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Alright I have an issue This guy at my school, I'll just

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Alright I have an issue

This guy at my school, I'll just call him "tard", so anyway he is probably the most annoying mother fucker to ever be born. Basically, one day he decided to start being a huge tard to me for no reason, and it has only gotten worse since. He constantly calls me a brony and insults me all the time. Now everyone knows in school Im on the wrestling team and I kicked ass in the season, and no one messes with me except this kid for some reason. Now you might be asking I don't drop this kid to the ground, and that's because my school is super liberal, and if I even touched him I would get expelled.

Any suggestions on how to get this lil tard to fuck off? (I've tried lots of things)

Things to note;

>He's Asian
>He's really ugly
>He wears glasses
>He goes "yeah uh" a lot
>He is really ironic
You ignore him, dumbass.

If all he's doing is being an annoying pest, if you stop showing that he's affecting you, he'll stop.

Literally ignore his existence. Looks past him. Do not acknowledge his presence. Do not reply. He will become angry and insulted that you don't even treat him like a human being, and everyone will think it's funny that you're doing it to him.

It's really not that easy, he won't stop. I've been ignoring for about 2 months, he won't fucking stop.
>constantly calls me a brony

If you actually watch my little faggots you deserve it kid
How is this a problem? If he speaks to you while you're in a conversation, you ignore him and continue the conversation. If he touches you, you tell the teacher he violated your personal space and that if he continues to do it you'll feel physically unsafe and will have to call the police.

Threaten to call the police at a liberal school. Watch the hilarity. Then, you go back to ignoring him.

I don't really understand how this is a problem unless he's touching you, in which case you can actually call the police on him.... which won't be necessary because once you make a formal, written complain to the principal and the principal does nothing... you can literally sue the school for failing to protect you if he touches you again.

You need to think outside the box on this one. Ignore him until he touches you and then claim sexual harassment, take it to the principal and tell him or her you feel physically unsafe and violated. then bring your parents with a lawyer.

Are you acting like a pussy? fuck yeah, but that's exactly how society wants you to act so play the game. anyone who matters will understand what you're doing.
when you finish school you wait him out on his way home and kick his ass
Jesus dude what the fuck is wrong with people these days

Don't fucking try to sue people over minute shit, like come on the kids just being a spaz

Honestly you should just confront him op, have you ever tried asking him to stop? Like just talking to him and saying hey man look I really don't appreciate this, I don't insult you and it's just annoying me.

Like really op, treat him like a human, whether he is or not
That only works with normal people. This is an ugly asian kid running around calling people my little pony references. nothing you do will stop him. you can't physically intimidate him, you'll get expelled. you can't insult him and put him down, it won't matter because he'll just keep coming back for more like a rejected aspie.

Which is why OP is here asking us.

Look man, I went to 9 different public schools in my life. the only way to make this end is to ignore the asian kid - like no contact - and then, when he touches you, use the system against him. the lazy public teachers won't want to get involved the first few times because
>HUURRR can't you just talk to him?
No fool, he's an aspie asian ugly kid. he's impervious to everything.

The only way is to make it a formal, processed request with the administration so the lazy teachers are forced to do their jobs because they're all afraid of lawsuits. the last thing they want is their school on the front page for a sexual harassment lawsuit. teachers don't care about "self defense" or students. they care about lawsuits.

case and point? ugly asian kid used to follow me around whipping his umbrella around like a katana and yell loudly into his cell phone. I let the umbrella hit me in the face once... and then I owned that kid. I had teachers yelling at him in public to keep his ass away from me. why? because I told them if it happened again I would be suing.
Fucking kids these days using law suits as a fucking outing to when you have trouble at school

Op hasn't even tried, you never fucking know man, that piss poor attitude doesn't mean shit

Fact is the first thing you should do when confronted is reasoning and logic, keep your cool etc. Threatening to sue just makes you look like a collosal faggot, so you're basically on par with the Asian kid.

Fucking tell kids that "WELL JUST WAIT SO YOU CAN SUEZZZ!!!" Is a terrible thing to do. Especially since kids these days are so ignorant and stupid when they get out of school they'll try to fagshit like that and they'll get their fucking teeth kicked in

Just hire some nigger kids to beat the shit out of him op, if you really wanna be a fag.
>Fact is the first thing you should do when confronted is reasoning and logic, keep your cool etc.
Which is exactly what I told him to do - ignore him. No contact.
>ey'll try to fagshit like that and they'll get their fucking teeth kicked in
but what happened to reason and logic and keeping your cool Anon? bwuahhaah

Oh and no, people don't get beat down in the real world. What actually happens is people get ignored and if you touch them, you get handcuffs

Furthermore, the school is obligated to maintain order and discipline. OP shouldn't have to deal with some aspie kid shouting things at him and following him around. that's harassment

but please, tell me more about the "real world" you live in where you:
>Just hire some nigger kids to beat the shit out of him op
Found the 16 year old

Listen here kiddo

Stop fucking Bernie Sanders cock because obviously you do, I can tell by your liberal faggotry. Second, you need to learn that not all fucking problems are solved by law suits and the government. People work out their issues, and they have scuffs, it happens. Do you also think in bar brawls the people are put in prison for life? Fucking kids man

Also way to not even read my post retard
come on. What's the worst that could happen if you beat him up? This spaz kid obviously seems like he has never been disciplined. His parents need the beat the shit out of him but they probably baby him and let him do whatever he wants. baka I know someone like that and everybody fucking hates him. But if you give him a good ass whooping, not very bad but just the right amount, he will stop with his faggotry and eventually come to respect you. The most they will do is suspend you from school, so just go ahead
This. Nothing motivates the school like a lawsuit. How do you think the first white/black schools started. Someone had to sue because seperate but equal easnt seperate but equal. How do you think retards (literal mentaly impaired) students started going to school and recieving personal retard classes? Someone had to sue. The school wont lift a finger unless the threat of a lawsuit exsists
He probably has a crush on you. Try going on a date with him.
Are you fucking 13? Jesus christ kiddo


Anyway to you OP... Man the fuck up. Tell him to his face in-front of everyone to shut the fuck up or you'll whoop his faggot ass. Done. He can go cry to a bitch and you can say, hey look... He's been insulting me for two months. Get as many people as you can whose heard this little shit doing this and have them point that out. Done... Fuck the pussy school systems holy shit.

When I went to high-school around 2001. I had someone start bothering me. I hung out with the nerds cause they had all the hobbies I also liked and talking about bro ball 24/7 wasn't cool or interesting to me.

Little faggot tested me for a week there wasn't a second week I beat his ass in-front of everyone. Suspended for 3 days, he transferred out. Done...

WTF is wrong with this shit hole country. Republicants, muh jesus, SJW , feminist, please don't bully... holy crap.
Hahahah WOAH look at Mr. Big Maaaan! Hahah you're a joke calling people retards and telling OP to higher nigger kids.

Fighting is for people who are too stupid to play the game right. I know because I learned the hard way. those "nigger kids"? I didn't need to hire them; I was the military brat jumping up on the table to kick them square in the face, leaping on them, and beating them unconscious in the middle of art class.

Have you even seen blood before, let alone drawn it out of someone? I didn't think so.

So no, I would not advise OP to start picking fights at school. I would advise OP to *play the fucking game* and only use violence when violence finds you. And an aspie kid calling you a brony is not a good excuse for rearranging his nose and possibly facing police or judicial action, getting expelled, inconveniencing his parents, and incurring thousands in court fees. Only idiots do that unless they have to.

Play the game OP. Do it the smart way so that if you have to get bloody you KNOW you had no other choice.
>Threatening the school with lawsuits = $0
>Court fees, expulsion, possibly juvenile "jail," etc. = $not worth it.
What if you "beat his ass" and he falls down and snaps his twig chink neck OP? You going to think you're super tough when you're standing in front of a judge and he asks you, "Why didn't you take this issue to your teachers?" and then puts in you Juvie?

Keep in mind the majority of people posting "BEAT HIS ASS WOOOOO" have never actually been in a real fight. Remember that.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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