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My boyfriend threatens to kill himself or my family if I try

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My boyfriend threatens to kill himself or my family if I try break up with him. I've been trying to be the worst girlfriend ever so he will break up with me.
>not showering
>rarely cleaning and asking for help when I do clean
>generally being gross nose picking/farting
>even cheated on him and he won't break up with me wtf

He won't break up with me no matter how bad I get. He's not even unpopular there have been many girls during our relationship that have asked him out.

I'm the best he thinks he'll ever get but honestly in highschool I was a 3/10 at best.

How do I get him to break up with me so he thinks his life will be better. So he won't attack my family or hurt himself..
Call the police?
Last time the police got involved he threatened to stab them and get himself killed
Let him do it, such a deranged person is better off dead.
Call the police and tell them all of this. Including the "threatening to stab them" thing.
OP here are your options:
>you break up with him and your family gets murdered because you made a bad life choice
>you stay with him and spend the rest of your life with an abusive mentally ill person who doesn't care about you
>you get the law involved and he might get mental help, possibly sent to a psych ward where he'll be protected from himself, and others will be protected from him, and maybe he has a chance of recovering someday

If you have texts to prove that he's threatening you, that'll make it easier. In high school, my friend's gf broke up with him, and he sent her a picture of himself sitting on train tracks, and he basically got arrested and sent to a psych ward for a while.

Also, yeah in the last choice there's a chance he might get himself killed, but the other options involve your family getting killed and living with him for the rest of your life.
Post address one of the more psychotic white knights here will probably solve you're problem for you
just disappear. warn your family of his craziness, wait til hes out of the house, and get all your shit and move to an undisclosed location. change your phone number. get a gun or a taser or pepper spray or something. or. or look him right in the eyes and say "do it, faggot"
That seems pretty drastic.
he is using the suicide card, for attention. if you have to call him out on it. he needs to be responsible for his own actions.

>how do you get him to break up with me?

he wont. he is a fucken doormat. no matter how bad you you are he will supress his anger and come back for more.
you should be saying: if you are going to kill yourself fucken do it! stop telling me that you are going to do it you fucking pussy.
as you know he doing it so you will take him back... but when you dont come back all his leverage is gone geddit?

yes change your address and your numbers
drastic times call for drastic measures, anon
But it's not a drastic time. It's an OP's-boyfriend-is-an-edgy-selfish-asshole time.
First, shower. I'll wait. You should try to look put-together if you have to explain to the police/crisis-center/EMTs that he is a danger to himself and others.

Second: Leave. I'm not sure if you live together or not, but take the steps you need to in order to secure your things/information (is your social security card in a drawer at his house? change of passwords he might know, etc.). Don't let him know you're leaving, just get it done at an opportune time. When people are acting crazy like that, you don't owe them an in-person break up where they will cry and scream and threaten and bargain. Send him a text or email, if you feel like it, that says you're done and please don't contact you anymore etc.. You don't have to even tell him, he'll figure it out. Block him on all social media, phones, filter emails to trash, etc.

Third: If he contacts you, makes threats, send you a photo of his sliced up wrists, pictures of weapons...anything hinting at harm to himself or others, call the police.

That's it. It's not going to be fun and sunshine, but that's how you get rid of him.
He's not going to leave you, he's crazy and needs help. I know this may sound extreme, but it's the only way to go about it responsibly.

Do you live with him? Who's renting or owns the house, can you pay for it on your own and where would you/he go if you move out?

Go to the police station in person. Say that you want to file a restraining order against your boyfriend because you fear harm to you and your family. Say he's threatened to kill your family or himself if you leave him, and you're concerned he may hurt you too.

If you have any evidence of him threatening other people or self-harm, go ahead and share that with them at that time. It could be enough to have him sent to the psych hospital for a few days, making it much easier to move out.

This; the only thing I think you should do differently is contact the police ahead of time. If he's always at the house, ask for their escort while you move your stuff out.
All of this, plus let your family know, so they know he's a potential threat.

If he offs himself, (he won't, he manipulating you) that's on him. More likely he'll threaten to and send you a bunch of deranged pictures and threats.

If you have any evidence, give it to the police when you go.
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