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>Be Mexican >6'3, light skinned >8/10 >Have

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>Be Mexican
>6'3, light skinned
>Have social anxiety issues, extreme introvert
>Never had a gf

However, lately I've pumped up my social skills and I've been a lot better.
I have many female friends who I'm very close and comfortable with.
Though, those are all platonic relationships and they make clear of that.
I don't care anymore. I'll clear the point of this in a bit

>meet girl in Computer Science class on finals week
>cute brown Mexican girl
>introverted as fuck too
>pumped up my alpha game and made her laugh and shit
>this is totally not me but goddamn it felt good
>Facebook friends now
>find out she's a complete video game nerd outcast that totally catches my attention
>literally have essay conversations with this girl about our interests that happen to match in every way >she randomly brings up things I said/did in CS class that she thought it was funny, and says she thought it was funny, though it's not relevant or connected with the conversation
Does she like me?

>feel love for this girl now
>don't want to say shit in fear of rejection

The thing is, with every relationship I had with a girl (as in friends), we get close and comfortable fairly quick. But it's the the point where they don't see the value of being in a relationship, so it stays strictly platonic. I like this girl, though, and I feel we moved from 0-100 really quick.
Will she feel it's too fast and not see the value? Or would she be interested in me due to her lack of social skills and I'm the one she's comfortable with at the very least?
How do I approach this?
Oh, and I forgot to mention that the beginning details of myself are things that are generally attractive to a girl, yet, I never had someone reel affection for me.

Of course, this has to do with social issues that totally kill the physical.
But with the case that I'm being more social, I'm getting friendzoned and I accepted that, I don't care. But I feel the reason this is, is due to the fact we love on too fast.

How do I approach this appropriately?
>due to the fact we love on too fast
I meant to say
>we move on too fast
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Hire some alpha beefcake to ask her out for you.

> print out picture of your face.
> put on mask
> he puts it on
> he asks her out
> ?????
> profit

Jk, I'm serious though. How.
wow dude stop being such a pussy ass and ask her for her number, then text her or call her to a date, dont make shit official, but make sure its just the both of you, then when you have been chilling together for long enough ask her to be your GF, but dont wait to long,
Lo ago para la raza wey, what the fuck your 6'3" and yet your a pussy boy, nigga im fucking 5'5" and i get more pussy then you, use your fucking color to your advantage, lots of girls havent been with a mexican and want to, fuck dude just ask her out and be done with it, if she rejects you, move on to the next one, you need to fucking loose that fear or it will hold you back the rest of your life, you'll then be one of those "im 23 and still a virgin pussy boy" guy on here, seriously man it just makes me pissed that your taller than me and yet your scared of rejection, (since my only real issue is that the girls i get with consider it beta that im short, but i prove them wrong with my charisma"
Holy fuck you type like a moron. The only way you're going to know that she likes you is by asking her out.
Hahaha, damn dude. Seems like you're salty that I'm tall.
No, but seriously, when you take out all that shit, you have some pretty solid advice. You sound like a tio en una fiesta que te da la palabra de la vida.

I never took my height as an advantage, and ever since I figured out it was a great advantage, I felt more confident about myself. That's when I became more social about a year ago.
Though, how do you lose the fear of rejection, or the fear of initiation? How do you become more charismatic?
No shit.
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>be Mexican
>been with her 7 years
She was my high school boo(freshmen year). Now we're graduating and moving in together by the end of the year
>how do you lose the fear of rejection
by being rejected multiple times
>or the fear of initiation?
by initiating a conversation multiple times

its like playing a video games, sure you may lose sometimes but next time your better for it and know what your mistakes are
>How do you become more charismatic?
theres no real answer here but the best i can tell you is never show that your nervous, never show fear, and always keep your head up and chest pumped, no matter what happens, and when you get rejected (oh and trust me you will get rejected in the future) never show that it affects you
(oh and it dose help that i know how everyone thinks)
Literally ask her out. Go out with her weekly. Let her bring up the relationship. If you shower her with your feelings she will be repulsed by your feminity. No seas pendejo y ponte los huevos. Si dice que no que te valga verga de todos modos hay un putero de viejas.
hahahahaha i love this
Lo menos que quieres es un bato pidiendole porfavor que sea su novio o molestandola todo el dia haciendole favores y preguntandole como le fue. Dile, hey when are you free to go out for a drink. Que te valga verga. Tienes que suponer que quiere que le rompas el culo. Tu nomas preocupate por agarrar cura con ella deja que ella haga su novelita en su cabeza mientras que se mata ella sola
>>>17012984 (You)
>>how do you lose the fear of rejection
>by being rejected multiple times
I've been rejected multiple times, and in between I feel as if I'm in a cool-down stage before I go for another rejection. I suppose I need to get the fuck over that. I'll work on it.

>>or the fear of initiation?
>by initiating a conversation multiple times
I've been doing this more often and holy fuck I'm doing pretty good there. However, it still hasn't been a year since I gotten out of that bubble, so things are still kind of awkward at times. Though, I'm 500x better than before. That's progress, and I can only do more.
Ahahaha, man I fucking love your attitude. You sound like you're from LA
323 of 818 area?
I'm from Sinaloa. But currently live in San Diego
That's awesome, man. My family is from Guadalajara, and I've visited Sinaloa. Right now it's fucked up, but man it was absolutely beautiful when I visited.
Just got back from there Spring Break. It is pretty fucked up, but you can not change where u are from bro, I fucking love Sinaloa even if it is corrupt as fuck. The perfect first worldness of the U.S. gives me headaches at times
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 3

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