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I dunno, I just cant anymore. Im almost 21 years old, completed

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I dunno, I just cant anymore. Im almost 21 years old, completed school and finally completed my qualification as an electrician 2 weeks ago. My life is actually going good, I finally have enough money, Im not shy or anything anymore and actually have friends, and a girl fell in love with me.

NOW comes the weird part. I turned her down, I dont want to do anything anymore and just live everyday with a fake smile.

I dont hate my work. She was actually pretty cute. I enjoy spending time with my friends. But I miss my neet life. When Im in bed at night, I used to watch animes and play jrpgs. Lately I just fall asleep. Or just dont even bother to turn on the console and sleep right then. Or drink.

I dont have a single goal in life anymore. I always just wanted to become someone with an average income and just live till I die. Yeah I know, a great plan. But I just dont have any other dreams.

I dont know anymore. I play with the thought of just traveling around the world, but Im not rich enough for that yet.

Is that just winter depression or rather something else? My life is going actually pretty good, but Im just not happy, and I dont know why. I always wanted this, but... man, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Now, I dont have a pic related, so hereĀ“s my waifu.
Continue to be content with what you have and find something to do different.
Personally I'd just ponder the meaning of life until I get an answer I'd never change, and then follow it.
On a side note, good for you. Your life sounds very successful, I envy it.
Good man. These are phases. They will go away, maybe in a long time or maybe short. Keep your mind open and look for something to do until you eventually want to do something. Try throwing yourself into something short and temporary that you might think will help you even though you don't like it or don't want to do it.
You say you're 21 but you sound 16.
Get a fucking grip.
Why do people who are so unsympathetic and not helpful come to this board to give "advice"? Let's say what you said was 120% fucking true. It doesn't help. Regardless, it doesn't do shit for him. It's literally useless advice and brings him down if anything.

If you're going to say that, at least also mention something helpful along with it. It's not like saying that will magically give him a wake up call and fix him, even if he realizes you have a point with what you said.
I do consider it helpful, though. I wish someone would've said that to me 3-4 years ago when I was going through my angsty "depressed" phase. OP's post is filled with key signs of it just being a bored teenager's stupidity at work rather than some real problem ("have no goal in life", "travel the world", "I drink" etc.). The very fact he even comes here to 4chan to ask for "advice" on how to cure his "depression" shows he's just a dumb attentionwhore.
On top of that, while I'm not going to say that people with friends and who are attractive enough to have girls falling for them can't suffer from real depression, sounds like OP is doing just fine all things considered.

To OP:
Your life is what it is, so shut the fuck up already. You are not depressed. You are a sheltered manchild who's mildly upset that his life isn't like what he saw in the movies. Stop writing melodramatic novellas on internet imageboards and find a fucking hobby.

i dunno, sometimes a gut check from someone's unfiltered thought stream is useful too.

doesn't even matter if its right or fully in context either.

a shock to your perspective can be healthy.
Ok. You answered your own question, you don't "have a single goal in life anymore". Your life is horrible as a result. Why? Because your not doing something you aspired to do, your following the path that leads nowhere - "average income" attitude. This helps no one, it makes you feel like your leading a pointless life and others do not benefit because your not truly passionate about your job.

You can overcome your depression, but you need to first accept that you are lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you "wanted this".

Seasonal depression is likely bullshit, research suggest their is not correlation between a season and your mood.

I'm not an expert, I've simply feel similarly to you. I hate everything, but it's my own fault. I made these decisions and now I regret it. I felt as though I was just complaining and that everyone else thought similarly at some point. But it's different when you are feel that way for a whole year. I've since rediscovered by goals that I thought were insignificant or stupid, but as I slowly work toward them I don't feel as horrible.
Keep doing you OP, having a woman in your life is just more an indicating thought that you wanna settle down, stay you and do your own shit, fuck'em , do you, women just suck the life outta you
Thread posts: 9
Thread images: 1

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