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Long Term Effects of Drinking Chewing Tobacco Spit

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I got conned by an angry neighbor into buying his chewing tobacco spit thinking it was an herbal elixer. I am not trolling. This is not a joke. I'm humiliated and need advice before I go to a doctor and have to explain myself.

I moved into a house in the country as part of a move for my job. My neighbor wanted to buy this house but I outbid him for it. I didn't realize he was upset with me since I didn't even know I was bidding against him.

The first time we met, he asked what I was planting in my garden and I explained that I grew herbs for cooking and tea and herbal remedies. He explained that in his mother made an herbal elixer and he's never gotten sick since taking it and asked me if I wanted to try - he handed me a soda bottle with a brown liquid in it. Told me it tastes bad and to take a sip, swallow it, but don't chase it.

I didn't realize it was chewing tobacco spit. He meant to insult me but ran with it when he realized I didn't know what it was. I almost vomited but I've taken other harsh things like oil of oregano and expect herbal things to sometimes taste bad.

He claimed the recipe a family secret but offered to sell it to me. I've been drinking it every day for almost two years. A friend found out about it (it's a small town) and tipped me off.

Does drinking it cause cancer? Do I just stop or do I go see a doctor? If drinking it isn't as dangerous as chewing, I'll just quit. I can't imagine having to explain this to my doctor.

>I've been drinking it every day for almost two years

I cannot stop laughing at this whole situation

Did you not realize it wasn't helping you??? In two years? I'd be shocked if it wasn't making you sicker. An "herbal elixir" to cure what problem? Alternative medicine can be fine, but do you not do ANY research before you just start putting shit into your body on a daily basis?

I hope you don't have any serious health problems or anything, but damn OP, you failed the idiot test harder than almost anyone I've ever seen
10/10 masterbate
I hope to god this is a troll, but I have seen such unbelievable foolishness in this world that I have to say something.

OP if you're not trolling, you're a dumbass. However, what he did is probably illegal. This should go without saying, but stop using it immediately, call the police, and hope they stop laughing long enough to look up the law and see if he did anything illegal.

Meanwhile I'm going to go rinse my mouth with about a gallon of mouthwash.
All my Keks.

Hey Op, do you have paypal? I've got this great ammonia based lemon tonic that will clear up acne, build muscle and kill foot fungus.

I can hook you up with a bottle a day supply for the low low price of 2.50 a bottle plus shipping.
I feel so stupid for having fallen for this for so long that I'm almost tempted to make a payment as penance for my stupidity. Thanks for the lysol offer but I'll pass.
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... or whatever the ammonia based cleaner is ... :/
I can guarantee you it's not Lysol. The stuff is organic and sterile. Some people shower with it.
Also, former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida used to drink it every day. The guy is fit as heck and is still healthy to this day.
I realize I'm being taunted. I deserve it for drinking another man's spit for 2 years.
Top kek.
Go to the doctor and stop making things worse by coming here and asking for advice, most of us are going to make fun of you. Good luck op.
This anon gets it.
wow okay two things
you are a subhuman unworthy of life and he is a piece of shit that deserves to die
either kill him or yourself and move on with your life

I can't believe it didn't make you nauseous. If it did cause any kind of cancer, you're not going to know at this point, probably. Go to a doctor and give him some keks, and maybe he can tell you more. He can at least maybe help when you tell the cops.

Also fuck you. I do a lot of work with herbal stuff, and despite clearly taking a more scientific approach to it than most, it's still often a subject of mockery. Fuck you for being such an uneducated twat about your own hobby. It's shameful for all of us. Of course, most of "all of us" are shameful for me, but you...ugh. I hate to think that for every herbal hobbyist like me there's a dumbass like you. Fuck you.
Did he take you snipe hunting too?
I wouldn't have thought there would be too many health implications for drinking diluted chewing tobacco spit.

Chewing tobacco itself is terrible for your mouth but I think that would be because you are chewing it. Your guts will be better at filtering through what was left of the tobacco in what you drank -- which probably won't be that significant anyway unless you were drinking it by the fucking gallon.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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