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So I have a problem with my FWB/guy I'm currently seeing

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So I have a problem with my FWB/guy I'm currently seeing (don't know how to define the relationship, we sleep together often but recently started going out on dates). He's 10 years older and told me he has quite a bit of experience, while I'm SUPER inexperienced, which he's aware of.

We started sleeping together very quickly, I told him that I was very inexperienced the first night. He didn't seem to mind, and it went well. The second time he wanted to try anal, and I told him it was a bit too quick for me. I'm still very new to having sex, so I told him I'd rather wait, but he was very persistent. We did it, it was okay for me, and he's wanted to do it for quite a few times. I mostly do it because he enjoys it so much, but I don't feel like he things very much about my enjoyment. I love to please him, and I happily go down on him 2-3 times a day, ask him about his fantasies and do my best to fulfill them etc. But he rarely wants to go down on me, and will stop after 5 minutes to complain his neck hurts or why I'm taking so long to cum. He doesn't really do any foreplay before we have sex, like I told him I enjoy cuddling and being caressed in the morning, but he just sticks his dick in me a few minutes after we wake up, not even touching my body. He's not very affectionate and I don't feel very sexually satisfied.

I have feelings for him, but I'm wondering if he's just seeing me as a sex doll and isn't into me at all. I don't know what to do.

you degraded yourself you dipshit.

See this guy wants pussy.

Your new to this. You think this guy cares lol

Hes had tons of pussy if he got you to do anal this quick, guys a champ.

If you wanted foreplay and companionship you should have gotten a boyfriend not a fwb.

The moment you allowed him to get pussy the contract is done hes got what he wants.

If he wants to date you hell try if not when you complain hell just leave you dumb ass.

Good job getting played.

But we do date. We go out to dinner, see movies, have long snuggle-sessions on the couch etc. He calls me often and has said he's never had sex with someone he wasn't into. We don't see anyone else.

Anyway, where I live, people don't get in relationships BEFORE they've had sex. Most people sleep together for 4-5 months at least before starting to discuss entering a relationship.
aw hell yeah dude where's that at
Yeah seems like he just wants to fuck, and if he's way older than you, that's one more reason he wouldn't want to date you, he can see your immaturity, naiveness, maybe clingyness, I could be wrong, but that's a very typical thing in younger girls us older guys can pick out quickly and hate.

I know when I'm with someone I care about I sure as fuck will make sure they're satisfied and love pleasing them. maybe your pussy stinks or something, wash thoroughly
Op post pic of you so we can get a better understanding of why this guy is into this

Sorry, but that's not very helpful. But thanks anyway...
Kek thought you were gullible based on that content

Haha, no thanks.


But why pick a younger girl if he hates my immaturity and naiveness? I'm not clingy at all, and he has actually expressed sadness over the fact that I'm often busy and I have a very active social life.

Nothing wrong with my hygiene. My ex and I never had P-i-V for various reasons, but he LOVED pleasing me, going down on me all the time etc. So I don't think it's me.
He picked you precisely because you are inexperienced and younger. You're all puzzled about this--he knows that.

You are his set of holes to use.

Well, that's my concern, but only as I've started to fall for him. We always spend the night together, it was very much about sex when we started hanging out at first, but recently, he's started to invite me out all the time, we go on fun dates, and he practically begs me to stay if I have to leave early in the morning, even if we've already had sex, to make breakfast together and watch movies. Is he just pretending to like me for sex you think? :(
Hes just bad at sex.

Hes not going to kiss you and caress you while your fucking cause he thinks this is cool.

People here dont get into relationships before fucking is great on the guys end.

Its horrible for you. No leverage and aside from that your a tool for following the norms and not what you feel is right.

If the hunter slays the pray and it never ran its not fun.

If you told him and he doesnt care there aint much you can do except deal with the fact his dick giving skills alone wont make you cum.

dates and cuddles are cool but sex is important.

A lady with a cool personality and stuff is great. Sex shouldn't be ignored and if we are not sexually compatible its a shame but thats a big dent in me dating them.

I demand both a great personality and good sex. Its like I'm playing the relationship poker with a hand thats godly I'm sure to succeed.

See In your hand you got a great hand but your there waiting for that missing card.

It may come soon or it may be late and you put in some chips your waiting for it to land. Your hinged on that single card no options.
BAHAHAHA you're quite oblivious
>why pick a younger girl
My sides have transcended this dimension I'm laughing so hard. This guy you're with is quite the smooth operator
Do you shave your puss area good? Sometimes my gf is a little prickly and it burns my face
That's not even a question it's so fucking obvious. Get a grip, sweetie, or he'll eat all of you and not just your heart.
lmao you got fucking rekt
should have listened to your parents more instead of putting out (and continuing to put out) for Chad McThundercock.

welcome to the reality of being a woman- you will never be more attracted to the guys who will cuddle you and lick your puss and treat you well than the guys who use you up and toss you aside

Thanks for your reply. I've also thought he might just be bad in bed, but I just thought he'd be good, seeing as he says he's had so much experience (he is 30, I am 19). I' not technically skilled in bed and I have no idea how to ride a guy properly, but I make it my mission to make him cum and pleasure him as much as I can. I just wish he felt the same way, I don't feel very sexy when he stops oral after a few minutes to ask why I haven't cum yet, while I do everything I can to deepthroat him for 20 minutes and even said yes to anal. It's not like he has to go down on me because I went down on him, it's not an exchange of goods, but I'd just like for him to kiss me once in a while, touch my body and spend more than 3 minutes on foreplay.

I haven't told him directly, I think he'd take it very personally and would be mortified. I've nicely told him some things that I enjoy, then he might do it for a few minutes, then not really ever again. I have to ask him to go down on me and he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it. I know we might just not be sexually compatible, but I really like him and I couldn't imagine enjoying sleeping with someone else (odd since the sex isn't very enjoyable!) because I have feelings for him.
you're in for a long, harsh life, anon. this is your big, blazing warning to fly straight before you slip into a life of bad decisions, one night stands, unfulfilling sex and many, many cats

Actually, my parents are extremely open about sex, I got a box of condoms when I turned 15, the age of consent and average age people started having sex here. I was with my first boyfriend for 3 years despite him not able to have P-i-V sex (long story), but he'd go down on me and pleasure me everyday. We had a great relationship and would cuddle for hours every day. We've only stopped dating because he had to move to another continent with his parent because of their work.


I just don't understand why he'd put in so much effort to hang out with me when there's no sex involved if he's only pretending. Why consistently invite me to dinner, expensive concerts and theater performances, want me to stay over to hang out and listen to music, call me just to talk etc if he only wants my body? He know he doesn't have to put in that effort since we're sleeping together anyway.


I do so I don't think that's the problem. If it was so simple I'd love if he just told me haha.

Haha, I think I'm okay. I'm not into casual sex as I want to be emotionally involved with my partners. I do like cats, though.

You're an idiot and I'd be furious if you were my sister. Dumbass!
What do you think it says about a 30 year old that wants to Fuck your virgin anus on the second go.
Girls like you make me hate women.
I hope he break your Fucking heart

Wow, okay then. Thanks for your input.
> But why pick a younger girl if he hates my immaturity and naiveness?

Anon Girl, you asked the question above, now please look at the answer by this wise Anon:
> He picked you precisely because you are inexperienced and younger.
> You're all puzzled about this--he knows that.

Anon Girl, this is coming from an old man with a lot of experience in life.
Let me say I'm rather sorry for your letting this man exploit you sexually: he does not care for your needs, and nothing good is going to come out of the sex oriented relationship with this man. I'm sorry to say he's no gentleman who doesn't care about his girl/woman's needs.

Unfortunately, you are likely to be hurt, badly
It's your life
>Actually, my parents are extremely open about sex
ah, so you were raised badly. i see now. you're getting fucking manipulated and you're making excuses in this thread that you made to complain about him

the bitter part of me is gleeful because you're going to get chewed up and spit out by this guy and every other guy like him that you'll immediately drop trou for but the rest of me is deeply sad and disappointed. please, PLEASE have the decency to dump him and hold out for better quality men, and don't jump into bed the second he whispers in your ear
>I'm not into casual sex
then why do it?

desu i feel bad for treating women like human beings. i just cant bring myself to act like your beau, despite the far better results it brings

I appreciate your answer although it saddens me to hear it. I hoped there might be a chance that he was into me and just maybe a tad less experienced that he's led on/maybe wasn't very good in bed, but he might be exploiting me. Why he pretends to like me outside of the bedroom I still wonder about, but I am afraid he'll hurt me. As I told you, I'm inexperienced with sex apart from oral, and I suppose I put too many feelings into this situation. I know some of my female friends also from extreme emotional bonds when they have sex.
despite what your feminazi professors have told you, when a man in interested in you as a person they take care of you

Haha, I wasn't raised badly, just in a country where sex is very normalized. My parents acknowledging that most teenagers have sex and making an effort to assure I was protecting myself isn't bad parenting.

I don't really consider it casual sex. I have feelings for him, and we'd known each other for nearly a year before we started hanging out two-on-two. We're just not in a relationship, but I've never heard of people who went in a relationship before they had sex. Why are you gleeful that you think I'm going to get hurt by plenty of men and lead a sad life?

He does take care of me in some ways, he cooks for me and makes me breakfast, takes me out to see things I'm into even though he hates it, pays for our tickets when we're out etc.

The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the lack of affection and stimuli in the bedroom.
>Why are you gleeful that you think I'm going to get hurt by plenty of men and lead a sad life?
because you're starting on the path towards it

this guy is gonna drop you when he gets bored and another one like him will swoop in

rinse and repeat until you're 30 with 2 kids by 2 different men and no one wants you

part of me is glad because i've been burned pretty hard by women in the past and i'm too weak to rise above it yet

you're making excuses.
pretty clear you don't actually want advice

That's rather sad. I hope you're okay.
Anyway, I do want advice, and I've thanked people for constructive input. I just didn't feel like "lmao you got fucking rekt/should have listened to your parents more instead of putting out (and continuing to put out) for Chad McThundercock" helped my situation every much.
Please believe me, I don't wish to come across as overweening in the least.
Fact is, you sound as a decent girl, if a bit naive, and I detest seeing people take advantage of youth and/or inexperience.
Please remember this:
He is no gentleman who doesn't see to your needs, in or out of the bedroom.
I wish you well, OP Girl.

Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it and I wish you well too.
just because it's not wrapped up in a pretty bow doesn't mean i'm not right

kick him to the fucking curb and filter your suitors better
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