the difference was that i have sat next to him.
I think it's case by case. I drove to her for a dinner date, later she texted saying she wasn't sure so I decided to go awol until she made up her mind. Don't be too responsive until you know you're in a real relationship with her.

If you can drive to her that would be for the best, even if you can't live together yet.
You and him both sound awesome
I was sat on a bench with my mate and his ex girl who'd been following him like a hawk thinking that I was sleeping with him.
My mate was stressing about something and fighting with his ex.

Out of nowhere my mate spots a friend of his I've never met and with him is this gorgeous man.He's 6ft 2 blonde hair and grey blue eyes, he was playing death grips through his headphones he must have thought were turned off.I told him I thought death grips we're neat and asked what else he was into, we got along instantly, it was amazing.

That night I was hanging with my friends who like metal and skateboarding, but are in general a good laugh. The guy on met earlier comes over and chats with me and my friends. Later on a group of us go to his house to smoke some weed and listen to music.

I suddenly become friends with a group of guys who actually share the same interests and hobbies as me and don't ostracize me for being a girl.

After three months I'm intolerable in love with the gorgeous tall blonde guy and on boxing day I told him how I felt, and he felt the same way.

Almost four months in and I know this guy is the one. He's so kind and gentle but brave and charismatic. I love him more than I thought I could ever love anyone.

These strange rare and perfect people exist for everyone and it's the luck of the draw finding em
>girl posts on /adv/
>I reply to her
>she makes a throwaway email for followup, I write
>we start messaging each other
>turns out we are both in the same location in a few weeks
>become bf/gf

It's the little things indeed. If I hadn't been browsing /adv/ that very evening, I would never have contacted her.
>massive shitposter on the internet
>run into another massive shitposter in a mutual chat
>generally never speak to one another
>decide to meet up with ebros and be an asshole
>people think i'm a fat neckbeard at this point
>everyone shocked resident shiposters are normal people irl
>find out we have a lot in common
>bond quickly for the next few months
>hopelessly in love
>no serious fights, laughing all the time together
>married with a house 8 years later
>really happy

people enjoy asking how we met, i always feel weird telling them the truth. it's better these days since "trolling" is kind of normal, but we still avoid telling people just how terrible we really were.
i was waiting for you. thanks anon
It's stuff like this that makes me fall in love with girls on the internet, despite how implausible and retarded that may be.
It can and does happen. Just remember that the odds are low, so don't get too optimistic too fast.
Well I can't get laid in real life so I don't know why the internet would be any different.
Why not? You need to do something about it in that case. This is /adv/, plenty of threads exist to help you. Let's leave this thread on its topic though.
Too busy trying not to be fat and discovering the cure for autism.
Thanks for responding. I live in the US and she lives in Canada. We had plans to see eachother this summer which was her idea. She's going through therapy and in the process of being diagnosed with bpd which didn't sit well with her so she got impulsive and I lashed out at her. That was last week and she said things are dead between us but I don't want it to die. Thing is, I really have feelings for her and she thought I was only interested in sex, and if that was the case then why would I talk to someone in a different country? Sorry for venting it's just that this is eating me up inside because we could really have something meaningful.
I met my boyfriend through my ex.

At the time where I was in a really bad relationship with my ex bf, he started to chat with me on Facebook. Of course I would have never cheated on my bf and thats why we started as friends. My bf at that time was really abusive in a psychological and physical way. He would often yell at me and give me light punches when he was upset with me. Anyway I was 7 months in in that relationship and I got to a point where I was really depressed and wanted to just die basically. The thing is, my ex and my new bf go to the same class as me. My Familie is not allowed to know about my bfs so I had to keep it a secret to everyone around me including my current bf.

I know it's a little confusing but I hope you can understand. So, I realized that I wasn't in love with my ex anymore. I new I had fallen in love with my current bf. I had two problems. I never told my current bf that I had a bf at that time and I was too scared of the consequences of breaking up. So I eventually stayed 1 year with my ex. When my current bf told me that he loved me I finally broke, I just couldn't handle it anymore. I told him about my ex and of course he was sad. He couldn't talk to me and I couldn't handle it. I couldn't bear the thought of not taking to him. So I ended it with my ex.

After that I got together with him and I don't regret it. It's hard sometimes being in the same class and all but yeah. And of course I felt like a fucking bitch the entire time and cried and really I'm just fucking happy that he got together with someone like me. I know I may not deserve him but I really love him.

Sorry there are so many details to this story I tried to make it short.
> current boyfriend and I knew each other since we were little kids
> had the same hobby but we didn't really talk that much
> he was crushing on me all through elementary school
> didn't notice because I was bullied pretty badly so I probably would've thought he was making fun of me if he had told me
> change hobbies so I don't see him anymore
> occasionally say hi on MSN but that's it
> get together with first boyfriend but dumped him fast because he was a real creep
> current bf and I see each other again at a party two years after my breakup
> he had forgotten about me but fell in love again when he saw me walk in
> he decides to make a move and begins talking more often to me online
> he's not really subtle so I quickly catch on that he's trying to flirt with me
> I'm flattered but try to keep some distance because first boyfriend made me wary of jumping into relationships
> feel myself slowly falling in love with him regardless
> decide to meet up so we can talk face to face
> realise I'm really in love with him when I see him again
> we're both too shy to make a move on the first date but we kiss on the second date

It's been 9 years now and we're still together.
best itt. i want something like that
saddest itt.
shit, dude...
Both of us had high school English together. I dropped out of high school three weeks into that year. I was 20 years old in high school because I failed a couple grades. A year later she added me on Facebook. I didn't recognize her, but I was a virgin at age 21 and desperate to lose it. We started talking, she wouldn't have sex with me. We stopped talking. I had a traumatic experience in my life. We started talking again. She took care of me and I didn't care about sex anymore. Suddenly she wanted to have sex with me, funny how that worked. I hated my house, she let me stay at hers.

It's been a tumultuous relationship. I don't know what love is. I'm selfish. I hate myself.

>Maybe it'll help folks like me who are feeling down?
Yeah, you know what will make me feel better about being completely undesirable and the prospect of living, and ultimately dying, alone? Hearing about how much better everyone else has it.

I know I like to chat with the homeless on rainy days and tell them about how soft and comfortable my bed is. I like to think it makes them feel better.
keep the stories coming anons!

you didn't have to read or post in this thread, close it and move on. some people enjoy reading happy stories and find it motivating. just because you feel like shit doesn't mean you are entitled to be one.
>handholdless virgin
>have an office job, financially independent, college degree, and a mortgage on a home

I don't even know where I would go to meet people. I feel like I missed my last chance when I finished my degree.

The loneliness hurts a lot, but there is no way to turn back time. The dream of love ended long ago.
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>just got out of bad relationship in high school
>go into a new Spanish class
>cute, shy girl there that's good at Spanish
>she stays after class and talks to me
>we talk about classes, life, etc.
>never see her again after that semester
>later on see her in hallway, she hugs me
>insert puppy love phase
>she is the sweetest, cutest girl at school
>chase after her and she ends up falling for me too
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