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Why would anyone want to volunteer overseas?

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>You use your own money and time to volunteer
>Time abroad should be spent travelling
>Volunteering in some shit-tier village is probably not very fun
>Living standards in the middle of nowhere is probably not very high
To help those less fortunate than themselves?
you get to experience a new culture and a new way of thinking very different from your own, you feel like you're making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than you in a tangible way as opposed to just giving money to a charity

btw when you go to third world countries in general you're giving up on living standards even if you're just traveling, it took a lot of adjusting getting used to chinese toilets which are basically just a hole in the ground that you squat over, nothing to sit on. But now I don't even sit on toilets lol.
Because it's another way for them to show off to their peers at home
that's a rather cynical worldview, people help the less fortunate because they want to, not because they want to look smart on facebook
They can just do this in their homelands though. Even if you live in a developed country, there are always less privileged people out there that you can help. No need to buy a flight ticket to fly all the way to Africa just to volunteer.
Why not keep travelling abroad and volunteering separate. When you are overseas, it is best to go sightseeing. You can just volunteer back home.
You can just volunteer at home - that's looks good on your resume too.
what makes you think they don't volunteer at home too? Just because you happened to be born in one country doesn't mean you should stop caring about the rest of the world. Besides going overseas exposes you to radically different ways of thinking which will forever change your own worldview, that is always a benefit. I agree that I'd prefer to travel and sightsee more than do charity when I go overseas but you're being a bit ridiculous.
You agree with me too. There is not point in volunteering overseas - the time could have been spent sightseeing.
because they want to
They are stupid
This. Who would pay to work?
>to help others
>to gain life experience
>to add something eye-catching to a resume
Another career Brandon thread. Stop giving him attention, people.
>>to help others
They can do this in their hometowns as well. There is not need to waste all that money going aborad. It's not just African people who need your help - there are also elderly people and orphans in your hometown.
>>to gain life experience
You can just travel and sightsee.
>>to add something eye-catching to a resume
Volunteering at home is nice too.
But it really is stupid. This guy agrees with me and he sums up by argument nicely >>>/trv/1093407
You are infuriatingly lazy.
It's not laziness - volunteering abroad is a waste of money!
People do it because they find it fulfilling. You may not, and may not understand their mindset, but that doesn't make it any more valid.

Now, would you like some advice?

Otherwise, /thread
Rich people, OP. Rich people with nothing better to do.
I don't think it makes sense at all besides >>16945005
What doesn't make sense about other people finding it fulfilling?

How autistic must you be to not understand that people may choose to do things for reasons you may never share.
How the fuck is it fun to pay to work? You must be one of those rich people who think that volunteering abroad is good as your parents can pay for your expenses and it looks good on your CV.
I have a friend who helped build a school in Tanzania, and she had a fantastic time. It was hard work, but she made awesome friends, had truly interesting experiences, and really enjoyed being out of her comfort zone.

At the end of it, there was a school, something to genuinely feel proud over, something she had provided for the nearby kids that she'd bonded with during her time there.

It's the same reason people punish themselves by climbing a fucking mountain. It can give an unrivaled sense of purpose and fulfillment.
Did she/her parents pay for it? Totally not worth it unless you are super rich.

What about teaching English though? It's unlikely those kids will become super fluent in English by the time you say good-bye to them. You will not get such a big "result", so why even bother teaching abroad especially if you don't get paid?

At least climbing a mountain is free (if you do it in your own region).
You give people way too much credit, senpai.
She paid for the flights in and out herself, and was paid a small kind of allowance to buy food for the group.

You're seriously not going to grasp this kind of shit. You only create threads looking for arguments to back up your view point. Please stop making threads like these, you're simply clogging up /adv/. If you're not a troll, then these threads are providing you with nothing.

Sight seeing is for faggot chumps, you think a single person that actually lives there gives a fuck about the sights? Save your money and just google image it. Why fly halfway across the world just to see a thing that was specifically put there so you had to fly halfway across the world to see it? Even stupider than volunteering.
I'm not. It makes no sense to volunteer overseas.
Seeing the real thing is so much different.
>specifically put there so you had to fly halfway across the world to see it
I doubt the ancient Egyptians buildt the pyramids for modern tourists.
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Volunteering to fly yourself over to Ethiopia to live in a mud hut and teach a handful of villagers how to Google search for six months is not a fulfilling use of your time or money. Anyone notice how a majority of the people doing these things are white Americans? And an even greater majority is female? This is White Guilt 2k16. The light-blue to white collar class is able to furnish the amounts of cash needed to fly to third world countries, buy the satellite internet access to upload pictures about it to social media, and then stick it in their bloated resume to show everyone back in the US how much more cultured they are and how they had a hand in making the world a better place. Meanwhile, that handful of villagers goes back to barely surviving because the real reason they're dirt poor is that the country sending all of its uppity Millennials over to hang out is actually just hoarding resources and redirecting them away from developing nations. I can't wait for this spring when all the girls get their assignments and start their photo blogs from some godforsaken country.
Yeah, these people might as well donate money to help instead
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