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What are the fundamentals to get others to follow and respect you? What are some steps to get someone to trust you? Should I always dress in suits/nicely or will that seem suspicious? I want to be able to have control or at least seem like I do. What else can add onto confidence?
Competence and sincerity.
How do I become sincere?
This will do
I read this two days ago. I need more.
Speak the truth and avoid exaggeration and hyperbole

Well nigga first you need a GOAL. You can't just "act like a leader" when you're not leading anybody towards anything, and they have no reason to follow you. You have to actually be able to offer them something. Some reason to believe their lives will improve if they listen to you. And if you turn out to be full of shit, they will turn on you.

So you need a goal. Next, you need intelligence, competence, and realistic ideas on how to achieve that goal.

But you know what, nevermind. I'm not gonna keep typing. Because you don't know shit about "leadership," you don't have any reason to be a leader, you're just another 4channer trying to learn to be "alpha"
Basically this:
I have an inward/out approach, and i get it from the Bible. Before you can look to others, you must first work on yourself. Make yourself someone you would want to follow and respect. You don't *have* to wear suits, but a nice, fresh suit can make a world of difference, a la the "fake it till you make it" approach.

To control others... control yourself. I know this sounds like cliche bullshit...but it really IS true. Make yourself someone you are proud of, and other people will be proud too.
1.) Be a good follower. Be a good team member. You'll learn some of the traits of a good leader because you'll pick them from good leaders you have and wish bad leaders you've dealt with had them.

2.) Be capable of dealing, and open to disagreement. You won't know everything. But your team, as a whole, might.

3.) Plan to win, but always play like the score is still 0-0.

4.) Check details.

5.) Carry yourself like you know what you're doing, but don't be afraid to admit you don't and then seek out those who can help you.

6.) Share the prize of your wins.

7.) Be the calm in the storm.

There are countless others. None of them involve wearing a suit everyday.

There's at least more rule, too.

A good leader is often the one not seeking leadership. They're asked to lead and do so because they trust the judgment of those asking them to. Then, they lead because they're determined to prove the people who placed them as a leader right.
There have been a thousand books and dissertations on what makes a good leader. The problem is that they often speak in very broad, sometimes contradictory language, like a horoscope.
>To be a good leader, you need to be firm, but also flexible
>You need to be decisive, but also be open to new ideas
>You need to be strong, but also compassionate
Then there are traits we like to attribute to leaders, like honesty, strength of character, open, cooperative, etc. but more often than not, leaders aren't actually this way. To get to their position, they have to be manipulative, shady, hyper-competitive, domineering.

You can try to read up on all the self-help books and forums, but in all honesty, we don't know much more about what makes a good leader today as we did 500 years ago. We just know them when we see them
Another thing to add to this: even if you are incredibly charismatic, and able to rally people to whatever cause you want, that doesn't mean shit when it comes to real leadership. You need to know what you're doing. If you got hired as a CEO tomorrow, it doesn't matter how excited you get people about their jobs, you still don't know how to run a fortune 500 company
Look, it's going to sound stupid and so ridiculously simple, but here's the truth- the mind believes whatever you tell it. Create a personal mantra (e.g. "I am confident. I am in control. I easily gain the trust of others.") and repeat it in your head whenever you're doubting yourself, and especially during awkward/uncomfortable situations.

Even if you feel silly doing this, and you most likely will, you need to KEEP UP WITH IT and be consistent.

One day you'll wake up and realize you're no longer needing this mantra as these things have manifested in your life.

I did it myself, anon, and now others follow me even when I wish they wouldn't. So perhaps take into consideration the saying "be careful what you wish for"....
Thread posts: 12
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