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not trolling

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I've tried other forums online, but they are slow to respond if at all, at least here I know people are active and jump in, so let's begin

what is a fool proof measure of suicide?

By way of background, I have 5 herniated discs in my lower lumbar region. I am suffering with constant chronic debilitating pain, 24 hours straight, for the past year and a half.

I have been to doctors who refuse to do any kind of surgery, and only prescribe weak ass drugs that don't do anything for me, despite me telling them flat out that they do not work.
per day i'm on:
1800 mg of neurontin
1500 mg nuabumetone
400 mg tramadol
not to mention weak ass sertraline 100 mg which only makes me feel worse.

these do absolutely fucking nothing, and if I take extra, the pain remains but i get sleepy but can't sleep.

I'm alone 90% of the time as my 12 year old is always at school or friends house, so I have plenty of time to set up.

I'm not sure about hanging/asphyxiation because its possible that it won't be adequate to kill me and i'll just suffer brain damage

I have no gun, no access to any serious medication

Any helpful suggestions on how to swiftly and permanently end this shithole pain filled life I'm trapped in?

Please don't waste my time with "you have so much to live for" or "things will get better" or any of that bullshit. It's not true. I just want some serious, helpful advice on easy and permanent suicide solutions using easy to access items.
You have a 12 year old? You know killing yourself will ruin your kid's life, right?
Unfortunately those two methods are some of the easiest and most effective. Do not overdose on medication, it is why females have such a low suicide success rate.
he can go live with his mom
his life will be better without me
Ask your doctor for a high dose of flexeril. I have cervical spondylosis and gabapentin does jack shit for it, whereas flexeril numbs the pain and helps me pass out.

Don't leave your kid fatherless. That's really shitty.

he will go to the Himalayas to learn martial arts and come back to become a vigilante
Living with Pain almost destroyed my life when I turned 23, I also have back related injuries and I had to resort to getting opiates from the street and black market

>1800 mg of neurontin
>1500 mg nuabumetone
>400 mg tramadol

These are all shit tier medicine

Do you know anything about Silk Road/tor network black markets? You could literally get actual drugs to treat your pain. I've abused lots of substances in the past so most doctors don¨'t want even to prescribe me anything "addictive", but sadly, morphine-derivatives and other opioids are the only answer to treat serious pain and make life even somewhat enjoyable
You're going to have to kill his mom too if you want that to happen, otherwise all he is going to become is a giant faggot or a cuck.

He'll marry a trashy, blue haired, tatted up hoe with multiple piercings on her nips, and raise two black kids (each from a different father) as his own. Think of the consequences.
>Silk Road/tor network black markets
thanks for the suggestion, anon, but with my luck i'd end up getting arrested right away.
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this does not kill

becasue of external factors there is no real FOOL proof way to suicide.

the best way ive seen is to go to the tallest buildings you can find (At leats 15 stories) and jump.
So you are going to end your pain and instead pass on pain to your 12 year old son by him losing his father. That's fucking selfish!
you are ignorant. you have no fucking clue what it is like to live with constant physical and emotional pain. Him losing his dead-beat worthless father is only temporary and then he can get on with a productive life without his shit-teir dad pulling him down
>kicking a person when they are already down
Go to a country where it's legal to Euthanize humans, make sure your twelve Y/O has someone to live with and knows that you're going to die/is there to see you pass away and see you're gone; otherwise it'll cause problems for him/her.
Feel kinda bad for you there mate, can you not go to a different doctor or something? My GP is still giving me bucketfuls of zomorph and sevredol every month for "post operative pain" two and a half years after my last op, purley because she knows I'm an addict and she's rather give me something and know what I'm taking is safe than have me feed the habbit myself. Fuck, if I thought I could post it from one country to another without one or both of us getting properly fucked I'd send you a couple of boxes.

I know tramadol isn't great for pain relief, and you build tolerance to it ridiculously quick, much faster than morphine, so it probably isn't doing much at all for you. There are however a couple of ways to potentiate ie a bit. Can you get OTC cocodamol (500mg paracetamol/13.8mg codiene phosphate) where you are? The OTC stuff on its own won't help much at all, but if you take it at the same time as the tramadol the effect of them together is greater than the two on their own. If you've got modified release tramadol chew the fucker up so you get it all at once. You'll get peaks and troughs, but at least you might have some periods of relief. The other thing you can do is shove the tramadol in your ass - the absorbtion rate is higher and you completley cut out first pass metabolism so the effect is a lot stronger. Just be sure to poke it in as far as you can, and if you're going to do it regularly get some pile cream or something like that, because it gets a little uncomfortable after a while.
Thread posts: 18
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