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How can I meet girls if bars and tinder are out? All my friends

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How can I meet girls if bars and tinder are out? All my friends and coworkers are males.
literally anywhere

Literally useless advice. Hitting on a stranger grocery shopping, for example. is something a normie would never do, and it would probably get you banned from the store.
it would get you banned because youre a socially awkward beta faggot with no communication skills. on the other hand it would get me a number

/adv/ - Useful advice and totally not just normies ad-homming
heres some advice, stop using crigeworthy buzzwords like normie and go outside so you can learn how to operate in real life. like seriously what kind of fuckig advice did you expect. no matter where you go you will have to make a move, whether its ar a bar, park, work, etc. so either grow a sack or continue masturbating to anime porn
People suck why would you want to meet more?

Because approaching complete strangers is fucking cringeworthy, it never happens, yet that's what you tell me to do. 1000 to 1 you haven't done it either.
about a year ago i struck up a conversation with a girl who was sitting by herself at chipotle, got her number and fucked her a few days later after we went out for drinks. i dont do that anymore because im in a relationship now. its not cringeworthy at all, you just think that because youre a fucking loser. because youre completely oblivious on how real life scenarios with women work because youre some closeted weirdo that probably plays videogames on the weekend.
> things that never happened: the prologue
> now with more unsubstantiated insults and an extra dash of normie
"n-no he cant be better than me, y-you must be lying! theres no way others are sad losers like me!"

youre welcome for the advice, take it to heart or continue to enjoy your sad life of no pussy

I fully acknowledge Chads exist. Your "advice" was still shit.

have you seriously convinced yourself that these labels are real and that youre somehow socially inept because you dont define yourself as one of these stereotypical characters? really sad my man. anyway my flight is here nice talking to you
Not him, but if a stranger came up to me and started flirting with me I'd start looking for an exit while wondering what the hell they were really after. In fact, I might just walk away before their accomplice pickpockets my wallet or something.

Hitting on complete strangers isn't just creepy, it's damn suspicious.
Strike a conversation in a shop, library, over a break on a course or workshop of some kind. Always over something you are interested in.
i.e.: hardware store - girl searches for paints for her wall (you know something about them), you give her some advice, maybe recommend a different brand altogether + some stencils. Offer to send her links/help her out, get her name for fb (easier than number). Go from there.
may work for interesting recipes, wine recommendation etc on farmers markets, book readings, art expos etc in artsy places..
Looks are a part of appeal, but if you are a self-sufficient guy and know a bit about your stuff (assuming you can talk about it without seeming as a fanatic), you may actually get somewhere ;)

Sources: Anongirl ;)
So, prove to her you can be a useful asset that will do things so she doesn't have to? Forgive me for saying so, but that seems kind of pathetic.
I never said to do something INSTEAD of her. Advice and possibly help isn´t equivalent of free work ;) it´s something people do out of friendship OR affection (same with receiving it for most nice people).

But if that´s what you took from the example, I maybe see the problem. It was an example. It may be "show her how something´s cooked" or "how to do caligraphy properly for her decoration" or "teach her how to shoot things", not "give her a ferrari and hope to get laid".

Get rid of the "all girls use guys" and "helping her is pathetic" atittude, otherwise you are ruining any chances of having any healthy relationship with the opposite sex altogether. If you assume the worst in everyone even before you try to actually get to know them, you may be the problem here. (don´t take it too personally, tough love ;))
To be perfectly honest I haven't been attracted to a woman since I was a teenager, and I kind of hope it stays that way. I can't really see a relationship as being anywhere near worth the trouble. I'd much rather be alone than unhappy.
Well then why go through all the trouble to find out how to meet girls? ;)

Btw.: this approach could work for finding real life friends too :) Preferably ones, who share some of your interests
Because the subject of relationships fascinates me and I enjoy discussing it. Secretly I want someone to convince me it's worth it, but I've yet to hear a convincing argument.

I have enough friends and I'm comfortable in my own company. Besides, people with my interests don't leave their houses either.
to be fair, he didn't tell you to ask out complete strangers. you read that into it. he just said "literally anywhere."

so go somewhere, make some new friends, and if those new friends are guys, one of them probably has a sister or a cousin. keep doing this til you either meet a suitable, available girl, or someone who knows one. if the people you hang out with aren't dating material, go where there are people you've never met. a club. volunteer work. new church. yoga class. brainstorm, use your fucking imagination. if there is a girl there, just strike up a casual conversation like you would with a guy. then after a few nice conversations, if she doesn't seem nuts and you're pretty sure she's single, ask her out to coffee. or, if she hasn't been brainwashed with the retarded-ass "GUYZ DO DA APPROACHING GIRLZ SIT AND WAIT FOR THE GUY 2 ASK DEM OUT" bullshit that still somehow seems to persist in our culture despite the 1950s being long over with, maybe she will do some of the work for you and ask you out instead.

but none of this is going to happen as long as you draw a big fucking crayon line between you and the rest of the world, which is exactly what you're doing when you call everybody who is more well-adjusted than you a normie. and I say this as someone who is pushing forty and has never fucking felt like they fit in anywhere. I'm *not* saying become just like them. I'm saying, if you want relationships with other people - any kind of relationships - you have to respond to people on an individual basis and be willing to meet them halfway. creating an us-and-them mentality for yourself just makes it harder.
A grocery store is actually a great place to meet girls. looking deep in someones shopping basket, is a unique opportunity to learn a lot about them from what they put in their bodies without having to talk to them.
I'm not just talking about the produce section, where they fondle their melons, and painstakingly pick the perfect cucumber, or the freshest bananas.

Or bumping carts with a girl on the feminine products aisle, as she desperately seeks a cure for itchiness in the netherlands.
And it's probably not a good time to approach a woman when she's buying tampons or pads, in Preparation for her Menstrual Syndrome.

It's a meet market, not a sausagefest.
ask your male friends if they know any females that are speakable to.
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