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First tablet

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I'm about to purchase my very first tablet but don't know what to get and was hoping you might be able to help out. I was waiting to see what Apple was going to release but the new iPad is a huge dissapointment considering both the price and the fact it only has 2GB of RAM.

I'm currently looking at the Z4, Tab S2 and the iPad Air 2. I'd actually prefer the iPad because iOS seems more refined and the apps/games are betyer but it's almost two years old and seems a bit dated.

Any advice on what to get?
I own a Surface, I use it mostly to browse the net. If you're looking to play games more then yeah, an iPad or Android tablet would be better. In the end, it depends on your preference. What's your budget?
Up to €500 would be OK but it's a bit difficult to compare prices due to regional differences in pricing. The new iPad for instance is launched with a $599 price tag but here in Europe it's over $800...
To be honest browsing and Youtube will be the main uses so I guess any tablet would get the job done but I'd like a high quality product with nice software.

The Air 2 is almost two years old and spec wise inferior to the alternatives from Samsung and Sony but on the other hand iOS is tailored to fit the hardware and since it's well optimized it probably performs almost equally as well.

Decisions, decisions...
I have a Samsung Tab S and I like it and it's good for the price. Not sure about the Tab S2 though, newer generations don't always mean better
The Tab S is actually a bit more expensive than the Tab S2. Any reasons why it would be better than its successor?
Looking up reviews, it looks like the Tab S IS better than then S2, even if it is only slightly more. I don't think it's something you'd notice if you were just using it to play games or browse the internet though, to be honest. Some of the reviews have said that for most people, the main factor will be the price
Are there any major differences in software? I've never owned any Samsungs products but I've heard a lot of negative comments about touchwiz.
Nexus 7 2013 edition. basically the second edition of the nexus 7

ive been using this for 2 years now and personally i dont think ill be changing for years.

the battery has lasted a long time. software works fine. 1200p, 2gigs of ram and a 1.5ghz quad cpu.

i dont have games on it however i haved played on it before and it runs fine. its cheap aswell at 160ish bucks.
Don't get a Samsung Tab 4, thing sucks.
I'm not a fan of tablets so take that with a grain of salt.
>the new iPad is a huge dissapointment

don't get sucked in by apple's marketing strategy

they already designed the 8 and 9
but they are selling you a 5
and next year you'll be begging to buy a 6
because the 5 sucks so bad
and then the next year they'll offer you a 7
and you'll just keep giving all your money to the apple cult for the rest of your life
I'm more into a 10" since it fits my needs better but thanks. I know there's a Nexus 9 but it isn't available in my country, nor is the Pixel C.
Tab 4 = Tab S/S2?
I've actually owned an iPhone 4S and a MBPr. The Macbook was a big turd (although the trackpad was awesome) so I sold it rather quickly and the iPhone was very limited by iOS so I prefer Android for cell phones, but I still think iOS seems very nice for a tablet OS which is why I'm even considering the Air 2 because spec wize it's really not that great and also overpriced (like all other Apple stuff).

I would have probably bought the new iPad if it had 4GB of RAM like it was rumored to have but it didn't and the price was jacked up to over $800 which is just insane for a tablet.

Thank you everyone for all the recommendations by the way.
As far as I can tell, no difference that you'll notice. If you do decide to go for the S/S2, just get the cheaper one. Samsung products from the S series are generally pretty good, it's the others that you should probably stay away from.

>Tab 4 = Tab S/S2?
No, the Tab 4 is a different series
Samsung phone is lightyears ahead of apple

not just because there a zillion apps for android that don't work on apples or because apple service costs a lot more.

not because i enjoy having 5 bars practically everywhere, and never dropping calls

not because of the free streaming that doesn't count towards my data usage plan that cheaper than anything

not because i like flash games, or because i can use my phone as a remote control for my android home entertainment center, even when i'm not home

and it's not because I can do 4 of these things all at once, and twice as fast, while apples choke on one at a time

no I like samsung because it looks good on me. Some people even think i'm smart when they see my beautiful phone
but best of all, the gays have stopped hitting on me since i ditched the iphone
You know the topic of this thread literally says 'tablet', right?
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The only point that I feel applies to me are the apps and to be honest Google Play pretty much sucks compared to the app store, at least for cell phones. Perhaps there is a different selection for tablets?
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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