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OK so Saturday night out of no where my brother starts texting

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OK so Saturday night out of no where my brother starts texting me. He is obviously drunk but whatever. Starts off with him threatening to assault me, he then says that my pregnant fiance basically cheated on me and the kid isn't mind (text in the pic, I know 100% that it's mine). And start insulting her looks and everything.

I told my father this and told him that I would not hesitate to have him arrested if he continues texting me or if he shows up here (he sent me like 60 texts, most of those after I stopped replying).

I kept it civil. I didn't bring up his fiance who is a cheating whore and has cheated on him not once but three fucking times and they are still getting married.

My dad said he handled it but refused to talk about it with me. My brother still sent a couple messages today. I told him that I'm done with his bullshit and that I'm cutting him out of my life. He will never be allowed to see my child.

Lile seriously, you have to be an extremely trashy person to say something like that to your sibling when he's expecting to be a father.

Steroids and alcohol don't mix I guess. If there are any questions I'll try to go into more detail. I just think this is the best choice for me.
Ok...but are you asking for advice? You've made your decision and asked no questions.
you should not be fat bro
I guess I'm looking to see if people think I made the right choice. I know it's going to kill my mother but I just can't forgive him for what he said.

I'm 6' 220lbs, I'm a little soft but I'm athletic and train Muay Thai (have fought twice in Thailand). He's just a juice head.

sounds like your brother gave your fiance the D

>but she said she is faithful

Literally has never met him. And I know for a fact this girl is. She was a virgin when we started dating. She absolutely worships the ground I walk on. Would in know way cheat and is even willing to do 3ways because it means I won't cheat and look else where (not till after the baby though). She's an Asian good girl, old fashioned Buddhist who does anything and everything to please their man.

His fiance literally cheated him 3 times with the same ex boyfriend.

you sound a bit deluded senpai
Not in the least bit. And she's not Japanese.
godspeed to you then

maybe you should confront your brother in an adult discussion and ask him what the fuck his problem is

how about that
Because he is literally retarded has anger issues thus it would most definitely escalate to a physical confrontation. I'm 30 years old and I'm having a child in 2 months, I don't his childish bullshit. He's 29 years old for fuck sakes, that's not how people that age should act...

And if he did come after me, would both end up in jail. I won't fight fair, I know he has a bad knee, I'll kick that thing out before he has a chance to hit me. I'll end up in jail and miss the birth of my child. That's why I don't want to confront him.

>I told my father this
>My dad said he handled it

Why are you bringing your dad into this and asking him to "handle" it? Are you both under 18/still living at home?
Close family. My brother owns his house, I have a house in Asia and work out of camps when I'm in Canada. I'll stay with my parents for about 2 weeks per year.

It's easier to have my dad calm him down then have him show up here acting like a jack ass.
you sure don't have much sympathy for your brother, who sounds like he's down on his luck
Why would I have sympathy after what he said? And he's far from down on his luck. He has a good paying job, a house, a new truck and a motorcycle all before 30. He's just an egotistical asshole who needs to be knocked down a peg. It was his choice to go back with her after the 3rd time in 2 years she cheated on him. If she ruins his life then that is on him and him alone.
You know that whole "stopped replying" strategy? Do more of it.

You'll be amazed how much easier life is when you stop giving a fuck and let things go. No last words, no comeuppance, nothing. Just put your foot down and drop it. He's not a part of your life anymore? Great. Done. This thread doesn't need to exist. But you leave it alone now. It's over.
My fiance is Buddhist so she believes in karma. She said this morning that karma gets bad people.

Well it didn't take long. His work is on the way to take him to the hospital. Light headed, extreme dizziness and vomiting blood.

Karma really is a bitch.
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karma goes deeper than "bad things come back around to bad people."

karma also involves the chains of action and thought, "mental formations," that we give rise to through the ways we think and the feelings we hold on to.

shantideva wrote something to the effect of "his the knife, and mine the body—the twofold cause of suffering. at which is there anger?"

your brother lashed out at you in anger, and that caused you to experience negative emotion. that was the "knife."

but now, that knife is gone. the moment of his lashing out has passed, and the only thing left now is your "bleeding." you are holding on to this negative emotion and aversion to your brother and his action.

you can't stop the knife, but you can control the bleeding.
She's a pretty shit Buddhist if she thinks that karma is merely 'what goes around comes around'
Never once said that. But it is a part of karma and there is no denying that.
Thread posts: 19
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