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>Get really bad acne at 15 >20 now, still struggling with

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>Get really bad acne at 15
>20 now, still struggling with it
>Not as bad as when I was younger, but still very bad and very noticeable

Pretty much every single cleanser I've tried has worked for a week or 2 then stopped working completely. I've gone to the doctors about it but the acne medication he prescribed me was even less effective than the over the counter stuff.

Am I just doomed to a life of pizza faced ugliness?
25 now. My acne isn't as bad but it's still there.

I've gone through every treatment ever. Sorry pal.
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this was my fave before and after i started taking

tretinoin in the mornings
salicylic acid in the shower
aveeno moisturizer as needed
erythromicin at night

tretinoin cream makes oyu skin peel, dries it out.

salicylic acid gets rid of ALL the oils in your face.

moisturizer prevents drying out (and thus over production of oil)

erythromicin is an anti biotic.

slip ups and tuoching my face would be a pimple here or there. because of that i switched to accutane. its doing me pretty good so far. two months in and i look like my 'after' picture and just have to apply a lot of moisturizer. can sleep on my face, touch my face, whatever, no pimples. nice
It could be genetics, in that case your doctor should have already suggested a dermatologist to help you with personalized solutions that fit your skin. They can give you the big guns when it comes to acne relief. If you don't think it's genetics then try something like freemans mudmask/charcoal masks they work wonders if used twice a week. Don't forget the small stuff like changing your pillow case frequently because that can be a big cause of acne.
>Don't forget the small stuff like changing your pillow case frequently because that can be a big cause of acne.

I didn't know that, thanks.
I've noticed a huge difference in my acne by eating healthier and drinking only water.
you look good m8
>tfw may very well be destined to a life of hating how I look.

Honestly my acne is my number 1 insecurity

OP, go see a Dermotologist. Seriously. I used to had nasty acne. Big pus filled white heads all over my chin and corners of my nose. It was so fucking gross. I tried everything over the counter I could and no luck. I was so distraught I went and saw a Dermatologist. She fixed me. She gave me some prescriptions, and a regimine. I followed what she said, and it worked. My face is CLEAR!!
Now are all these things available over the counter or do I have to get prescriptions?
Alright, I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks. I'll talk to him about getting me set up with one (or he might just write me a prescription himself, idk)
Oh yeah, my eating habits are pretty atrocious.

>drinking only water.
That's probably going to be the hardest part of this, I love sweet cold drinks.

don't even waste your time, just call your health insurance company and ask for Dermatology Offices that are covered by your plan, once you know that call and schedule an appointment.

Your primary care provider might not be able to help much.

thanks mate. i had a little scarring between then and now due to a prescription lapse where i had no tretinoin or erythromicin, but im excited for them to start clearing up. maderma gonna speed it up hopefully.

not that it super matters atm. but thanks
>Health insurance

lol, I'm Canadian m8

tretinoin and erythromicin are prescription.

however, i know you can easily get tretinoin online. not sure about erythromicin. make sure its the face gel and not hte pills tho

that blows. Well, hopefully you can actually see a doctor.

all I did was call my health insurance company, for a appointment 2 days later.

Keep this part in mind- your acne MAY get worse right when you first start your meds. Mine got really bad the day after starting the medication. It's like a "purge" period where the meds force all the toxins out of your skin. But after 5 days it changes and you can immediately start seeing it beginning to clear up.
So when I finally find something that works is there a time I can stop or is it something I pretty much have to do for my whole life?
Try to find excuses to go outside when the weather warms up, even if it's just taking your laptop or whatever out to your deck or whatever. Sunlight can work absolute wonders on acne

Do what the doctor says
>tfw have very oily skin and there's no cure for it

What I THINK made my acne better:
>treating my anxiety problems (therapy + sertraline)
>finally finding the right face wash (Cetaphil for oily skin)
>following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/wiki/sca_routine
>exfoliating my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean
>avoiding touching your skin
>getting older (obvious)

What didn't work FOR ME:
>changing diet
>dermatologist (it's hard to find a good one and I refused Accutane)
>using a soap that dries your skin

How oily is your skin?
Okay so I'm going to share my experience with acne, only 18 but I can pretty confidently say it's one of the worst things to happen to me so far.

Started as really bad acne during puberty like when I was 14, thought it would subside after awhile but of course it didn't. Went to your general GP and got some topical treatment, did fuck all. Then when I was 15/16 it started to hit me really hard, wasn't just acne anymore caused me to be extremely self conscious, exclude myself, hate interaction, etc, etc.

Face went bright red every time I talked to someone because I simply felt embarrassed that they had to look at my acne covered face. Barely make eye-contact with people (still don't desu) when talking because if I can't see them they can't see me sort of mentality. It ended up fucking up everything in my life in those crucial years of development in my opinion.

Ended up when I think I was about 16 and half all the way up until early in 17 going on accutane treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. Two 20mg daily dose for like half a year, then acne came back so I did the same thing over again. After the second six month I stopped and it sort of came back after awhile, not nearly as bad but across my neck/face I'll have like one or a couple big spots, and then lots of little red sort of rash like acne along my neck, doesn't bother me though because it's 10x better than what I had to deal with before.

I guess once hormones start balancing out when I'm like mid 20's it should be near perfect, but it's left some serious scars, not just physically.

Accutane treatment is so fucking strong, drys your whole face, lips, eyes, nose so you'll always have to carry lip balm and use some sort of moisturiser daily or twice daily. Comes with a fucking array of possible side effects that can occur. Makes your skin super sensitive to the Sun, even to this day (two years after treatment stopped nearly) I still notice it affecting my skin.

Acne is fucked, goodluck.
Are you male? If so you could try a very small dose of a testosterone blocker like Spironolactone. Clears the ance off 90% of male faces no problem. Downside is you might get breast swelling and feel tired.
How do you make your hair like that though?
Honest question even if unrelated. I have hair the similar size, but its so overly straight that it pisses me off
Look up baking soda and coconut oil for acne
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Thread images: 2

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