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Bit of a pickle

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Just going to get to the point.

I had a group lab report I had to do for university. I had been assigned a specific section to complete. I had left it quite late and hadn't really communicated well with other group members but I was still going to do my section without any issues. When I was nearly finished doing my bit very late at night I noticed that the one group member had just completed my section and updated the file with it (it's now 4.30AM and the report is due at 9AM). I understand why he did it, but he should have at least asked me. anyway I feel really bad since he had already done so much work for the report and I really don't know what I should say to him in regards to it.

any advice? I hope that was clear enough
They should have at least contacted you at some point and asked why you hadn't uploaded your section yet. That they didn't suggests to me that you've got a bit of a reputation for unreliability because of some reason or another.

Nonetheless I think you should start by asking why they jumped the gun.
I've never work with any of the people before so they don't know if I'm unreliable or not. I am a bit of a procrastinator but I do always get my work done to a good standard. I don't mind that he did it, it's more that I feel real bad about it and want him to know that I wasn't just not gonna do it and fuck him over
Reputations get around through word of mouth.

Whether or not he knows you did the work, it's more important for you to understand that they assumed you wouldn't. They assumed it so completely that they didn't even bother to ask. I'd like to give you advice in good faith but I can't ignore something that suspicious. That's why the best I can offer is for you to tell him 1) that you were going to do the work and not fuck them over, and 2) that you're put off by their choice to not even reach out to you first.
People generally don't chase people who don't communicate, it makes us feel like nagging parents. He most likely just wanted to get it done. You can start communicating now, say "hey I did my section, but yours is better so we could just leave it" (with a bit more effort).

If you want something to do, work in the good parts if yours with what's there and make corrections throughout the report.
When I say I haven't worked with them before, I mean I've only just met them and haven't met anybody they know, since I'm new to this university. There's no way they could know what my work ethic is like.

I admit I am largely to blame for the lack of communication, though I had heard nothing of their progress or plans either aside from what they had uploaded.

anyway thanks for the input
Just ask nicely. Hope they will give you a nice answer.

Implying you work with some overachieving students, remember that their deadline is at 10 pm.
On a side note, which is probably rather relevant, the guy that did it is probably around 40yrs old and does seem to be a bit pedantic
This is what I've ended up sending him:

Hey billybob, I was looking through the files in the google drive folder and I noticed that you had re uploaded a version of the report that's completed all the way through the section you had asked me to complete. I really apologise t
hat you felt it was necessary to do this as I was well on my way through the section when I noticed it. The section you've written is good and I'm perfectly happy with using it for the report. I hope you don't think I planned on just not doing it.
That's a bullshit apology.

An apology is an acknowledgement of and contrition for one's own failings.

A real apology is "Sorry I didn't get my work done within a reasonable time frame, and that I didn't communicate that I was still working on it and on schedule to get it done before the deadline. I feel bad that you did extra work to cover for me, and should we have an occasion to work together again I hope to make it up to you."

What you sent is "You made a bunch of extra work for yourself by jumping to the wrong conclusion, and you shouldn't have negative feelings about me because of YOUR mistake. I didn't do anything wrong."

Your apology wouldn't change my opinion that you're unreliable. What it would do is make me think that you're an asshole and wonder if you're also a fucking liar.
I assume you've also sent him the stuff you wrote, just so he knows you've actually done it.
I've had the same once and felt a bit bad about it, but then again unless they actually talked to you about it it's probably that he was in work-mode and felt it was little effort for much comfort...
don't get all defensive when it does get mentioned, just praise him for being proactive.
Thread posts: 11
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