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Relationship Limbo

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Okay so I had a bit of an LDR going on for a month or two but now I'm unclear where him and I are at.

Some background:
>met after exchanging steam info not expecting anything to go anywhere
>hit it off
>initially it seems we have a fuck ton in common
>keep talking nonstop
>start flirting with him
>he responds positively
>after maybe a week of this I ask him out because he lives in country and I kinda want to make this work
>everything is progressing fine for about a week
>we have a long ass phone call discussing whether pursuing this is wise since he's going to uni next year and has a lot on his plate
>I say I'm willing to put up with whatever if he is and if it's too much he can dump me in pursuit of his career
>he seems fine with this
>things keep on like normal
>we're very mushy and I love it
>at some point maybe after a month he stops flirting or being intimate in any regard
>doesn't act malicious or anything, just seems to silently decide we're not going out anymore
>ask him about this a few times
>most conclusive answer I get is that we took things too fast and he wants to focus on school
>feel regected
>he still talks to me every day and wants to be friends
>had depression symptoms previously but definitely reaches a lower point than previously
>get really impulsive thoughts
>think of travelling in hopes of having my life be less stagnant
>mention this to him
>he tells me I should visit him if I travel

I really don't know what to think of this or what he thinks of me, should I harass him for a more direct answer for how he feels about me or just stop being a lil bitch?

Also sorry if I left out details, let me know if there's any gaps I should fill in.

He met someone in his vicinity that catches his interest, so he stops talking as much to the LDR.

>"Took things too fast"

But that's the thing, he talks to me quite a bit still, he just doesn't treat it like we're dating.

I wouldn't doubt if he dropped me for someone else though. I just hoped he'd just tell me straight up rather than backpedaling our relationship without even telling me.
Probably just doesn't want to pass up a chance to fuck you even though he has no interest in dating you anymore, that's why he's telling you to visit him.
I dunno, unless there's a lot of behind the scenes shit I'm not seeing, he's always been the more innocent type in that regard.
Alright, wanna hear what I honestly think? Long-distance relationships are hard and they require enormous willpower and commitment. They can work if you're both crazy about each other and dedicated to making it work in the long-term but a lot of people don't realise what it entails until they get into one. It's so much easier to find someone near you and sometimes, even though they may care for you and love you, the weight becomes too much, the hassle becomes too much, they might find someone near them and figure it's the better option. This guy probably has found someone or at least has his eye on someone in his vicinity. This doesn't mean he doesn't care for you anymore, and somewhere deep inside he probably still wants to be with you so if/when you are near you'll probably be his top priority or at least someone he wants to be around after all he just can't put up with the pressures of this long distance thing and doesn't want to get your hopes up any more than he already has. I'm sorry, anon.
Not OP and I don't want to steal this tread from you but I also have an LDR situation. I am a femanon. Met someone gaming online, added them as a friend, was not looking for romance at all. But it just kind of happened. We have talked every day for over 3 months and Skype every second day. He lives on the other side of the world. We really genuinely like each other and it sucks. Realistically neither of us can move permanently for about 3 years. We have been planning out first visit which would be this fall. Lately he seems unsure.

He is super kind (precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world level kind). He says he is worried about me giving up opportunity to date other people. I said I care about him too much to be interested in dating anyone else. This is the truth, and I do think he trusts me. But is he just being kind to me or do you think this is code for "I don't want to give up the opportunity to meet someone local". We are not exclusive but neither of us have been seeing other people for a while before we even started talking. We are both above average in appearance and we both have good jobs/prospects. Thoughts? We are a very good match. He is everything I could ever want in a partner and I would be happy to settle down with him so I don't mind waiting for us to get our lives together in a couple of years. Not sure if he is just worried about me as he says...or maybe he is just trying to let me down easy. Thoughts?
Literally in the exact same situation as both of you. Femanon here.
He's keeping you as a "safe" option. You made it clear you'd go out with him regardless, and that he's free to drop you at any point for his job if needed.
Thread posts: 9
Thread images: 1

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