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How do I get my gf to fuck me?

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It's Been a year and a half, and I can't do this anymore.

All I want is for her to initiate sex. Just for once, actually show some interest in doing anything sexual, and be the antagonist.

I've talked to her about it for months, and all she does is act like I'm being an asshole. She never addresses the matter, just tells me I'm being rude, or mean, or that I "don't give her a chance."

I've worded it politely, bluntly, given her an hour, all day, all week, 6 months and still, I basically have to convince her to have sex. What the fuck is the problem here?
Describe your relationship

maybe find ways to make yourself attractive

Is she cheating on you?
See >>16941595
honestly you've done all you can on your end, I would dump her, but if you're not ready to do that I would ask for a break in the relationship

girls get all torn up when you ask for a break (if she actually does like you) as she thinks this means you wanna fuck randos and find someone else so they panic

fear is a great motivator when all else fails
Is your girlfriend on birth control/the pill? Tell her to stop man. These hormones fuck with women their hormone levels and some of them will get less drive because of it.
If it's been this long, then to be honest, she probably just doesn't want to have sex with you, I'm sorry to say.
Everyone has some form of sex drive, but I'd easily wager that unless they were following some form of covenant, the average person would not go a year and a half without attempting sex.
I think you should have a serious discussion with her, with breaking up being the option you are looking at. A relationship with one-sided physical compatibility is not worth it.
Find someone who actually wants you.
Unless I'm understanding wrong, he wants her to actually initiate sex. They have sex but he basically has to beg for it.
It is unfortunately very common for single women of a variety of ages to not engage in sex for long periods, not even masturbation.

Imbalanced libidos suck. You can't live like this and it ends relationships.
She used to live with me, had sex often. Stopped doing it so often, she moved out, see her 3 times a week at most. Try to cram as much sex into those 3 days as I can. Also have to force her to be interested in doing pretty much anything with me. I can find interest in what goes on in her life, but it just wears on me when all we talk about is her work, her family, and her pets.

When I try to force casual conversation it never seems like she takes interest.

Thanks, letting that thread die cause I fucked my wording, read the last post.. how do I grow to live with that? She gets pissed if I fap, especially if it's around her, and my sex drive is really high (she says i have a problem/am porn addicted)

No, none of this is an option. I tried the break thing once for other reasons and that went completely horrible. Really care about her so not trying to break it off, ever.

She is, but then how are we supposed to fuck and not have kids if she goes off of it? I'd rather force her into it 100 times and not have kids than get her to jump my bones once and get pregnant... I think.

She says she does anon.

This is correct. And even if I'm not begging, I still have to prompt her to start the routine blowing if I want any action before sleep.

She's not single anon, she's been getting piped on a regular basis since 2015.
She says my approach to addressing the issue is horrible, and that's why it doesn't work. What is the best approach?
dont fuck her

shell come around

and if not. go find yourself a new bitch

you think this might be kinda. i dunno, crude. or whatever the word is

but i have a similir ish problem and thing im a horny bastard

i try fucking my girl ALL the time. and i get some sure. but if doesnt even give her a chance to fuck ME

so just dont. just dont masturbate and dont fuck her. shell pick up and jump on your dick

and like i said if not. i dunno man it doesnt look good
IDK if I can just not. I keep trying to cut her off from any attention in hopes that eventually she'll crave it, but that only causes tension, arguments, and eventually I just end up having sex with her because I find her really attractive.
Bump for desperation
Should I just embrace the idea of her not wanting sex and just fuck her until I'm done? With no regard for whether or not she enjoys it?
there are plenty of girls who will simply never initiate, this isnt something you are likely to change about her
Thanks.. you're probably right. But how do I get over wanting her to? I mean if it's simply never going to happen, how do I go about embracing that and continuing on without being bugged by that?
You're sexually incompatible, or she's not sexually attracted to you. This is a doomed relationship, and you should stop forcing her to have sex with you if she doesn't want to.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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