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Hey /adv/, I was wondering how many of you have actually used

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Hey /adv/, I was wondering how many of you have actually used antidepressants and your experience with them? I'm not depressed, I just have major social anxiety problems that haven't helped me throughout my life and I'm looking for anything to help. There's these two prescriptions I heard about, sertraline and paroxetine, I heard they help with my sort of problems, which are mainly just being really shy and awkward. If you wouldn't recommend medication, what would you recommend?
I've been on 14 drugs for depression, about 10 of them being typical antidepressants; SSRIs, SNRIs, NDRIs, and TCAs, mostly. I've been on Sertraline and Paroxetine, too, if only because at this point I've been on the majority of commonly taken antidepressants.

I'd definitely recommend drugs, considering that they're the only thing that's really helped me. I've done CBT and DBT before, and I didn't think it was that helpful once I'd stopped cutting myself. Neither made me a lot more functional or better able to deal with my issues once I got past the self-harm thing.

Don't listen to 4chan; listen to psychologists and psychiatrists, because they're actually trained experts, whereas people on 4chan are generally not.
This. I have an extreme anxiety disorder and depression for past twelve years. Have been on anti depressant medication for a couple years now. I have yet to find a medicine that works best for me.

Do not start with high dosage I found when it was a high dosage it made my emotions numb.
Zero,Iv had a history but I think my way through things,no way am I messing my neurotransmitters by some alien substance.
I've tried 3 so far am the third being the one that works for me, it's called Venlafaxine it give me more energy so I don't just sit around being depressed an my gf noticed I've been talking more. I still have a problem with sleeping but I'm much happier on being on it.
wouldn't people want numbed feelings though? I'm planning to get medications for this reason so I don't feel anger/sadness/anxiety
Ive been on wellbutrin for about 7 months. At first it gave me a bunch of energy and generally made me feel happier. Then without noticing it kind of faded. I felt neutral. Not depressed but not happy. It was maddening. I aslo lost my libido and sex drive. Currently about 4 months off of it and Im BARELY seeing my libido and sex drive come back, Stay away or do your research first.
Heard of this one as well, might try it. I've always been cautious of using antidepressants, while most of the reception here seems to be positive/neutral I'll make sure I consult a professional first.
Yes and no. You want the pain to go but it's not any help it you can't feel much, it make you feel less human.
I've been on Celexa for about a year now, and I find it's easier for me to handle my anxiety and realize when I'm being illogical. The medicine alone isn't going to make your anxiety disappear completely though, I suggest seeing a psychologist to help with building the skills to handle your anxiety/depression.

Also, I found that working a job which forced me to interact with people and build social skills has helped immensely with my own social anxiety. If that's not for you, perhaps find a club or join a craft class and put yourself out there. Good luck.
I wouldn't recommend it. I can't recall the name of the ones I used, but I do recall that it fucked with my motor skills, social judgment and left a huge hole the size of the period I took them in my memory. And did it make me happy, or less hurting? Hell no.
I'm not a fan of medicating.

Reason being is for me the very theory which pushes their benefits highlights the flaw within them.

Your brain is fairly plastic and capable of producing chemicals for reward which influence your mood and behaviour. If you are in a situation where your unable to break a cycle of negative brain chemistry surely it makes sense to medicate this?

Equally though you might need to address the route causes of depression and anxiety within your life? If you don't do this then you'll never resolve these issues.

The medication puts faith in an authority like the medical community and creates a self image where you are a victim of an illness without power over your own choices. The pills work, but only because they are a visual representation of giving yourself ownership and power over something you believe to be bigger than yourself and better handled by professionals.

Just give yourself permission anyway. Get more in tune with what it means to be you. Examine your life. It is a far stronger self image to cultivate.
Thread posts: 12
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