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Redpill official thread

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Iron laws:
-Being good looking is the only thing that matters, being average isn't enough
-Being good looking is just about the face,its bones and height
-Game doesn't exist, confidence and lifting won't attract girls if you don't have a good face
-Women cannot really be attracted to balding or bald guys
-Women prefer to share top men instead of being faithful to lower man. 80% of women are fucked by 20% men, 20% women are in relationship with 20% men and 60% male are sexless
-Women only show unconditional love to top good looking men. These men don't date, they call girls to their place and fuck
-Women wanting a relationship implies conditional love
-The strength of the relation is based on the gap between male looks and her pattern looks: higher the gap, stronger the relationship
-When a girl say there's a problem in you or your relationship, she's telling you she has other men in her mind
-Women lie about her past experiences
-If you're non white, it's almost impossible to get a white girl. The only exception is being black or mulatto, but only top 3%
-Women speak blue pill but act red pill
Please be free to post other laws if you want to.
Please continue.
bunch of trash, i know a lot of ugly guys that have sex and gf and a lot of good looking guys that not
There is only one piece of advice redpillers need: to grow the fuck up.
Haven't had a laugh that good in weeks. Thanks bro, that was hilarious. Especially imagining that some faggots honestly believe this.
pretty accurate
lol, please continue, I'm a beta like you and want more excuses to not improve myself and wallow in self-pitty disguised as resentment a little more!
I have two words for you:

Woody Allen

Here's a few more:

Bill Gates
Henry Kissinger
Patrick Stewart
Bruce Willis
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Oh boy, another one of these.
We've never had this thread before.
Alpha fucks, beta bucks.
It's closeted prostitution m8
A lot of personal experiences confirm this to be true, sadly...
>Richest guys ever. No wonder hypergamy is off charts with them

Personal advice:
>Go full mgtow.
>ghosting is good
>surrogate mothers are in your best interest nowadays
>stay in east asia if you plan to get married there
and here is why
>Tl;Dr migrants get divorced after setting the first foot in Europe
Reminder that A.W.A.L.T and it's just a matter of opportunity
>when you can't admit that you just have a shitty personality and decide to blame literally all women instead
>tldr: men are objects to women
nothing new here.
Also, Mgtow thread?
if only it were that simple
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Maybe if you spent more time being a better person and less time complaining you could get laid. But hey, maybe the pity card will work for you this time.
Come the fuck on, dude.

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Revoke feminism and mgtow dies out. It's as simple as it gets
are you that FACE HEIGHT FRAME fag that spergs up /fit/?
I mean, I'm a guy. And I'm all for guys being buttblasted over being rejected/ignored but, seriously, the whole mgtow meme movement is just guys crying out loud for a kind of male femenism.
Hope this shit catches on so I can get more laugs out of it, though.
You must be mistaken with MRA
Mgtow is discussing female natuer as seen by males and nt giving any fucks about women
I guess I phrased it wrong. I didn't mean like a literal men feminism, I meant something similar, along the lines of "FUCK MEN I CAN DO WHAT I WANT ALL MEN ARE PIGS FUCK THEM WHY SHOULD I EVEN GIVE RESPECT TO MEN" feminism (read: not traditional feminism, but modern SJW feminism).
ITT: some gaybo tries, and fails, to make people sad. Everyone on 4chan has become immune to this type of shitposting.
>inb4 u just mad, durr
Not mad, not offended, just annoyed at these desperate attempts at "trolling"
This is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever.

You sound like a whiney defeatist jerk, seriously. Work harder, or accept your mediocre self, but don't go around telling other people how the world 'is'.
I don't blame women. It's just how our society evolved. Other societies don't have these kind of problems, and have good fertility rates.
A lot of good looking males out there are very stupid and have shitty personalities. A girl once told me that she laughed more at attractive guys, even if the jokes aren't funny. Some of them are just insecure as fuck, yet hey get laid on regular basis.
There's a thing called halo effect: when you're good looking, people will assume that you're intelligent, funny and have good personality.
Confidence is experience: when people treat you constantly good, the positive feedback is the root of your confidence.
I've never seen a not good looking guy getting laid for its intelligence or humour.
About self improvement: it's not bad, but it won't resolve the problem.
I know a lot of guys who improved and the only women they got are under average and they DID NOT respect them.
It would rather be along the lines of "Fuck this shit. I'm done"
Other laws
-Men see the best in women (i.e a man considering attractive a girl with nice body but not good face) but women see the worst in men (i.e short witty, funny and muscular guy will always be seen as short)
-When a man notices some physical flaws in a woman, he thinks he has more chances
-Men want ONS with uglier women and LTR with higher women; women want ONS with higher men and want LTR with uglier guys.
The uglier guys have less power in relatioship and are easier to manipulate; higher males are very difficult to keep, because they know there are plenty of women wanting to fuck fim
>I watch too much anime, and my main source of female behavior is Keepin' Up with the Kardashians
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 5

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