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Do I Have OCD?

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I have some unaddressed issues about myself in the next post; please help me identify if I have OCD or something else
>Used to be a superstitious christian. Would follow unclean laws by not touching myself, cleaning my bedsheets if I ejaculated, and taking a shower everyday or when I ejaculated.

>Used to go to a coffee shop everyday and buy the same stupid drink even if I couldn't afford it. Would go to a bar every weekend by myself and drink until the bar closed.

>Had a routine to follow on weekends that involves me taking a train to walk a exact route through the park and the city streets. Would easily waste 4 or more hours walking in circles.

>Used to ruminate about a story I wanted to write, never wrote it but would not stop pondering it for years.

>Didn't have a relationship with a girl until my late twenties. After she dumped me I obsessively checked her social media and would drive past her workplace for no reason. Even while dating other women I'd still obsess about her. I'm happy to say I moved on but ironically she wants to get back together

>Constantly check to see if my car doors are locked and the headlights are off after parking.

>I procrastinate big time. I have two degrees but refuse to look for a different job. I bought a motorcycle three years ago and still don't know how to ride it. I still haven't done my taxes.

>I'm particular about food: always eat the same things and avoid junk food like the plague.

>I get extremely aggitated around people when I'm busy and try to scare them away

Most of these problems went away once I started hanging out with my friends again, but I still can't completely fix myself.
I've had OCD for about 5 years now and I'd say you sound like it but you should check with a psychiatrist to be sure.

The key point in determining if it's OCD or something else is if it causes you anxiety having to think about how irrational your behavior is.

If you think it's normal then it's another story (something like OCPD). But if you don't know why you feel the need to do something over again, and it still seems crazy to do it while you do it again and again, then you probably have some form of OCD.
Also Howard Hughes was a cool guy. I really liked Aviator and I read his whole wikipedia article.

Kinda like Bill Gates though. The only thing keeping the story from being more than awesome is that they had a pretty good head start financially.
I never thought I was crazy yet I'm always anxious about myself and my situation but I never do anything about it and strictly follow my routines. Somethings wrong with me, so yes I'll have to get help if I can't figure it out.
probably a lot of people are OCD to some degree. don't worry about it unless it gets in the way of you living your life. I do the whole washing my hands 5 times every time I go to the bathroom thing and honestly I don't mind it that much. it's kind of soothing
Try not to overthink stuff. If you think you might need help with your situation then try and get some.

Albeit slightly embarrassing once or twice, being neurotic about my health has helped me more than its hurt me.
Noted. Thank you
No problem.

Also watch Aviator if you haven't seen it. I loved it. I've never felt so connected with a movie character before.

It's Leonardo di Caprio but I liked it a lot more than Wolf of Wall Street. They're also completely different characters and he gets a little too much right, especially with repeating phrases.
Oh yeah I watched it last night, it's amazing and I love high concept films. But that part with him watching movies on a loop really hit home for me so here we are. I used to watch one movie in high school over and over and would not stop talking about it with my poor friend. I won't mention it here because I don't want to discuss it anymore.
Haha I hear you.
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