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How to Survive

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I'm about 12 hours away from being homeless. I'm currently a student. Jobs are scarce where I live and the ones you can get are minimum wage (7.25).

Lived with GF, random break-up. No family to stay with, it was all very sudden and I didn't have anytime to plan for this. Any advice on how to survive out there? I live in KY.

I have web development and design skills besides restaurant experience.

TL:DR - homeless CS student needs tips on surviving.
you're going to need card board and a marker.
try to think of something witty to write like "family kidnapped by ninjas need money for karate school"
Besides finding humour in my situation, anything else?
No friends to go with for a day or two while you figure things out?
I wish, the option is open a few days from now. Right now I have nowhere to go.
Look for a nearby house for sale, break in, squat for a while.
Google some nifty ways to shoplift for food.
Don't be an asshole.
Don't be stupid.
Whats the best way to do this? Window?
Bump key, or pick the lock if you don't have one.
If you get caught, and the window is broken they can charge you with vandalism and not just tresspassing.
I hope this helps, stay safe out there anon. Remember to be cool to people whenever you can, karma becomes much more intense when you're in these kinds of situations.
Thanks anon, appreciate the /adv/.
Nobody prepares you or tells you about the sheer boredom involved with being homeless. That's how the drugs fake hold. So stay away from drugs at all costs.

I was homeless due to sheer bad luck too, pal. You'll find a way because you have to. That's all there is to it. And I was homeless long enough to be recognised by other homeless and they started approaching me and talking to me like one of their own, so I know some tips stories and things.

Whatever you do, stay off substances, that does include alcohol.
What do you do instead of drugs?
(not OP just curious.)
Care to share some? I'll be at school during most of the day, I just need a place to sleep until I can find a reliable source of income.

Times like this make me feel like an idiot for not living on campus and going the loan route.
Nothing. That's why homeless people have such a drug problem. There is nothing to do, and nowhere to relax, and the city gets boring really fast.

We really take our home lives for granted.


Basically find every charity in town. Christian organisations are your friend. Your educated and fresh enough to be likeable, and impoverished enough for them to stroke their "I'm helping for Jesus" dicks.

Soup kitchens, shelters, name it.

I'd also spend the precious time you have with tech networking on kijiji Craigslist and Craigslist.

You really can count on generosity of others and you may not even have to be homeless. You could couch surf until you're all good.
>Craigslist and Craigslist

That's Craigslist and couch surfing. My mistake. The last ones super important. It's your best bet.
KY is very scarce with tech jobs. they all want the full stack superstar.
>not being a full stack superstar


go back to binary trees
ok then, douche, Im just a noob on server side. Ive spent most of time on static design.
Jump the fence and check if the back door is open. If not, some windows will open from the outside when pushed up. Be careful not to make too much noise.

Instead of shoplifting food, sign up for food stamps. Don't tell them you're a student or they'll count your financial aid against you and demand that you work 28 hours a week to receive benefits.

Good luck.

>couch surfing

Be careful with that. That's how I got raped.
Holy shit man. You got raped? What the fuck was it some craigslist shit?
>static design

Is this a joke

are you a time traveler from 2001

sudo apt-get -s mysides
I meant design that doesn't involve AJAX or PHP. I haven't mastered them yet, and I hate copy paste coders. I like to learn everything in and out about a topic before I move to the next.
Nope. Couchsurfing. I was surprised as well. You're better off squatting.
How about squatting on this dick
How about you just propositioned a straight guy?
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>no "24-hour gym membership"

Get yourself a membership to a 24-hour gym. Place to rest, exercise safely, and bathroom/shower.
>Get yourself a membership to a 24-hour gym
>OP has no money
>"Durr. Spend money. That solve problem."
I'm going to assume you don't have a car?

There are homeless shelters in most states (probably all). You have access to a computer so look for some. Churches often have free food, so do some food banks. Look those up as well.

I hear you. I don't really have anyone I can stay with either. If I were to be in your situation, I'd be homeless too.

It's a scary thought as you get older. My job is super stressful and I'm not sure I can hang in there sometimes.

Some shelters will not let you stay there during the day which is fine as you really should try to find work. I know you said that there is no work around but look everywhere.

You will get out of this rut. Hang in there anon.
Get a membership at the YMCA or a local equivalent. They will give you a locker and a place to shower.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 2

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