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Moving to boyfriend's state

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This goes to anyone who has moved before, and especially anons who've moved to a different state within the US. And maybe I wanted to vent a little. Sorry if jumbled. Will tl;dr at the end

I'm gonna do it someday. Finally gonna do it. Can't stand the distance. LDRs never work. The money I have will never be enough but at least it's something (as of this writing and after a time frame of 6~ months of saving, I have a little over $2000 USD. Dem retail wages). My boyfriend lives in Arizona and I live in Pennsylvania. Can't stand the distance anymore. Currently because of daylight savings time we get even less time together, since we've got a time difference of three hours now. This translates into two hours or less with each other every day, as I like to go to bed at a certain time to be able to wake up at 6am (I like to get my sleep since I don't/can't take naps).

Realistically what am I looking at? What do I have to chance once my tires roll onto the AZ border? I know I have to change a bunch of stuff regarding my car, such as registration, insurance, liscence plate, driver's license and emission test. But what else?

My plan is to keep working at my current job (I work at a major retailer where I can simply transfer to a different facility after a period of time). Once I've worked there at least six months I can transfer. Then I just want to get in my car and go. Throw in all my important belongings and just go.

Help? Advice? Warnings? I've never moved before on my own.

>want to move to my boyfriend
>he lives in AZ I live in PA
>how do I prepare?
>what do I need to know?

You guys will break up within 2 months of you moving.

Good luck w/that.
Wait, is long distance the only thing your relationship has ever known? If so you're totally fucking retarded for considering this.
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If it happens, it happens. My mind isn't focused on a thought like that. We always fix/mend ourselves and we never stay mad at each other for long.

If we fall apart, at least I wouldn't be in my boring rural state anymore. The only good thing about PA is it's beautiful springs, summers, and autumns. I have no close ties with anyone here, not even family.

Why don't you visit with him for a couple times, for a longer period of time.

Stay with him for a week, a few times. You'll get to know what living together will be like, a bit.

What happens if it doesn't work out? You'll know no one, and be miserable.

You should be talking to your friends and family about this, and I'm sure most everyone would tell you these are dumb reasons.

PA is not known for it's weather, go to San Diego for nice weather.
This is a nice idea and all but I just don't have the funds to visit. If I go to Arizona it's permanently. I'd love to visit and see what I'm getting into but, saving up a decent amount with retail wages
I'd advise against it anon. Moving in with someone is a whole other league of work and trouble. Plus your two grand will practically disappear within 2-3 weeks. You need more money, and you need to find out if it's actually worth it. I joined the military for someone I loved, then that person left. Don't get yourself stuck somewhere you don't want to be like me.
I'm sorry anon. I won't know this till it actually happens

I want to be with my loved one
I moved from California to Nevada to be with my girlfriend. We lasted two years before we split up. I decided to stay in Nevada and now I'm here not knowing anyone. Really sucks.
Just recently moved out of state to be with my boyfriend. It's great. He makes enough to have us live comfortably. My only issue is trying to find work, I live in a border town now so most jobs require you to be bilingual.
One of the most important things I've learned is that during arguments, you can't just pick up and run away. I've learned to be able to work through arguments in a more mature way.
As for Arizona, that just happens to be the state I moved away from. Gas is cheap, rent is affordable, and jobs are plenty. Traffic isn't too bad either, just depends on what side of town you're on.
Remember, this move will make or break your relationship. So always have some money on the side so you're able to leave if it's absolutely necessary.
Thread posts: 10
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