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Modified atmosphere packaging and bloated can

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Bought myself a can of peanuts but when I opened it, the can hissed.
Bought myself another can of peanuts (different brand) and it hissed as well.

Going on assumption that its probably because both cans were packed with modified atmosphere packaging I went back to first can and chew on half of peanuts from it.
Now I have doubts, maybe both cans are fucking shot and I just gave myself a ticked to a shitty 3rd world hospital or its actually because cans are packed in MAP and they suppose to be bloated or hiss when opened.

Being pretty paranoid about shit on regular basis this situation doesnt make me feel any better, save me /adv/.
they're supposed to do that I think.


why would you think you would catch a disease?
Well, bulging or hissing cans are a sign of spoilage.
The worst thing about them is that they are perfect environment for bacteria producing botulinum and botulinum poisoning is the last thing you wanna get when eating canned food.

Since bulging cans were always considered spoiled and there is no clear guidelines about MAP cans I have no freaking idea whether I just gave myself a poisoning or just overacted.

Would very much liked to hear from someone who knows for sure but seeing lack of information on the web I wonder if the only people who know are the ones making that food.

If you had botulism you would fucking know it. You literally would have trouble breathing and speaking, probably couldn't stand on your own and would feel like you were going to die. It can be fatal too depending on how bad you have it.
Well I eat it like 6 hours ago, too soon to tell considering symptoms might take from 12 to 36h and even longer to manifest according to wiki.
Right but this isn't canned beans, this is dry roasted peanuts right? What is the can made of? Can you post a pic of it, or find a pic online?

It is very rare. Even then those cases are from people eating unpasteurized foods like raw milk, raw honey, certain foods to an infant, or home canning food that is really old and wasn't properly sterilized.

Worse case you might throw up or get the shits for a few days then you will be fine. If you feel lethargic or paralyzed at all then go to a hospital.
Not sure how that helps you but sure, here it is, looks bit different, it has opening like can of beer but otherwise regular peanuts, just in bulged can and the other can of another manufacturer also hissed, even louder...

I kinda live in a place where we dont have good doctors.
Apart from that still wonder whether those those cans suppose to hiss or be bulged.
Sometimes I would got something in soft packaging that was a bit bloated and also MAP so it might be the case with soft package though can gave out pretty audible hiss.

Its pretty misleading and lack of clear guidelines about MAP food and whether this bloating is a norm or not seems like a shot in their own foot by manufacturers of such food.
Well usually botulism comes from improper canning. This happens with stuff like canned vegetables because they either were not cooked correctly before canning or the cans weren't sealed well. But that is a totally different process than canning peanuts. When canning vegetables, you cook them and put them into the containers while hot, then seal the containers so it's airtight. Botulism can thrive in a can of vegetables that's not sterile and airtight because it has moisture.

Peanuts are dry. I suppose there's a very small possibility that there might be some kind of bacteria, but usually the worst thing that can happen to peanuts that are canned wrong is that they will be stale.

Do the peanuts taste okay? Do they taste fresh?

Also, have you bought this brand before?
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Yeah they tasted ok and I never tried that particular brand.
That said I am still curious on bulging out cans is that suppose to be the new norm with MAP or both cans were shot.
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