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I thought I was immune

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So me and this girl from my English class from last year agreed to go to next week's prom together because we both didn't have dates. I found her very attractive and funny last year but didn't make any moves because she was a classmate and I know how girls waste money and time yadahyadah. So on Saturday we agreed to hang out together and get to know each other a little so that prom night next week wouldn't be so bad. The "date" went amazing to say the least. We are both outdoorsy people so we decided to go disc golfing and fishing. I feel like me and her had a great time. I didn't try to make any moves on her other than put my hand on her knee in the car because I was very cautious of fucking anything up but I couldn't resist. On the date, I treated her different than past girls and felt really good about it until 10 PM that night...

She sends me a text saying, "Hey I had fun today and I'm excited for prom but I just wanted to make sure that we're going just as friends"

I was stunned to say the least. I felt like we had something, something that I hadn't felt with any other girl in years. I simply responded, "I had fun too! Ya we are friends" because I mean we are just going to prom as friends anyways so I can't really give my red-pilled response which would be "No" or "K". I absolutely hate the friendzone.

So /adv/ what should I do? Do I try to make Prom one of the best days of her life? Do I try texting her again since it has been 24 hours since this has happened? How do I win her over? or is there no chance and I should just make the best of the situation and move on in a week.
>wanted to make sure you were going as friends
That's pretty cold Tbqfhwyfam
You probably can't win her over in a week, or at all, but don't let this ruin your prom. Have fun, then cut her out after if you feel like it.
>I am friend zoned for good?

Lets see possible scenarios:
>Tell her I crave her, I want a date:
Success: FTW I have GF!
Fail: Meh, move on.

>I move on without telling her:
For rest of life / week / day I will be curious what would her answer be.

>I will be her best best friend.
Probably wasting more energy and time with no GF at the end.

So the strategy with 'text her confess my feelings' is the shortest path for instant death with no energy lost or instant win. Just don't go overboard with marriage, kids and house. Just tell her you want a date and how much you like her.
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>I didn't try to make any moves on her other than put my hand on her knee in the car
>Do I still take her to prom
No. Don't waste your time on women who don't have what you have in mind. It's a drain on time, money, energy, and in the end you're just paying delusion taxes.
>FTW I have GF!
>Linking to Ray William Johnson
OP do you REALLY want advice from someone like this?
Honestly, just be friends and have fun. I think it'll be more satisfying that way. Just have a good time man. Good luck
She detected that you might be into her and she let you know that this is a friends-only situation, which was kind on her behalf. There isn't really anything you can do. You're only in high school, so don't get too bent out of shape about it.
I've kinda already wasted my money. I can't really get a refund but I think I want to go anyways because it is senior prom.
Also, you should just go to prom and have fun. Then move on. That's my advice. Yep.
Ya, I know putting my hand on her knee is beta but I didn't want to fuck up like I usually do by going too fast.
It's her way of letting you know that she's probably a virgin since she's just a shy kid who had to get a prom date who she doesn't even know personally, and you're not going to pop her cherry. Just go dance at stupid fucking prom and then say good bye to high school. You're never going to see any of those people again come next September.
Are you gonna give her the satisfaction of leading you on this long to the point where you can't get the money back?
>But she didn't lead him on, you're just being a mad beta!! Muh triggers!
Anyone who says yes to go to the prom and then after everything is paid for she says "yeah this is just as friends. I want a guy who'll keep me entertained but you're not worthy of being my boyfriend" is kind of a bitch.
If you take her and give her what she wants without her giving you what you want, as selfish as it sounds, will make you a giant beta orbiter.
I will be extra careful. Thank you! I am a little triggered now that I paid for all this and she kinda shot me down but fuck it. Senior year.
>Extra careful
You aren't listening. DON'T TAKE HER.
Take back the ticket you bought and either give it to someone else, sell it to someone who hasn't bought one yet, rip it up in her face for thinking what she did was okay, ANYTHING but letting her just milk you then play you like that.
The money has been spent already, I can't transfer it to to anyone. I'll press my luck and see what happens on the dance flo'
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I hope to god she goes home with someone else, you deserve everything you got and get.
ya, that's not gunna happen. She is by no means a slut and wouldn't do that to me.
Don't listen to this guy, he's an asshole. You shouldn't expect a relationship out of this situation, especially since the only reason you're going together is because you didn't have anyone else to go with.
>Ask a girl out to the fucking prom
>You shouldn't expect a relationship out of this situation
Yeah, you also thought she wouldn't do what she just did to you either.
I was hopeful of a relationship but my main intentions was get a date and go to senior prom, so I would say this is a success. I just get too wrapped up in girls and this is why I try to stay away...
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