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Hey, /adv/. Second-time poster on this board. I guess I'll

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Hey, /adv/. Second-time poster on this board.

I guess I'll go straight to it.

I usually spend my weekdays working nine to five, and commuting 7 to 9 and then 5 yo 7. So I have 7 to 8 to walk the dog, then around 3 hours until bed time at 11.

I usually spend this time either on 4chan, where I can meet people who are usually male, around my age, who share my interests, but who are usually rude and with whom I can't form any sorts of long-lasting relationships.

Or, I can go to sites like omgegle, where I have to plow throw a botnet to find some humans. These humans are usually a lot younger than me, but they might be female. Our common interests aren't usually as strong - books I've read ten years ago and they''re reading now.

So, I'm a really solitary person, so those two options are pretty much my only contact with real people. Where do I have it better? Between the rude but relatable NEETS of my own age and gender, or between the polite but boring girls who are around half my age?

How should I spend m free 3 hours a day?
Smoke weed and jack off.
It's really more of an "I'm dying for human contact and don't know where to get it from" problem.

Jacking off is something I can do pretty fast by checking out some porn, so that's not realy a problem. Weed, I wouldn't know how to get in touch with someone to score it, and on top of it there's the legality problem, not to mention it's expensive. I'm barely scraping enough money to survive so adding weed to the buy list wouldn't be good.
Where to get human contact?

It is irony that in our modern world we ask such stupid questions but it is truth.

Look for GF?
Try to do some team sport? Then hang out with them?
Play online games? Get people you meet to chat?
Go out and meet other lonely looking people? :-D
What about your former schoolmates?

Jezus this question is hard.
Look for a girlfriend? Let's not try to turn lead into gold here. I'm just trying to find someone to talk for a couple of hours.
Talk about what? When you figure this out, you should be able to find a solution of where you might find such person.
Get friends m8, I have meet a lot of people trough friends and so on.
I dunno, 4chan has the threads for people to talk about varied subjects but they're usually nerd stuff like anime or japanese culture or comics, and omegle has the likes system, which is pretty useful to avoid the botnet and the zombies, but it does put me in a lot of trouble with RP-ers and that type of people.

I'm also a bit tired of talking about pop culture because after a while it just feels like you're just repeating clich├ęs like "yeah that movie was awesome, that actress is so hot, she gets naked 46 minutes into it." and stuff like that. When I do find someone to talk to, sometimes I just vent about my day at work or stuff I saw on the streets or had to do. It's just chit-chat, really, but I feel like it's important to have someone to actually listen.

I understand it's not an one-way street. I know I have to listen too, and that's part of the friendship, but it's still hard to find someone who's even willing to talk.
So basically you need any human being able to listen and talk. You don't find such people on internet, because there we only type and read and nobody wants to read what you had to do at work :-D

Maybe only difference is teamspeak. My friend when comes home he plugs in one room with ~12 people playing dota2 with them and all they do is chat about anything 6 hours straight. That can work.

You have mentioned work. Any chance of befriending anybody there? If they are too old, ask them about their children, friends and find out if they hang out. Try to hang out with them.

But seriously you should go for transformation from lead to gold with GF.
My work is just me and my boss - it's a small office. His son is like 5, so not old enough for us to hang out. I did hang out with my boss a few times, we drank a lot of beers, but it really wasn't my style. We mostly talked about work and music, and I was uncomfortable for most of it.

I appreciate you suggesting I should get a girlfriend, really, but that's pretty much impossible, I'm uglier than sin and have no other redeeming qualities.

I don't play videogames, but I've heard the teamspeak on those was basically just insults and game mechanics discussions. If I wanted insults, that's what 4chan is for. I don't really like vydia, and I don't think it's worth it having to learn a game (and buy the hardware and software needed to play it) just so I have a team with which to chat.
OK, you have bested me to it: you need to get out and meet real people. I know it sounds rough but I am out of ideas anon.

The only other solution is to offer myself to be your new friend but that would require a great sacrifice from my side :-D

> I'm uglier than sin
> have no other redeeming qualities
No way, that means you are perfect fit for like 40% of females. Look on other threads:
Nobody asks her out, you will be first anon!
after he will tell to her face she is FAT she will be so broken that you can snatch her :-)
So what do you like talking about OP because from the sound of it you just want to talk for the sake of talking?
Thread posts: 12
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