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From my experience most women turn into the most boring, dull,

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From my experience most women turn into the most boring, dull, uninteresting creatures when they talk through text.

i literally cant grasp how boring they are. 95% of the time, i will ask a girl what she is doing and she will say "nothing" or "not much", and this applies to women who will text me first, so it isnt even a case of them not wanting to talk with me. i struggle to get anything out of them. women in real life are alright, i have great convos with women in uni but i dont understand why they change through text. How do i even text girls like this? or should i just completely ignore them. i dont know if i attract the wrong women, if i am unlucky or if most women are genuinely like this
Be thankful, i'm like this in real life with people. Only place i open up is here.

So it could be worse.
why would you text girls in the first place? When you feel like socializing/fucking/whatever just go out. Texting is the lowest form of communication.
My advice is to first become friends with as many women as you have friendships with men. Then this problem should disappear.
not always the option to go out though. i mean, i live in a shit area, and meeting half decent people means going into town and i dont always have the time or money for that. i cant just walk outside and start talking to women in the park or something.

Let me guess, you're under 21 and most of the girls you're talking to are also? You're still basically kids, you're no good at this.

But really, there's probably two things at play here:

1. They're not into you and don't want to talk to you (sorry to take the standard negative /adv/ stance here but sometimes you have to).

2. You're not asking the right things. "What are you doing" is literally the most boring question in the history of the universe. If someone texts me out of the blue and asks what I'm doing, I expect them to be getting at something else, because I'm not going to answer "I'm watching Netflix right now and Daredevil is on and I'm contemplating whether or not I could fight crime at night what do you think?"

You're expecting her to lead the conversation, when in actuality, it should be you. Got something you wanna ask? Ask it. If the conversation flows from there, good. Save the "what's up" inane babble for Facebook messenger.
women annoys me too much to actually become friends with them. they are ok to talk with in uni or something but i wouldent actually talk to them in my spare time unless i wanted to have a relationship with them. would rather put up with the problems. still dont understand why women are slow on text
>i cant just walk outside and start talking to women in the park or something.
Yes you can. Well theoretically you can. You'd need mad social skills to do that without looking like a creep.
>Tfw when 0=0
>women annoys me too much to actually become friends with them.
I know. That's why I gave you the advice. I'm trying to help you resolve something in your life that's making things worse for you.
You don't make friendships with people over text messages. I'm not saying "eat and you'll stop being hungry." I'm saying "learn how to cook and you'll stop being hungry."
This is the worst advice possible. Don't listen to this dumbass, most women make terrible friends for guys.

But yeah, you should learn how to lead a conversation.
im actually 22. and i have dated a few older women. also, most of the women i talk to range from about 19-25. i agree that "what are you doing is a basic, boring question", however, it was just an example. if i am first talking to someone there isnt really much i can ask them apart from what interests they have or other random question in the hopes that it will produce a conversation. this leads me to another problem, most of the women i talk to dont do anything apart. they literally say "i dont really do much except work, and go out with the girls on the workend". sometimes i will get a girl with actual interests who i do have a conversation with, as i said, this applies to most, not the minority.
Well obviously not all women are like this Anon, stop being dramatic. 3.5 billion women out there. It would be a bit foolish to assume things based on your 0.00000000000000001% sample size.

Second, many *people* are like this via text. I'm bisexual. Have you ever tried to text a dude? I mean really.... I never realized this about my gender because I'm weird, but y'all can't carry a conversation for shit.
>wats up
>nothin u
^^ men. So no, it's not just women, it's people.

Third, you have a choice - be emo'ed by this OR use it to your advantage. Women always used to tell me I have great text game; I always thought they were lying. Now I realize it's actually something I can use to my favor:
>OKCupid messages
Etc. Learn how to carry a conversation... and you will have unlocked a new way to get people to fuck you. Do you even know how many times I've heard:
>I felt like talking to you was just so easy
A lot of people want to believe they have to get the "inputs" to the flirting right, gotta have my gaaaaame! In my experience, it's being able to sufficiently handle people's "output" that gets you laid.
>boring woman over text
>mix in my text game
>talking to you felt so natural....
Work on it OP; don't get mad, get fucked.
not literally i cant, because it doesent exist where i live. i basically live in a ghetto.
i never said all women, i said most. did you read it? im going for a shit. brb. yeah, men are probably shitty too but i dont want to fuck them
>it isnt even a case of them not wanting to talk with me

post a conversation and we'll be the judge of that. I've never had this experience solely with girls, and many people I know irl who are lazy as fk when it comes to texting any kind of conversation usually just call me instead if they wanna tell me something, girls and guys.

mood, etc, are other factors. i can have paragraphs long texts back and forth with a friend that's a girl i just met a week ago (both those that i would never fk, and those where there is palpable sexual tension between us), tho there's often much less substance (like, when are we meeting up next) and more off the cuff flirting when texting girls i'm straight up trying to smash.
Most people make terrible friends for people. It's why out of the thousands of people we meet in our lives we count only a tiny fraction as friends. Pointing out that women fall into that pattern is just stating the obvious. Do you have twelve thousand male friends too?

You probably do the same thing OP does to create this problem: you see men who have great experience befriending other men and think there's something wrong when their interactions with random, half-acquainted women aren't the same. If OP only texted women who were as established in friendship with him as his male friends, their conversations would be equally interesting. They're not because he's (and you likely are) comparing text with male friends against text with essentially random chicks. Well no shit it's going to go badly. The odds are that they're not going to get along, just like most random people don't. And even if they do, they're not friends. They certainly won't talk like friends do.

I mean, okay, that's to be expected though, right? Guys are boring as shit too sometimes. I can't tell you how many of my buddies have nothing to talk about because they don't do anything with their lives but work and then go to happy hour either.

If they continue to be boring, toss 'em back.

The only real way around this is to make a group of friends that share your interests and have girls in it that can introduce you to their friends or coworkers or some shit. Either play the networking game, or you're just blindly hoping someone's entertaining.

I tried online dating to avoid the same basic thing that you're doing, and found out that just having common interests isn't enough when it comes to compatibility.
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So change the all to "most" and move the fuck on with your life OP.

I can see why "most women are boring" in your texts.
>Gets legitimate advice from an experienced Anon
>Gets asshurt
>Spelling police!
>Wants to go take a shit
>Talks about not wanting to fuck men
You're a grade A retard. It's no wonder they can't talk to you.
>You: Hi femanon
>Her: Hey
>You: What the fuck why are all women boring IM GOING TO TAKE A SHIT
>he never learned how to communicate with women

Try removing your head from your own ass.
dont be a silly faggot. im not going to take someones advice seriously when they didnt even read what i said. its not a case of mrrr spelling police, he genuinely thought i meant all women, and his advice was clearly influenced by that. grad A* retard. this is why i dont take advice seriously.
the conversations are on my phone. i dont think people are really taking into account that this doesent happen literally all the time, just most. i have some deep conversations with women on text, it just normally doesent happen because the girl puts no effort into the conversation.
Oh yeah, you know exactly what I'm thinking. Fuck off, retard.

Usually people treat their friends in the same way they would like to be treated by their friends. Men and women want different things from their friends.

That's all there is to it. You don't need to have a bunch of female friends to learn how to talk to them.
>The only real way around this is to make a group of friends that share your interests and have girls in it that can introduce you to their friends or coworkers or some shit.

this could be part of the problem. most of my close friends are social awkward. i have friends in uni who are what people would class as "normies" but they annoy me. im not really bothered enough about women to actually go out of my way to make friends with a group of people etc. i basically dont understand where my problem roots from and its kind of annoying. im quite happy being single.
Does "not most women are like this" sound grammatically correct to you, Grade A Retard?
>Not all
As in:
>There are SOME WOMEN out there who are NOT
It's was fine response, it didn't mean 'I didn't read,' and you're a grade A retard to be so dismissive.

Women don't have "deep" conversations with you because, from your responses, you're obviously an abrasive, boring, idiot.
>uses a common phrase with ONE WORD that's different
>You didn't read
>You don't take me seriously
>You obviously don't understand me
>I don't take all of advice seriouslllyyyyyyyy
You're are the biggest faggot I've seen on these boards in a while. Could you have any more of an idiotic reaction to literally ONE WORD of a difference?

Go take another shit, stuff your head in it, and flush because that's the same experience as trying to text with you. No one wants to put themselves through having to text with you.
You need to have female friends in order to talk to them like friends, the same way you need male friends in order to talk to them like friends.

If you talk to acquaintances or near-strangers and expect that to work the same way as conversations with friends, you're in for a bad time.

You aren't friends with everyone in the world and neither is OP. Manage your expectations and be realistic. It's not a gender thing. It's as simple as finding a handful of people with whom you click (men or women) if you want to have nice conversations.

>the conversations are on my phone.

That's not a reason for not posting them retard, where else would they be, on your dick? Screen shot the shit and post it you fuck head. If you're too stupid to know how to do that, how the fuck can you have a decent conversation with an intelligent human being.
did have a retard moment there desu. thread is dead. cant really be bothered anymore.
>cant really be bothered anymore.
aka you just don't want people to see how cringeworthy your conversations are, and were expecting people to take you at your word about how much of an interesting conversationalist you were and how women wanted to talk to you and that wasn't the problem. mmk
Why should he lead the convo if he wasn't the one that wanted to talk in the first place? Thats fucking stupid. If you want to talk to someone and you message them first, you better be getting to a point, not bother them with flirty "idk" answers and then expect them to carry out the convo. Thats illogical and rude to some degree.
We don't know what the situation is exactly because the OP is an autistic retard who'll never post screenshots. You arguing about who should have done what is useless until he does, he is probably just attention seeking or attempting to make himself feel less shitty for being a socially awkward moron. Especially considering he responded to a post with "desu"
>Especially considering he responded to a post with "desu"
To be fair, that was probably the /adv/ filter
Women don't want to text guys because they have not only normal guys texting them all the time, they also have beta guys texting them who don't have the courage to do anything else.

They just have more options so they really only put effort into a few of the conversations with boys, generally the ones they're attracted to the most. The rest get merely enough to maintain appearances.
When I was younger I used to purposely come off as boring in hopes that the guy will stop texting me.

I actually have a lot of interests like philosophy, economics, science(I'm a chem major) etc. But I don't try to have long or interesting conversations with someone I find irritating because I know I'll eventually have to friend zone him.
Good on you. I really hate seeing guys get friendzoned. This is also what I do with women who are really interested in me

My experience is the opposite. Every woman I've ever texted with used a lot of emoticons, replied immediately, and was nice. They would embellish on every detail and they just wouldn't stop talking. It was very hard for me to keep up, since I've never liked texting and only do it sparingly.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 3

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