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Need essay written asap

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I need a 1200 word paper written, which thread should I post on to get someone to write it for me? how will the transaction happen?
By when on what topic
[email protected] send me the requirements and the topic or topic list. I'm leaving the thread for a bit
within 10 days, on a comparison between 'A brave new world' and 'a scanner darkly'
And post Itt that you sent, and expect to write your own paper no matter what anyone says here.
Holy shit I love BNW and have read it dozens of times. Never a scanner but could knock it out in a day
>1200 word
>10 days

You can do that in 3 hours tops you lazy fuck. Why would anyone do that for free?
Literally my nigga, I can write that in 40 mins.
I'm a fucking professional student.

What you want to write about?
I can outline it for you, you bitch.
compare and contrast ways that dehumanisation for the greater good is depicted in the two texts
I will suck your dick so hard if you outline those points. In fact ill suck all your dicks. *jazz sound* long dick style.
Dude, that's three pages. It'll take you more time and effort to jump through the hoops of getting it written than it would to write the damn thing yourself.
m8 trust me when I tell you I dont have the time.
Tell me what the fuck you trying to write?
Granted, I'm drunk as hell.
But I was drunk all the way through through my uni.
Got 3.99
Good enough?

Fucking tell me and I'll tell you how to do your shit.
what was your uni?
I took every course in the fucking Bachelors.
Because I was a dummy.
I didn't know what I wanted.

Tell me your shit.
I'm one of those fucking high IQ faggots. Got that tested when I was a boy. High as shit. Jokes on them. I'm unemployed and an alcoholic. Hahahaha.

So what you studying? Math? Physics? Bio?
Did them all.
Super good at Eng too. History, archeology. liberal arts.
Lay it on
nigger u got me all fucked up. This isnt the latest system32 delete thread
Whatever. I got like 400 ml of rum left.

You're on your own nigga. I'm still unemployed an still drunk.
What I have to lose?

See you nigga
write it for me ill pay you £100
Nigga, you never even said what you writing about
nigger i said it above u nigger
Dehumanization or some shit.
Compare and contrast two texts?
They actually tell you the texts?

Just look at it with an eye for the subhuman.
Like look for whatever make you feel excluded.

Such a short paper and they tell you what to write about and what to read.

Nigga, I had to write about a subejct they tell me nothing about and nothing to read.

You in the easy.

1. Your laziness makes your race look bad.

2. Here's your essay:

> "Brave New World" and "A Scanner Darkly" both portray strong feminist women empowering themselves at the expense of unjust men. Dick's "Donna" is a powerful career woman, and Huxley's "Linda" is a sexually liberated and abundantly joyful person. Both of these women transcended oppressive male-dominated environments, a powerful and inspiring lesson for the people of today.

> "Donna" is an "Alpha Female", a woman who empowers herself to seize what she wants from life, raising herself up as an equal to history's most successful men. Her use of a man (who I shall not name, for reasons of overthrowing Patriarchism) to reach the instigators of an oppressive drug addiction, is inspirational. Despite the man's increasing confusion increasing into mentally deranged hallucinations brought on by drug addictions, she guides this hopeless man to serve the noble interests of society as a whole. The drug addiction is an analogy for male creepiness. This novel is a prescient predictor of a feminist utopia in which unattractive men should be made illegal and forced to hide themselves behind identity-concealing technology. Additionally, these men's regressive desire for sexual release must be guided clandestinely to positive ends, as said male character's drug addiction guides him to become a mole in the book.

Similarly, in "Brave New World", an empowered woman's promiscuity helps a man to accept his role as an inferior "Beta" and learn to be a better, more loving man. Ultimately he is unable to accept this truth and is exiled to a "scientific colony" in Antarctica where he will not bother the perfect feminist society that has politely conquered the world, ensuring personal fulfillment and happiness for all good people.

Both novels' themes of feminist empowerment are in stark contrast to those depicted in "Homo Chiroptera", a powerful late-20th-century artwork...

>Similarly, in "Brave New World", an empowered woman's promiscuity helps a man to accept his role as an inferior "Beta" and learn to be a better, more loving man.

Holy fuck this is so fucking wrong I don't even. Don't listen to this shit.
That's like a 14 year olds homework, why don't you just say you forgot? Surely it can't be an English degree.

> ..."Homo Chiroptera" depicts a fully masculine civilization, in which one man, "Bane", exerts Partriarchy over a city-state. Of course, this is oppressive and unjust, and many people die in the ensuing breakdown of the rule of law. The justification given that "no one cared who [Bane] was until he put on the mask" fails in the face of women's disinterest in him with the mask on. What self-respecting person would wear something that resembles the act of eating a tarantula? His death (spoiler alert!) represents a victory for feminism, and a prescient hint of the better world to come.

Both "Donna" and "Linda" lead happy, productive lives due to their embrace of feminism, while the male protagonists (who I shall again not name, in memory of the silent women behind every one of history's so-called "great men") end up unhappy. This is an expression of both Dick and Huxley's desire to differently-express their gender, something they were not permitted to do due to the limitations of the social mores and medical technology of their time. How sad! Who knows what great artistic works could have been produced had they been women, and alive today.

To summarize, both of these stories illustrate that women are wonderful and should be given everything they desire, while men deserve to go insane and then be sent to do slave labor for the benefit of society.

I'm on fire anons. More?

What are you talking about? The man can't handle "orgy porgy" because of his hangups, while "Linda" loves it.
I am on the cusp of getting an essay writing service to write it for me and you are giving me boners with your lyric. feed me more i tell you!

> A second theme of both novels is drug use, a complex and challenging topic in this modern time. While conventional Puritan values, embodied in so-called "middle America", derived from English Victorians who were the first colonists, have served American men, through challenging economic times, these mores are no longer appropriate in a post-scarcity economy. These authors brilliantly anticipated a world in which increasing economic output would justify freedom from all constraints on feeling bad (as Victorian morality contained many abusive elements such as corporal punishment, shaming of female sexual empowerment, and economic oppression of women), the modern trend of drug legalization (ex. Colorado and Washington's legalization of so-called "recreational" consumption of "Hemp Sativa and/or Ruderalis") is a powerful validation of feminist principles.

> Both novels feature near-constant use of powerful mind-altering chemicals by major characters, specifically the different "cocktails" administered to different social classes in Huxley's world, and the addictive substances in Dick's world. Thus, legalization is shown to be in accordance with feminist principles, as it helps undesirable men "check their privilege" by consuming said substances and thus better support women. Specifically, Huxley's drug use empowers women to feel good, and Dick's drug use guides men to better do what benefits women. Thus, if these authors were alive today, and were free to express their true authentic voices, they would undoubtedly be lyrical and moving voices for legalization.

> A third theme is semanticist theory and postdialectic libertarianism. “Sexual identity is dead,” says Lacan; however, the relative lack of explicit, shall we say, merging of authentic selves in these novels, seems to make the point that it is not so much sexual identity that is dead, but rather the rubicon of sexual identity. In other words, the benefits of feminism can only begin to be explored using the term ‘postdialectic
libertarianism’ to denote not narrative, as predialectic patriarchial theory
suggests, but postnarrative.

To sum up, both Huxley and Dick promote the use of sexual liberation, medical substance empowerment, and free post-narrative discourse to attack sexism and give voice to their inner goddesses.

If you need more, check out "Communications from Elsewhere", (elsewhere.org/journal/pomo/) and just copy and paste then replace words with names of stuff from the book. If you confuse the teacher, you get an A.
THANK YOU YOU BEAUTIFUL ANTI NIGGER. did you write this out or will I get fucked by the plagiarism software?????
Dude he just said it's pasta with the names substituted.>>17017334

I wrote it all out. Don't mock my work!!!!!

Did you read what I wrote???? Pasta would be a boring normie argument.

You're good. I wrote it all out. That link's just there if you need to pad it out with randomly-generated smart-sounding sentences.
Yes I have to say its really quite beautiful.you really are an anti-nigger.

You know I wrote it out because my essay is saying that Huxley and Dick are saying that feminism is all about sex and drugs.
No way?! I was wondering why the incredible amount of vagina=dick undertones. Mind if I read your essay? [email protected]

Thank you sir.


And dude, get your shit together. Both of these books are top tier and worth knowing. I know some dumb cunt is making you read them and it fucking sucks...but ya gotta learn to "beat the system" at school so you can "beat the system" at life. This means: get A's without cheating, and know about cool shit like how bad government can cuck your shit up.

Make it suck less: read the book in one day (take 1 page max notes as you go), and amuse yourself during the boring "class discussion" stuff and boring essay-writing by getting people to believe stupid stuff.

Ideas for "hidden meanings" to pretend to find in the text:
- pro-masculine argument
- pro-Trump political messages
- instructions for starting an anarchist movement
- characters that don't actually exist (are actually hallucinated by other characters)
- allegories for fun historical characters (i.e. argue that a main character represents Hitler or Gandhi)
- plays on words that your peers get that the teacher doesn't

Again, to have a nice life, get all A's and also get good at something that would be cool to do for 50 years as an adult.

Also, probably not your problem, but if you have a crush, ask her the fuck out. (this oldfag got regrets). good luck.
DAMN. This honestly got to me. Im a tough nut to crack and you sir really cracked me. How old are ye? (No im not rubbing my limp penis in the hope of dick pics)


30. I did well in school and do engineering now. It's pretty cool. I'm on 4chan cause a woman dumped me and I got real depressed but I'm guessing you won't have that problem. (I'm good now desu.)

So...why study books? It's super expensive to get private lessons from smart people, but cheap to read their books. You'll never meet Richard Feynman (and instead you'll have to sit through shitty school lectures from some cuck who mostly failed at life) but you can read The Feynman Lectures on Physics and learn it even better. You'll never get help from wall street traders making lots of money, but you can read wallstreetplayboys.com. You'll never meet Julius Caesar, or Plato, or Henry Kissinger, or Benjamin Franklin, but all of these guys wrote down books with everything they ever learned. Read them if you want to be like them.

You could play games, or you could learn from geniuses. Your call.
Oh man that's gold, I wish I could write satire like this.

Good books for smarts:
"Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" (skip the boring chapters, it's OK)
"Thinking Physics" by Epstein

If you want to succeed at something (and I don't just mean boring work stuff), find out who's the very best at it and read everything they wrote.
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 1

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