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>People close to me call me a Shaman. >Innate ability to

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>People close to me call me a Shaman.
>Innate ability to provide illuminating insight
What's going on?
Problems, questions, quarrels. Let me help.
I have food poisoning. What the fuck do I do? Been laying in bed all day feeling like I'm dying.
What should I spend a large tax refund on?
My only hobby is anime.
I already have a lot of savings.
Can I pay you to be my personal advisor on Skype?
Get plenty of fluids like water, orange juice, or warm tea. Eat light easily digestible food. Nothing with grease. Leave the ceiling fan on in the bathroom and just shit it all out.
How do I accept the inevitability of my death with the crushing notion that there most likely is no afterlife?
Realize that Firefly will never get a second season, but those around you live on.
Lye down on the floor, hands by your sides.
Close you eyes and cover your body with your awareness.
Focus your attention on feeling the illness of the body.
Truly embrace the bodily sensations of being sick.
Often we run hamster wheel in our minds of what it is to be sick, instead, for 15 minutes. Honestly FEEL it and only it, in the present moment,
Embrace it.
Then be sure to drink plenty of fluids, it'll pass.
I love you. I love you. I love you.
Interesting question. Likely a thirst one can never quench however, as we're all in this same experience together.
If you could help me out here, Do you think awareness was present before biological life arose?
Money shmoney.
Before I skype. Whats up friend?
Someone else.
Maybe not all of it. But surprise someone with something that will bring them joy. It can be a stranger you pass everyday, it can be someone you know. Do it selflessly.
Yeah but what about the movie?
Well the fact that we're here does suggest a POSSIBILITY that there are things beyond our understanding. But realistically I've seen no evidence in my life to suggest anything remotely like a benevolent God.
Either have I friend.
I went through an existential crisis a couple of years ago, I'm still in it.
Better to ponder existence and drink the hemlock.
So then, if it is all essentially meaningless. We are just here now. No past, no future. Just riding the crest of the wave that is time. Right here and now is perfect. right?
Talking to girl, she's awful at replying to any kind of messages. It's a normal thing with her, or so I'm told. Problem is that it fills me with anxiety, especially when I'm trying to make plans with her. What do

Everything in my life at the moment. I can't actually speak to anybody about it, so I need to find someone on the internet who is completely unrelated to my life, won't troll me and can give sound advice. Mostly relationship related.
The next time you become aware of the anxiety. Stop. Forget, just for that moment, why it is your anxious.
Close your eyes, and focus your awareness on the sensations of your bodily vessel.
Are particular muscles tight? Does your breathing become labored?
Feel what it is to be anxious and realize that despite being triggered, it's a completely internal phenomena. It was inside you all along, waiting for an excuse to assert itself.
With enough detachment, you'll notice the feeling pass. The more you stop and observe, the less attached you'll be.
The less attached you are, the less desperate you'll come across, the more she'll respond to you. the true you.
If she doesn't, its on to the next one, you'd be fooling yourself to think being with that person would make you both happy.
I think your headed in the right direction. Know that 99% of people out there would never even consider such an approuch. Good for you.
Firstly. Are you of age?

Yes, mid twenties. Oldfag pretty much.
Elaborate on a relational issue. Give me abroad overview of your situation. If the problem is glaringly obvious to me, I'll be able to provide some insightful advice.

There's a lot of back story and very specific events that will make me extremely identifiable on here and I'd really like to avoid that. Sorry Anon.
Long story short: Then-GF is now in Taiwan for Exchange Semester. I already booked my tickets to go there but not obviously am not going to see her to meet up with her.

I'm already researching, organizing and looking up places for my itinerary and I'm getting really, really excited about going there on my own and just enjoy it! That is what my goal is going to be, to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, I know there are going to be some shite moments when I'll probably think: we were supposed to be here together. For instance, when I arrive at the airport, on my own. When I'm having dinner, on my own. I think that, especially, the first couple of days, this will happen.

How can I, besides taking the occasional breaths, the living in the moment, and meditate, make sure that I DO enjoy everything without having too much focus on the "what if" thoughts, if you'd say so.

Ofcourse, accept the situation as it is is practically my mantra since I practice meditation. But any insight is always good.
Forgot to mention, ofcourse, that she is my ex now.
Your asking questions you've already got the answers to.
When you arrive at the airport, your not any more alone than had you arrived with her in arm.
Once you get lost, you'll meet many wonderful people. Be open to getting lost. Submission is salvation in these moments. Cruscifiction will be your guide to rebirth. Just be in the moment, you already know how.
I love you i love you i love you
Thread posts: 24
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