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Did I have a panic attack?

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I woke up this morning sweating and panting and just general freaking out. I typically don't do this but it felt like everything about my life started to set in on me.

I am 25, never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never been drunk, never been high. I will be fucking THIRTY in 5 years. Its panicking to even think about it. As I grow older.. the quality of single women just skyrockets down into the shitter. Single Mothers.. maniacs... I just can't find a decent girl with no kids. IS this city I live in fucked?

I am freaking out because I have done like nothing and I have friends who are like getting married now and shit. What the fuck is going on?
Calm the fuck down. 25 is still considered young. And my fit 20 year old manager (im 20 too) is dating a 30 year old. It's quite common for women to prefer older more mature men, take advantage of that and go for the younger ones.
You had a reality attack.
You saw things as they are.

You want to fix it?
Well you can't fix the world.
But you can fix yourself.

Hit the gym.
Not even fucking kidding.
Go to the gym 3 times a week.

And you'll feel like a million bucks.
You'll see muscles come in.
You'll flex in the mirror before shower and see yourself strong.

Then you'll begin to accept that women might want you.
Because it's true, they will.

You have a job, yeah?
Then you're good.

Job+gym=Woman catnip.

If you're not into social groups, join OKCupid or Tinder or something.
Find a girl who fits your interests.
Being fit will make her want you.

And let me tell you, the look a girl gives you when she finds you attractive?
Jesus, bottle it and cure depression.

Also, going to the gym feeds itself.
The more you go, the more you want to.
Your body releases endorphins when you work out.
Endorphins=Endo morphines=Interior morphine
Girl here (26), and I know the feeling. It happens to everyone, just for different reasons (health, job problems, no normal guys above my age who are nice and single/without too many issues)...

Just donĀ“t worry. Guys can take more time than girls in these things.

Anyway maybe try to find new people in a college/university, workshops or generally somewhere else than only bars and such? (Although some events might have even normal people there ;))

Why is it that women only want older guys though? What about their age or a bit younger? I personally really dislike dating women younger than me personally. OP here btw.
Difference between men and women.
Your question is like "Why do men like to date women with bigger tits than me?"

Women value less the physical appearance of a potential partner and more what they can do.
Like a 45 year old woodsman who can kill, skin, and cook a deer with his bare hands is much much more attractive to a woman than a 25 year old IT consultant.
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>I am a 25 year old IT Consultant

Just fuck my shit up
You're the male equivalent of a fat chick.
You see a fat girl, that's how women see you.
At least go to the gym

Well I am not fat and I am in decent shape but I am also not very... skilled personality wise. Honestly, I am not looking for a 10/10 or something. I am just looking for a decent girl who actually likes to be around me.

I have been friend zoned a dozen times in my life which is fine but I just want my luck to turn around.
Exactly, my mate.
You see how you reevaluate worthiness based on weight?
Women only partially see that way.

Your "not very skilled personality wise" is the equivalent of a girl who is overweight.
Are you attracted to her?
Probably not.

Get fit.
That'll provide a bonus for your physical attractiveness, but more importantly it'll make you confident.

Women love confidence.
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