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shit neighbor

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First time poster in this board.
I live in a huge apartment complex. I have a motorcycle, which I used to park off by itself where nobody else parked. Because of battery problems in the cold, I bought a battery tender, and started parking it in a fought-over area closer to the buildings, where I can hook it up to an outside generator power outlet.

About two weeks ago, the cable was cut. I took it to get fixed, thinking it was just an accident. Since then, however, someone has been unplugging the battery tender at night. I thought it might have been the maintenance guys using the outlet, but over the last few weeks, it has gotten very intense, with the tender being unplugged not long after I hook it up, every single time.

I don't want to go to maagement because their answer will probably be not to use the power outlet at all. I dont think its them unplugging it because its been happening at night, and if it were, they would have just contacted me by now instead.

i just spoke to an old vietnam veteran slightly off neighbor ten minutes ago whose apartment is by the power outlet, asking him if he had seen anyone messing with my bike. even though he is usually friendly with me, his only answers right now were "I dont kow what youre talking about," "I wont answer your questions," "go talk to the office," and "leave me alone."

Im pretty sure now its been him, so now i have several options.

I was going to hook up the bike again tonight, and wait in my car to see who comes out to mess with the battery tender. I was going to confront them and call the police on them if necessary.

But now I am thinking it is probably the crazy old fart, and i dont want any problems with him. do i confront him tonight if he comes out to mess with the bike, or should i just start parking it near the other power outlets that are on the other side of the huge apartments? its an inconvenience, but i'm not sure what to do.

thanks if you actually read the whole thing.
First of if you do anything get video. Get as much footage in as good quality with audio as you can. Shouldn't be much of a problem with a decent smart phone. Second of all for something like this you want to know if YOU have the right to be doing what you're doing. He/anybody DEFINITELY doesn't have the right to go cutting someone's shit but that doesn't mean you're going to win the battle of being left alone to do your thing. Ask the office is there is any specific rule against you using that outlet. If they say as a tenant you have the right to do it in the context of leaving your bike hooked up then you got the all clear form them. You have the proper clearance and authority to do your thing. In that case whoever is sabotaging your stuff is TOTALLY in the wrong, it will be you and the office against him which means he can get evicted, arrested for damage or property and all that shit. If you are not allowed to be charging your bike there to begin with then it's a worthless battle and you should just stop doing it because even if you find out who's doing it, it could lead to you and him getting a fistfight and both of you lose when the office finds out and both of you get in trouble, or if he actually does the correct thing and rats you out to the office and they get on your case supporting his objection to your use of the outlet.
thanks. i hadnt thought of taking my shitty camera tonight if i decide to do it.

Yeah, just in case it gets so bad you end up needing a lawyer, and cops show up and shit. Does your apartment complex have any cameras installed they could review? do you plan on talking to them about this first?
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no and no. whether i call the cops on him or not, i'm thinking i might just start parking the bike all the way on the other side of the apartments just so nothing happens to it in the future either. sucks but...
Why in the fuck should you get free electricity for your small-dick-compensator?

Well, I'm sure that is an option, would you still plug it on over there? what if someone else starts doing this same thing? or if this guy keeps doing it.

I would be pissed. I'm assuming you park close to where you stay, as a tenant that is your right I would think. To have access to a parking space close to your apartment.

You're probably right though, if you simply moving the bike fixes things then why not.
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the electric bill is determined by what size apartment you have, not by how much you use.
and if you dont know about the joy of racing on a motorcycle and think its about being seen, then you dont know dick. stay jelly, faggot.
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yeah i would plug it in the other spot i found. the power outlet there is not near a sidewalk and covered by bushes. problem is, its a bit of a walk just to get there.
stop stealing electricity like a nigger
illiterate faggot, learn to read:
Fix your shitty bike.
plug it back in one night, but wait, hide, and sit in a friend's car. record what is happening. when you catch the person tell them that the office said it was okay that you could do it. tell the person that you aren't going to call the police on them for the cut cord, but you are thinking about it unless they pay for your vehicle (cash upfront cost of cord and possibly the cost of the item). if they don't pay, then beat the shit out of them. if they call the police on you, tell them that you told them not to touch your bike and that you have footage, but when you told them to stop touching it they got angry and pulled a weapon on you (the weapon you used to beat them). tell the cops that you turned off the camera when you saw the weapon because you hesitated.

You just have to do a "stakeout" one night to see who's doing it. Just camp out and wait somewhere you can see the motorcycle, until you see it get unplugged

Or set up a camera

Skin the wires of the charger then Sharpie them black. Wear gloves and plug it in.

Let the situation take care of itself.
Does the battery tender make noise? Is it doing anything annoying? That would be a reason for someone to get mad enough to cut it.

Is the staff allowing you to do this? I'd get the staff's permission first before doing stuff like this. You're basically stealing electricity, which is another reason someone could get mad.
Honestly I would wait in your car to see who is doing it. If it's the old guy and you don't really want to get on his bad side or fuck with him, then don't say anything, but if it's someone else I would just wait until you see them, then go out and ask what the issue is. If you approach in a menacing way they're more likely to explode at you or something, but if you approach calmly and just say something like "Hey dude, can you please stop unplugging that?" He'll be more likely to tell you what is issue is with it.
Just take your battery out of the bike and charge it in your apartment.
Obviously the generator makes noise or interferes with TV or something.
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battery tender is quiet. and its hooked up to the building's grid, though its near his apartment so he probably think its his.
he blew up in a weird way when i tried talking to him so im just going to record his stupid ass if its him.
way too much trouble

anyway i waited in my car 930pm to 315am, nothing. listened to crazy AM radio and fiddled on my phone but nothing. i did see the old fart's living room light turn on from midnight to 2am so he is an insomniac. tonight i'm going to do the reverse, hooking it up and getting up in the very early morning to wait in my car instead.
oh good grief.

Are you aloud to use this electric?

What's wrong with petrol?

oh fuck off.
OP, the old Vietnam vet sounds mentally unstable. He probably thinks your battery charger is really some listening device hooked up to his apartment to spy on him and record it to your bike or something.
charge rate currently at 2 Amperes
You actually have to make a thread on the fucking internet about this bullshit?
Just slit your throat, you retarded cunt.
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Thread images: 6

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