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Help me leave?

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Where else do I go but here, /adv/?
I fucking hate the person this place is turning me into. Nobody likes cynical and bitter. I'm trying to cut everywhere but /co/ and /wsg/ out if my life but I find myself wanting to come back here again and again. where else can I go? I seek answers and advice in my life but with all other outlets (friends) I feel like I'm being lied to. Is there anywhere similar but not as cancerous?

I mean this with all sincerity, maybe Reddit? The predominant anonymity here makes it easier for people to be dicks, or just come here to troll. And all of our trips here are trolls.

I agree that /adv/ is pretty negative these days, so I just try to stick to giving advice.
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I browse(d) both reddit and 4chan. Trust me, reddit is almost just as bad. There's nowhere you can go for general advice like there is here, so it makes dealing with semi-complex stuff a hassle. Plus, a lot of them, especially the top comments, tend to be blue-pill but highly appealing type answers. Not even blue pill in the traditional sense, just naive and not critical of the situation.
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I feel like I want the truth, but without having experiences to back it up I can't tell who's lying to me or not, even in real life.
bumping, please
Find ways to kill time that don't involve reading the typed self-loathing of failed human beings. Go hunting or paint your house.
I'm at uni. Probably going to try finishing Guadalcanal Diary I guess
what's the problem? you just filter out the answers you like like everybody else.
I *do* do that, but it's self destructive because of my already pretty cynical nature.
how do you define cynical?
i don't know. i like /adv/. it's always nice for some brutal reality check. it's up to you what you take with you. i don't think /adv/ is inherently cynical, bitter or cancerous. there might be some r9k leakage, but you can easily read over those comments. i usually get pretty based help here.
Stop thinking a life on a computer is a life well lived.
Just go out, do some real things, have some actual experiences
Like, I can't be very optimistic here mainly because of the "brutal reality check". A lot of my problems tend to revolve around social ineptitude and lack of relationship experience, and since I tend to have a low self esteem, meaning I lack a lot of qualities to be successful it that sense, I tend to get depressed from coming here. But it's a double edged sword because I still do want the truth.
I come here on my phone in between classes. I'm not a neet, I still get out
well, sugarcoating isn't going to help you. if somebody points out the truth, you can either give up and feel depressed or see it as a change to better yourself. entirely your choice
See, I am trying to improve myself, but I have negative thoughts when I encounter these harsh truths because I feel like I'm too far gone.
nobody is too far gone. there's always room for imporvement. babysteps.
however, care to elaborat why you think you are "too far gone"?
I'm really probably not, I'm just emotionally/socially stunted which is one of the hardest things to change
>emotionally/socially stunted
most people are if you get to know them a bit better.
what are your biggest things to overcome?
Talking to women. I tend to make friends pretty easily, but I tend to be focused on not fucking up most of the time/being "desirable" that I act not like myself or like an emotionless golem. I don't really like the person I am but attempting to be someone else is not a good solution.
>that I act not like myself
well, if a girl can read people in the slightest she will know and it will be a bigger turn-off than showeing your true self. i mean, there couldn't be anything "you" are that is so bad it would really turn everybody away. give me an example of what you think you need to hide from a girl you want to get interested in you.
my bf is assertive and social at first glance. but i knew the second i met him that he is acctually awkward and introverted. good thing is that i'm like that myself, even if it might not seem like it. so this was an something that made me like him even more. your "flawy" don't need to be a turn-off. they make you human and loveable.
hey now
im bitter and cynical, and i do alright
You need to stop going online whenever you have a question about life. Sit and think about it urself. for many years ive been finding my answers online to life's questions but in reality most of these question can only be answered by urself. Constantly doing this has caused me to be molded by other's opinions and caused me to stop being myself and also caused me to compare myself to others. sit in a quiet place and think 4 urself.
stop beleiving everything you read.
if you get all your information from the computer instead of IRL how do you know for a fact that it is real? remember people DO lie on the internet. use your better judgement thats what it was given to you for.

ok lets put it this way: its like reading about the most perfect delcious sandwich you will ever eat. but not taking a bite of it and trying it for yourself. how can you win (at life) if you dont try?
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