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What happens if you tell a friend you love her?

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What would happen I told my best friend that I love her?

I never thought I would feel friendzoned at my age, since I consider the debacle around it overrated and misconceived. But it definitely sums up my current predicament pretty damn well. If this were any other girl, I wouldn't really give two shits and would've left by now (or found someone else).

But with my friend, I don't want either of us to go. The only reason why I've stayed for this long is because she honestly means so much to me. Not just as a crush, but as a friend too. Yet still, I want so much more. She's someone I honestly want to spend my life with, get a place together, grow old with one-another, etc. She's the sun in my sky, and I so much want to be the same to her.

Though, the last time I had my chance, she went off with a guy she's known ten-years longer than we've known each other. I tried to leave back then. In most other cases, especially my youth, I would've succeeded at dropping this person. But with her, I really couldn't stand the thought of not having her around. So I came back and we've been friends since. And we're very close together, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. We're pretty tight and dependable.
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But like I said, I'm very much, sincerely in love with her. Despite my grievances, any time I see her, talk to her, call her, or even receive a message via text or Facebook, it's always enough to be make me chipper for the rest of the day. I'm very happy with her. It's just that not having anything more than that is what keeps getting to me.

So I'm wondering what happens if I tell that I love her? How would it go? I really do want her to know, and I'm set on revealing it to her. But I still can't figure out how she'll react, and how anything'll play out between us. It won't be anything bad, I can promise you that. And yet I do kind of want to get some idea of what it'll be like between us. And if there's anything to do that could move us to more than we have now.

Any femanons willing to help? As in, if you were in her situation (or mine), how would you take to it? And how would you want a guy friend of yours approaching in this scenario? Or what would you want him if there was a chance of being more than friends?

As stated before, I love her so much.
Ever thought about growing a pair and dropping the cunt? The only thing worse than people who friend zone others are people who willingly get friend zoned. She's a stuck up cunt through and through. Get over it and leave.
If she were interested in you, she would have done something about it by now

sorry buddy. if it's affecting you this badly you should just leave or get a gf of your own. I was in a similar situation as you and once I was able to find a gf I was able to be friends with her because I found an outlet for my romantic feelings.
why is this post written like you didn't even read the thread.
>If she were interested in you, she would have done something about it by now
1. I wouldn't have anything by now for fear of him rejecting me.
2. she -- at least according to op -- has a boyfriend who was her friend for a decade. no reason for her to try anything.
3. if she's not aware of his feelings, there's really no reason for her to make a move. something men can't seem grasp.
Not a single input from a femanon. Sad.
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google search "Langtrees"
bruh. she's not into you like that. if you can't put aside your feelings you're just going to end up bitter, jealous, and resentful. you will ultimately cause her more harm than good.
kind of misogynistic advice. but okay.
I'm not a femanon but I've been through what you are going through.
I carried a spare tire in the pouring three blocks so she could drive her car to a dealership. We were friends and hung out and eventually I told her I loved her. Now despite what you want to hear, the truth is she regretted how she could never have friends who were guys she wanted friendship from men. Access to sincere perspective and more men like her brothers and father she wanted a family everywhere and for things not to be about sex all the time. She wanted adventures and to climb obstacles and her boyfriend, though emotionally abusive, complemented these needs in a way I never could. Maybe from your perspective you seem like you are perfect fit.
But from her perspective she may not have shared everything with you. Even if she says so. So the truth is even though you love her dearly the best she is giving you is her friendship and that's a good thing. But if it bothers you so much. The best thing for you is actually to separate yourself from her completely or your gonna end up ruining the good memories you do have.
I did. I regret that, more than anything, that i put my dick before our friendship because she was cool. It made me realize how immature I was. And it made her not trust me or other guys that much and it took away the innocence of our nature with each other.
Don't do it. It's a painful ugly thing that the universe teases us with possibility but don't be it's slave.
>bruh. she's not into you like that.
>if you can't put aside your feelings you're just going to end up bitter, jealous, and resentful.
Based on?
The amount of bitter nice guys in this thread is... actually, what to be expected from /adv/. Even if it feels like reading /r9k/ with a SFW theme.

Honestly, if she really means a lot to you, it's worth trying for a shot. But it's a high risk shot like gambling or the stock market.

The way me and my boyfriend went from casual friends to a couple was when he kept having my back, even when things fell apart with my exes. He would also take me out to my favourite cafes or wine tastings as a means of hanging out, sometimes a restaurant or movie. He would stay over at my place during the night just watching stuff on Netflix or YouTube. Or he would take me out of town to party or chill at the beach. Or travel somewhere. Or he would text me a smiley face of some sort, sometimes a picture, every morning of the day, with the intent of brightening my day.

And... yeah. After a while, I began to realise he was somebody I wanted to be with. Our third anniversary is next month. It takes time and effort. But relationships generally do.
I'd love to be the girl in this situation- I actually would go nuts if a long-time friend of mine gathered the courage to truly admit his feelings to me. I'd be sold.

Just ask her if she's ever considered being more than friends... tell her you wanna see if you two mesh just as well in that aspect as you do when it comes to friendship.

Good luck and give updates!!
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yet if it's a 'friend' of yours you were never interested in, all of sudden his romantic gestures are 'eww, get away from you fucking creep. #feminism' and then call the cops on an innocent man just for bothering to like you.

people like you should be shot.
>What would happen I told my best friend that I love her?
If you have to ask, then nothing good could come of it.

I don't know why these pansy-ass sissies come on here asking questions like this. Either tell her or don't, either way you'll most likely need to move on if she's not interested.
bump because op is a fag
You and her could go out with each other, then get married if you like and dance happily into the sunset together
based on the same thing happening to me. It ended badly. I'm a gril btw :^)

I mean go ahead and tell her if you want... I'm just saying, if she says no, be VERY sure you can put aside your feelings before continuing to be her friend. If you can't do that, it's gonna suck for both of you
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