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Can't get hard?

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Hi /adv/
I'm a 23 y/o male that had never had issues when it came to sex. Quite the contrary, I always kinda prided myself in my abilities despite being a failure when it comes to other parts of my life. But a couple of months ago I went through a tough breakup with my ex.

Now I've tried to have sex with 2 girls an I can't get hard at all. Like not even with hands.
This last one was a stunning pro. (22 year old vietnamese model, legit one of the hottest women i've ever seen, 10/10). I felt so embarassed. And i feel like it might be more than just a psychological issue now? I'm too young for this, how can I fix this??
man, do you watch a lot of porn or something?

but please tell us little about yourself?
oh and more info:

I'm not fat. Kinda sedentary though, pretty depressed and unemployed right now.

I was able to cum both times but with a soft dick, and it kinda was just "meh". Second time I was forcing myself to try to get hard so much that I was ale to make myself cum pretty quickly (<10 mins) again with my hand and while soft...
At times i can get pretty addicted to porn yeah. but that's a temporary thing usually. I havent been much into it last few months. But yeah i guess i do have some fetishes I am probably trying to get over.

I'd always kinda had trouble cumming before, so this new thing is kinda weird. As in sometimes I wouldn't be able to cum but be rock hard and sometimes would have to finish by hand after the girl got tired out. Never was one to last little either,

hmmm im no expert with this, "my 2 cents : i think its s a mind thing. You are currently at "rock-bottom", so your mind is super occupied. So imagine your penis has a connection with your current life situation, fix the bigger picture, everything should be back to normal
yeah maybe you're right. This new problem is kinda pushing me over the edge to suicidal.
sex can happen at anytime. But you can only live once
tell us more about your experience with this "rock-bottom" feeling you received, anon.
I guess so, thanks.

me? the OP?
I have no job, no education, my gf(fiance actually) broke up with me, now i suck at sex, I hate where i live, and I'm down to 1900 dollars for my life savings. I've struggled being depressed since middleschool.
yep, sounds like you need a good reboot. If you can, i would see about totally moving somewhere different or even take a vacation, to clear your mind.

i think if you stay, things might get desperate, and you might do something you regret later.

make a list on what you want to change, and work on it. first, would be either a small vacation or a job (to continue living)
I actually went on a month long vacation not that long ago. I think i ended up feeling worse, idk why. I did a lot of drinking.

Thanks, I know i have a ton to fix. Just don't know how, or if I'm able to right now being pretty unstable.
well start of small, little step will always create a big piece of a puzzle. you are still young, plenty of time to things to change.
Is there anyone you can speak to near you??

>I believe in you man
Just family I guess. Or my ex.
Most of my family doesn't care though. I got in a fistfight with my bro last month. Dad's never cared, maybe my sister and mom? Though I told mother I was in a pretty bad place the other day and she didn't say anything back. We're not a close family.
oh and well, my sister lives an hour away. And i guess i should also say my brother is in pretty bad shape himself. He's a semi recovering drug addict.(meth, heorin, weed, xanax, opioids, etc)

oh wow, i feel waay outta my depth here. i wish i could physical help you but i think i would get lost.

Im surprised if you had this problem from middle school, why didnt you get in treated?
You might say having a gf helped or "was a filler" until everything exploded
yeah no worries man, thanks for the advice.

I didn't get treated because well, mental issues was kinda like i guess taboo in our family. You're just supposed to bottle shit up i guess. I also lived in a small town where we were seen as "others" due to us being immigrants.

I'm sure the gf thing was filler, I met her just as i was dropping out of college. Haha i guess it's just been constantly downhill from then, when i still had a viable chance at making something out of myself. I was on a straight A student with a free ride scholarship, but i guess mental issues got in the way of that then too.
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It's because your depressed. Your weiner is depressed too. You told me the problem, now I am confirming for you.
I was worried it was something else because I've been depressed on and off for years and it'd never affected me.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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