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Super dry hair

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maybe this is a weird board to post this but i don't know where else to put it.

for years now i've had this super dry curly hair and i hate it because it makes me look like a homeless person. i have no idea how to fix it though, and every time i ask the barber i come back out the same way.

can you suggest a hairstyle for me to look like a trustworthy person that looks after himself?

or a product/way to fix my curls so they don't look so fucking dry and awful?

i literally have no clue what to do with this. and it feels like it ruins my entire appearance.
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I use head and shoulders almond shampoo. It's one of the most moisturizing shampoos I've ever used. You can also try a conditioning/anti-frizz serum that girls use after they shower (yes, you use it after you shower). It makes your hair look sleek and shiny and not dry and not frizz so much, also smells good. I can't think of anything else. Putting oils in your hair to moisturize it is gross in my opinion. Good luck. Ask the women in your life for some tips.
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Hairdresser reporting in. Firt off, if you qant to look more "stylish" i'd recommend a cut like pic related.
Then take good care of your hair. Meaning that you carefully brush your hair, then wash it with a shampoo that labels "restoring/nourishing/for damaged hair" stuff on it every 3-4 days. Then, the most important part: get a conditioner. One for damaged and so on hair. Put a decent amount in your hair and let it sit while washing your body and other stuff. Rinse. Gently squeeze out water and tap try with a towel. DON'T rub! Then you let it dry like that. DON'T brush or touch your hair. This way you will get neat defined curls instead of a hot mess. You could also try using products like wax in them. Don't use gel or hairspray. Something heavy and not drying. Once in a while you can deep conditon it with a hair pack or simply put some oil in it over night. Coconut oil works good.

You Jewish?
I never brush my hair. I use products for black hair, specifically "Curls unleashe". Shampoo, leave in conditioner, only finger comb your hair. Wash at most every other day but always use conditioner. It's working wonderfully for me going on three years now. My curls don't like look I stuck my finger in a light socket...

I do this as I can't use product in general. Hives. Hurts like hell.
when you use conditioner, let it sit in for as long as possible
alternatively, let coconut oil sit in your hair for an hour or so before showering and shampoo it out, again letting conditioner sit longer would help
1. Air-dry your hair or dry it with soft material like an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel. Don't fuck with it when it's drying.
2. Use conditioner. Silicones are good. Plant oils and vitamins and shit are not useful in rinse-out conditioner; they just go down the drain.
3. If you need to detangle your hair, use your fingers or a smooth comb with wide-spaced bristles or a brush with plastic/nylon bristles with give, like a denman-type brush. Start from the ends, go very slow.
4. Use a leave-in conditioner. I just detangle with my rinse-out in the shower, wash my face off, and go about my day, because I'm too cheap and lazy. Whatever works.

Don't fuss over ingredients too hard; it's probably your technique and not that you missed X miracle ingredient in a product. Too much friction/separation of your curls, aren't using conditioner or leave-in or enough of it or in the right way. Try putting in leave-in while your hair is sopping wet and then not touching your hair after you get out of a shower. If it dries too slow, use a lighter leave-in next time and then gently press with a t-shirt and leave it alone.
This. The whole not rubbing your hair and using something soft to catch the majority of the water.
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