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How do I stop thinking about Donald Trump?

I want to watch every rally, I want to read all of his tweets, I love the Trump threads on /pol/. I think I'm really becoming obsessed with Donald, every time I feel upset I think, "What would Donald do?" and think of things he's said.

I'm so inspired by him, I honestly believe America can become an amazing country. I feel like I want to be a better person, I want to be a positive force in Donald's America.

I wish I could meet people who share my enthusiasm, no one seems to understand. People seem even more confused because I'm black, like "Why do you want to vote for Trump? He's a racist!" People don't understand, Donald isn't a racist, he loves all Americans! I can't wait for Donald to become President, Obama was such a letdown and I didn't even vote in 2012. I've started reading Art of the Deal and constantly try to think of how I can model my behavior and actions to be more like Donald Trump's. I want to learn how to channel his lessons into my own life to better myself.

Am I just going crazy? Is this normal? I know lots of people have fallen under Donald's spell, I want to go to a rally to see him in person.
why do you support Trump?
Are you for real right now?
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It's completely normal, stay the course
People like you are how tyrants come to power OP.You wont be like trump so get that out of your head and attaching your self, your mind to his image and words isn't going to make you or America better.
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Lowered taxes for those in the lowest earning income, tariffs on foreign manufacturing will make the US money while giving factories an incentive to move back into America. The fact is illegal immigration has messed up the US job market immensely and created a strain on the welfare system. It's just not feasible for America to continue to placate these people when the entire nation is on such an infrastructural decline. He is the only President who will firmly crush the terrorists who have been threatening the Western world; these terrorists are not like you and or me, they are outright monsters. He's the only person running in this election who isn't a part of the political establishment.

There's a reason millions of people have voted for Donald Trump. This man has a mission to turn America back into a true superpower in the world.

I've also heard Trump rallies are a great place to meet conservative women.

>He is the only President who will firmly crush the terrorists who have been threatening the Western world; these terrorists are not like you and or me, they are outright monsters.

No he fucking can't, and this is one of the main reasons I don't support him. There is NO POSSIBLE way to defeat ISIS and plant the seeds of lasting stability in the region without the support, cooperation, and brotherhood of the people they're attacking and invading. Most of those people are Muslim. Nobody hates ISIS more than other Muslims, they're being slaughtered every single day by those militant freaks.

Donald Trump seems to think we're at war with the entire religion of Islam. His rhetoric frightens, alienates, and threatens the very people we NEED on our side to make real progress here.

If we treat it like the War in Iraq all over again, if we go for "shock and awe" and "wipe them out quickly and go home to rebuild," another terrorist group will take its place, their hatred for the West only amplified. You cannot defeat an IDEOLOGY with a ground war. We should've learned this by the end of the '60s but it seems some people are determined to ignore history
>Lowered taxes for those in the lowest earning income
people making under $50,000 already pay no income tax, he's changing jack shit for them

>tariffs on foreing manufacturing will make the US money
possible, it also has the potential to ignite trade wars that will greatly increase the cost of living

while I agree that its a problem the state of Alabama did a crackdown and mass deportation 3 years ago that only led to a collapse of its agriculture industry as farms couldn't find people willing to work for minimum wage, particularly among peach farmers where many farms had fruit literally rotting on trees and the cost of peaches shot up 3x what it had been. I'm not really sure if mass deportations are really the answer here, but rather targeted crackdowns on people who employ illegals.

what this guy said>>16940317 in addition to the fact that no insurgency in modern history has EVER been defeated through the strategy of "killing every terrorist" killing terrorists only creates more terrorists as the people you kill all have brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, cousins who are now dedicated to avenging their lost family. As long as we continue to play into their narrative that the west is at war with islam callous terrorists will find fertile breeding grounds for their extremist world view among the desperate and poorly educated. Getting "tough on terror" has never worked and never will.
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trump girl 04.jpg
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There's obviously a need for some military intervention. Like you said, these people are literally killing innocent Muslims and Christians in the middle east. If we don't do anything these terrorist organizations will just continue carrying out those kind of atrocities.

Hillary will probably perpetuate the same kind of craziness and I doubt Bernie Sanders will have the firmness of resolve to actually deal with these terrorists.

I think Donald is just doing the right thing by dealing with the terrorists. I imagine he would be a much better leader than George Bush was in the Iraq War.

Eventually the illegals will have to go. It doesn't make sense that so many other countries have strongly established borders and immigration and yet America is meant to be a place where everyone floods in. Immigrants should be legal and contributing to the country.

There is absolutely a need for military intervention, but like I said, it can't just be "America rolls in and kicks their asses." We have to empower and assist our allies in the region, allow them to restore stability to their own home, and LISTEN TO THEM about the best ways of doing so. Part of this whole fucking mess is a massive culture clash/misunderstanding between the West and Islamic societies. They're not all our enemies, but they live very differently than we do, and we can't just try to re-establish a society of American values like we tried to do in Iraq and expect it to work.

Nothing excuses the tactics or ideologies of ISIS or any other violent terrorist organization, but this shit doesn't just happen for no reason. We have just FUCKED that part of the world so thoroughly that they have many reasons to hate us. Every time we run an unnecessary or un-researched drone strike, we might as well just drop recruitment pamphlets for ISIS. Because that's exactly what they're doing.

So yes, they need to be defeated, and they'll never accept being defeated nonviolently. But if it's American uniforms doing the killing, we can shoot every single one of them and the problem won't be dead. It'll come back worse. That's not a permanent solution. He keeps talking about how the War in Iraq was a terrible idea, yet he's enthusiastically announcing plans to double down on that mistake
>I imagine he would be a much better leader than George Bush was in the Iraq War.
based on what exactly?

>theres obviously a need for military intervention
you do realize that we've been actively bombing them since the summer of 2014, right? It was in all the newspapers. Prior to the start of that campaign they were consistently expanding their territory and have now been drastically weakened to the point where they realistically only pose a threat to those who live within their borders and are too dumb to flee.

Do you know where ISIS came from? Prior to the US invasion of Iraq Saddam Hussein (a sunni, which are the minority in Iraq) gave special privileges to other sunnis in exchange for their loyalty in helping to maintain order in the country (which is majority shiite) shiites and kurds were almost completely excluded from power. When we invaded Iraq and overthrew him we for some reason did not split up the country and instead installed a democracy which predictably elected a shiite government that completely excluded sunnis as revenge, even worse the shiite police began indiscriminately massacring sunni civilians. Who do you turn to when you're being murdered by your own police and military? That is why the sunni areas of Iraq were so receptive to ISIS, which is itself sunni.

To think that this is a problem that can be solved by brute force is just an appalling level of ignorance.

Well, Anon, here's the thing: We're facing complicated problems today. America is riddled with problems. And all these politicians, these establishment shills, these "educated" people who "know what they're talking about" have not been able to make these problems go away. We're still dealing with enemies abroad, corruption at home, and all those pesky problems that come with human free will.

All these people who "know what they're talking about" have not been able to fix it. So maybe it's time for someone who has no fucking idea what he's talking about. Someone with absolutely no relevant experience or education with law, diplomacy, military strategy, or foreign policy. If one solution hasn't been working, the OPPOSITE solution must work, right? Simple logic, dum dum. Make America great again.
You really had me going until the last sentence, don't scare me like that anon.
At least Donald is taking the right actions. Admit it, he is doing the right thing by blocking muslims from entering the country. It's bizarre how it's always muslims who commit these acts of terrorism. I don't think Donald will outright just kill all of them, but he will take militaristic action because it's needed. He even said to kill the families of the ISIS soldiers, because he's right, their families become the next insurgents.

Slowly the Islamists will have to become more modernized, but the fact is millions of Americans are Islamophobic for a reason. Donald will actually protect America.

They should mostly be left to kill themselves, and let Allah sort their souls out. But the fact is, they must be stopped.

Call it whatever you want, I just plain trust Donald. I feel like he's a special person, all his voters feel the same way. He's not becoming President because he needs to, he's a billionaire with a beautiful family hitting 70, he doesn't need to do any of this. He feels a personal responsibility to and the fact is, we trust him. And we will make America great again, together.

Yes I am a black man and I stand proud with my brothers and other minorities as well as everyone else who has seen that Mr Trump can guide America into a new era of success. Even though his detractors dismiss him, Donald has a genius level intellect and only wants every American to become greater than they are now.
Hilary trying to talk to Middle Eastern men...

Hhahahhahha. Is about the same response she'll get.
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trump girls.jpg
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dumb women vote for hillary, young women vote for bernie, smart women vote for donald.
I'd rather domestic terrorism be fixed before another white guy with a suit thinks he can fix another country's problems that we caused.
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real american.webm
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even proud black americans recognize that voting donald is the smart decision

pick related is when racist liberal protesters with their ugly KKK signs screaming racist slurs piss off a black man at a Trump rally

these protesters are disgusting! the invade private rallies organized by Donald for people who support his movement, and the protesters invade and disrupt his speeches constantly. George Soros poured millions of dollars into Hillary's campaign fund as soon as Donald began picking up speed. The protesters have just gotten worse, more violent and more hateful.


black man discusses going to a trump rally

would you think it was fair to be put in jail for something your idiot brother did that you had absolutely no part in? Don't you see, such unilateral actions only make things worse.

Tell me what insurgency in modern history has ever been won by killing every terrorist, please.

nigga not even Donald Trump is talking about "blocking muslims from entering the country." That's your own ignorant fantasy.

>I don't think Donald will outright just kill all of them, but he will take militaristic action because it's needed

HE CANNOT KILL THEM ALL. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. There are 319 million people in America. You cannot just declare war on a major world religion. Dude just shut the fuck up. Not even Donald Trump is as stupid as you are
Fuck off.
I can't wait for the asspain when he signs in whatever they re brand the tpp as
I don't have to watch the debates, I already know the outcome. Trump will be the greatest president this country ever had.

The only thing Hillary had was HillaryCare, and that got re-branded as ObamaCare. Now she has nothing to offer but lies.

The Trump revolution will be many chapters in America's history books. The first president in 100 years to get a Monument built in his honor. Trump will be the face on the new $1000 bills, and every American will have stacks of them.
America will be Great Again
what makes you say this?
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photo (3).jpg
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What Would Donald Do?

He'd take other people's money to open a business, put his name on it but none of his own money, collect a large part of the profits for the use of his name, and then let the company go bankrupt, losing everyone else's money and walking away unharmed.

He's done that a half-dozen times so far.
Unilateral U.S. military action won't solve anything in the middle east. Have you not learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, or were you too underage at the time to know what happened? It's not going to work.

The only military solution that will work in the region is an international one. Unilateral American nation-building escapades around the world have consistently failed, but the U.N. has been effective in that regard before. It would take an international effort to succeed, unless the people of the region stand up and do it themselves.

Us wasting our money and destroying the lives of our soldiers is not going to solve anything.
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Trump was a partner in a huge building project. Over 1000 construction workers were employed, and fed their families. A few greedy worthless fuck investors complained that they weren't making enough money and pulled out. The project failed.

Way to go Donald. Let's do that a thousand more times.
Assassinate Trump, and you will inherit his powers.

Do it for America.
Huh oddly enough I made 35k in 2015 and paid income taxes :^(
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trump girl 07.jpg
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That's because that poster is stupid. Under Trump's tax plan people earning $25,000 will pay 0 income tax, and you will barely pay any. more money in your pocket!
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