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dating an older girl

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i've been dating this girl for 1 month, she's 25 and i'm 18. i'm really into it and i want this thing to be long term, we've been friends for a year and after her last break up this thing began.
we had sex for the first time one week ago, i enjoyed it a lot and she did too, sex was good and everything, but now she feels very distant and complain about me being too young, she says she's jealous of all the other girls younger than her.
i really dont want this relationship to fail miserably since i really care about her, what should i do? everyone says i act very mature for my age and that i actually looks like i'm in my mid 20's, but she probably feels like i'm way less experienced in life than she is.
she also mationed that i'm too attached to her and that i dont make myself desirable because i'm always after her, but i cant keep myself from doing so.
how do i do that? i still treat my realtionships like 15 y/o do and i get enxious when she doesnt reply on my texts or doesnt touch me and things like that.
fuck, we were at her place with her sister a while ago and she didnt even give me a kiss when i left and didnt talk to me all the time, i'm getting drunk in my room atm.
any experience with such situations is appreciated, thanks
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Judging by your situation, you are probably a rebound, meaning she was vulnerable emotionally and you were only there to fill the gap.
I was in a similar situation. I was 20 at the time and she was 25. It never really worked out with her, got into the friendzone and rejected me but I learned a lot with her.

1. Be distant and stop being an emotional faggot. Women at that age are looking for maturity, self control and independence.

2. Have a plan and goals. Be ambitious. Remember, you are competing against many older and more successful men.

3. Don't put her on a pedestal. There are many more women and she is almost past her prime.

Those are just some general tips but you really shouldn't care about her. You had sex and that's the best outcome you could have hoped for. A serious long term relationship is impossible, no matter how you look at it.
i understand, she actually mationed that i should have more self control since i want to have sex pretty much all the time.
i also think that things may work out since she's really indipendent economically wise and that very few men can satisfy her sexually, and fortunately i'm one of them since i can easily fuck her for hours and hours without getting soft, one of the few things being 18 helps.
thanks dude, i'll try to be myself but keep her a little more distant, i dont know if things will get serious but i want to try.
I am warning you: it's a lost cause. If you really want to get to her, you really have to focus on your career, cook by yourself, get a car, pay your own bills, live on your own, have interesting hobbies, have a large circle or friends etc... Older women are much more demanding than a younger one because they've been there done that you know?

Keep her on the side, don't make her a priority. Fuck around with other women but don't focus on her.
I'm 27, my bf's 21. I am VERY serious about the two of us. However, the girl you mentioned doesn't sound like it... She sounds like she tries to get rid of you. Sorry dude, i don't think this is meant to be
let's list the things in my advantage and disadvantage

>good looking
>much more sex drive than men in their 30's
>willing to do everything for her atm
>really close to her on a personal level

>high school student
>broke as shit since i dont have a job
>dont have a car(will get in 1/2 month tho)
>really emotionally attached

yeah maybe things wont work but at least trying will teach me a lot about life

maybe, maybe not. she talked with her ex when he was blackout drunk 2 days ago and i think that left her a bit shocked, he used to beat her and fucked up shit like that. maybe she's acting like this because of that
You got nothing going on. The fact that she is still trying to get in touch with her ex is a sign that she is an alpha widow, meaning that her ex was the best thing she ever had and since the break up, she compares every men to him.

You're in highschool, don't have a job and your parents will probably pay your first car which is not a sign of independence. Just move on, any further interaction with this girl is meaningless unless you have sex. Ignore her and if she ever contacts you again, she still has some interest, if not then move on.

Best of luck and stop being a weak beta cuck faggot. You are the prize and drop that used whore for someone with less mileage.
>still talks to the abusive drunk ex
Stay away.
>says you're too attached and don't make yourself desirable
Sounds like she wants a middle school relationship m8. She's the immature one
>>good looking
I hope you aren't basing that off of the pic. It's fucking Scarlett Johanson
Thread posts: 10
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