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Do I have a problem /adv/? I've just come out of an intervention

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Do I have a problem /adv/?

I've just come out of an intervention set-up by my roommates and my gf (of one week). Turns out they weren't happy with my drinking habit. I was doing a 700ml of scotch-whiskey and a six-pack of beer every day for the past three weeks because I was stressed out with work, but haven't had anything to drink the past three days.

I feel like going to a bar/pub after hearing all that sad shit.
You tell me. Is it a problem?
Are you looking for an alternative to drinking? Justification for it? Tips to quit? What do you want from us, anon?
Some people need to lose a lot more shit before they sober up. I dont think you've fucked your life up enough yet, go hit that bar, son. Come back when you know you're an alcoholic and your life is a mess you can't handle.
Help. Anything. I'm considering moving out and starting again (while keeping my job).
If they had an intervention, it means they care about you. I wouldn't encourage you to move out.

If you have been drinking that much, try cutting it down to half as much, maybe less. Don't go cold turkey. You will be surprised how much money you save.

Use that money you save towards a new hobby, or donate it to something you care about.

Use the time you would have spent drinking, again, doing a new hobby or improving yourself. If you are occupied, you won't want to drink.

If you really want to keep your addiction, then go ahead and move out.
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Well yeah, that level of alcohol consumption is not only financially detrimental, but physically and socially destructive within a short period of time. You might not have been fully physically addicted to the point of having seizures and dying from withdrawal yet, but you were definitely behaving in a maladaptive way which indicates psychological dependence which would progress to complete physical dependence within a short period of time.

Also there is stress at work and there is "holy shit I'm trying to make it all stop and don't care how destructive my coping mechanism is to myself and others". Basically 3 weeks of daily binge drinking is a big fat cry for help.

Sounds like that is what you got no? If you are to be believed you were consuming approx 50 units of alcohol a day. That is twice the old weekly guideline per day which they thought was too generous as it was. I know they've downgraded the guidelines here to a measly 2 drinks a day and recommend a couple of dry days a week and people are still complaining that this is unreasonable.

Also lol image. I'm a heavy drinker and I'm fully aware of my tendencies to self medicate with alcohol and accept it as a lesser evil which at some point I'm going to have to deal with. The industry makes its money not on the 90% of people who drink moderately, but on the top few who have an alcohol problem, this is a problem for those individuals and those who love them.

I mean, shit I describe myself as a heavy drinker, but a bottle of scotch a day? I know what that feels like man, you don't need to ask if this is a problem because I bet you are nauseous and reeking, pale and clammy and wishing for a normal bowel movement right now as I type.

I try to keep my drinking below 15 units a night with at least two days off a week.
You guys are right. I've been selfish as fuck these past month. I've barely spent any time home, mostly at work and when I do eventually get home I just want to pass out drinking so I can continue again the next day.

I've felt physically better and relaxed since I've gone sober but that intervention just ticked me off. I almost felt betrayed by everyone but I guess they were right.

Feels like they were three days behind though.

I'm on the sofa just trying to take everything they said to me a few hours ago while everyone's fast asleep. I should apologize to everyone in the morning.
Oh financially, I've been as stable as I ever had when I started this stressful as fuck month. Probably earned the company $13 million in contracts by my lone self so I'm looking for a nice bonus in July.
Good luck OP. Hope it turns out well for you.
Well yeah man that is obviously something you are proud of and insecure of at the same time, but doesn't sound like you've enjoyed it if this is how you've dealt with it.

What is a bottle of scotch and a case of beer? Here it'd be a little less than £20. Doesn't matter how financially successful you are that is still a £600 a month hole in your finances which is about a half the way towards the price of a half decent coke or heroin addiction.
I think it will. They're amongst the most level headed people I know. But kinda surprised my gf is still with me even though we've only gone steady this past week.
Can't do hard drugs because of drug testing at work. So don't tempt me.
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