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Depressed and need advice

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Hi. I am a depressed college dropout. I have no friends or purpose. Please give me advice. Thanks.
Go to uni
I'm not very smart and last time I was too depressed to get out of bed. I never made it to class in the morning. And I had no friends, no purpose.
I can't actually help you but this is where I am now. I miss classes even with plenty of sleep because I just don't get out of bed. No motivation. No friends.
Find something you like to do. Do that thing.

It's vague as shit but that's all you gave us to work with.
Do something. Anything. It's the doing that matters more than the what you do.

Pick something just outside your comfort zone. It could be getting a job or just walking around the block. Get out of bed, step away from the computer, and do it.

The doing will be an accomplishment in itself, making you feel a little more in control of your fate. It will also make the next challenge - something a little further outside your comfort zone - possible.

Baby step by baby step you rejoin the world.
>get treated for depression so you can function again
>go back to school after

This is what I'm doing.
The only thing I enjoy is watching movies. I don't think I could make it in that field. Too much social connecting and working for projects that you don't care about. and going to film school would just feel like a pitiful thing to do. Idk...
i've been out of school for so long that i lost all my friends. i have no reason to be happy, even for a day. my psychologist isn't helping me. I don't want to take medicine, bc that will change my mood but not my situation. I just really hate life and being alive.
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Your purpose is to find friends.
how do you make friends when you're a loser/college dropout who had to move back home and who works a shit job. and has no self confidence or anything? and im fat now
go the gym
get big
make gym freak friends
be a jock
By not being so judgmental of yourself and others. Self-loathing won't make you likable.
Similar position, just dropped out of University and need to find some type of full time work. Was thinking of teaching myself Norwegian and travelling maybe finding a shitty job over there to fund some exploring. Other option is the long run sort of option which is to learn how program (web development) try get some free-lance work if I'm good enough and interested enough.

If nothing pans out I don't have a clue what the fuck I'm going to do. Trades like brick laying, general labouring, sparky, carpenter, plasterer, etc, etc are quite big over here so maybe I should be looking into that. Never imagined myself doing hard labour sort of work for a living but it beats fast food or anything shit like that. Could I get some shitty desk job with just a graduation from a pretty good high school?

I just need something to support myself so I can ditch my fucking family and focus on improving my own life minus their criticism.

TL;DR Job advice for someone who recently dropped out of University, is of average intelligence, graduated high school from a decent school, and that's about it.

Also is learning a new language, travelling to a country for awhile and trying to setup there for a bit, ditching everything you have back here (not much), a crazy idea?
What aspect of movies? The cinematography? Writing? Props? Effects? If any of that gets you remotely interested then start doing it as a hobby just to kill the time and make friends through that hobby. If all you want to do is avoid people then you're better off living in the woods or something. If everything you want to do involves talking with people then learn how to talk with people.
You could accomplish the same thing with moving to a different city far enough away. Is military not an option for you?
I don't see why you people think /adv/ is going to give you some magical piece of advice that solves all your problems for you.

Depressed or not, you shouldn't be using it as a god damn crutch or an excuse for not manning up and handling your business. If you need to see a professional or obtain medication, than go and god damn do it. /adv/ isn't going to do it for you. /adv/ isn't going to hold your hand for you. These are problems that only YOU can fix.
Live in Western Australia at the moment so there's literally not that many places I can go within the state/country and even if I do I've never really travelled at all so I kind of want to experience, 'whole new place, whole new me' mentality.

Never was too keen on the whole military idea. Maybe working in a government sector for like assistance with the military would be okay. But actual deployment and service, fuck that shit. I'm not worth that much as it stands right now but I think I can do better than that (no offence to anyone serving just not my thing).

My number one goal at the moment is to simply have a decent studio apartment in a decent city somewhere and not have to work a shit load of bottom of the bottom jobs.

Any jobs that are four days a week, 8 hour days; some sort of desk work, grunt work, even a bit of lifting/warehouse work would be fine?
Agreed, too many people throw around the term depression and anxiety when all they're doing is having a bad day or a bit worried about something.

Advice should be a place where people actually get advice from other people who might have experienced more to life than them, therefore have a better foresight of what might be to come.

Not a place where every cunt and their Mum whines over some shitty breakup, or their depression and anxiety. If it's really that bad you would have gone and talked to someone about it and got help, or at least tried something besides bitching on /adv/.
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All right, I am going through the exact same shit op. I went to a psych ward cause I was pretty suicidal, got on some meds and started therapy. This was about 1 month ago. Now I'm looking for a job in another part of the country and am switching majors in school. My only advice would be to start meds/therapy and work though the problems that are specific to you. That's the only way to deal with issues like this. Best of luck
Keep it simple, accomplish one goal at a time, if you think learning another language and running away to live your dream life is going to solve your problems then you'll just be disappointed.

Try and consider what the minimum viable lifestyle you want to live is. Figure out what you want to define your life by and let the pursuit of that kill you. Go balls deep.
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>see a psychiatrist
>see a therapist
>get treatment
>go back to college
>succeed because you're mentally healthy
>get your degree
>get a job
I've never had something I've felt like so passionate about that I've wanted to go 'balls deep' though.

Just want to work an average job while I try figure out what, who, when that thing is.
> go balls deep
> who

Mah nigga
Sill a virgin but saw that opportunity and had to take it
Join the Army.
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