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I need some /adv/. I'm an anti social neet who just moved

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I need some /adv/.

I'm an anti social neet who just moved to a huge city because of work, but i don't know a single soul, my question is.

How do i go about making friends.
Even meetup.com won't help if you don't talk to anyone. Take a job at a call center, at least part time, if possible. That way you're in the habit of talking a lot. Spend a lot of time outside your place, looking for where people hang out, and small talk with anyone who looks interesting. If the person is cool, they'll go beyond the minimum effort small talk.
>I'm an anti social neet who just moved to a huge city because of work
>neet who just moved to a huge city because of work
I'm going to give you the same vague advice 4chan usually gives:

Go out there and be somebody!

Not going to tell you how cos nobody here knows.
Step 1: Find cute girl.
Step 2: Prompt an """"accident"""" that gives you an excuse to talk to her.
Step 3: Socialize.
Agree on this.

Any job that allows you to talk to a lot of people. Get a job as at a coffee shop, bar, something.

I work at a coffee shop and you get so many regulars you're bound to have a connection with someone. Hell, one of our regular customers hooked me up with a co-worker of hers.

I used to be anti-social to a sense, now people call me the most social person at work.
Anti-social and introverted are not the same thing
Stop acting like they are
but ive just started a career as a software engineer
I don't think NEET means what you think it means.

In that case, go to a coffee shop or bar regularly, get to know the people there. Eventually you will start to get introduced to people.

Also it would help if you told more about your hobbies and interests.
im not op btw i just hijack him

how exactly do you get introduce to people? people in cafes and stuff where i live just eat their shit and go or talk to their friends

my hobbies is not sexy things like programming and politics
by getting to know the employees a bit. make a conversation with the bartender, the barista, the door man. it sounds stupid but they appreciate casual conversation as long as you dont make it look desperate.

>sit at a bar
>chat with the bartender
>some other regular or whatever comes in, switches attention
>hook into the conversation
>'oh this is anon, he's a regular here'
>proceed to have a conversation

there are plenty of ways to meet people but this is just an example
can you tell me other ways? i dont think that would work for me
well what are things that do interest you? Not general subjects, what activities?

Also remember, you meet people through people. Befriend 1 person, get to know more people.
My current girl gets super fucking arroused when I start talking about C and/or Vulkan
They exist, you just need to be patient
atm i just sit at my house and watch films, i used to play games but i dont so much now because i realise they are a waste. i moved to a different city so i dont know anyone. i also spend a lot of time investing and following politics

thats funny i know a lot about both of those things

where do you meet girls like that?
She was just an attractive girl in one of the classes I TAd for
i have finished college so i dont think that will work. how do you mean patient if you are only in college? i am sure i am older than you then
I didn't have any sexual activity in college until this semester, and I'm about to graduate
College towns have the same girls colleges do
right but i still am not in college or a college town
Some of them are outside
that is a very big place and not very helpful advice, could you be more specific?
>not very helpful advice, could you be more specific?
stop being such a helpless piece of shit and thinking other people will magically discover a way for you to meet people.

go OUTSIDE do things you enjoy doing. you're in a big city, there are thousands of things to do

no surprise you are anti-social
nothing i enjoy doing happens outside especially, i come here for advice on how to meet women and you are shouting at me for no reason? its like saying, i want to get rich, and you say 'get money' that doesnt help at all
Welcome to /adv/
because so far every piece of advice you have disregarded as 'not very helpful'

Also the OP says
>How do i go about making friends.
you didnt ask how to meet women

Same deal, outside, in the real world. Or go on tinder or whatever app. That's how i met my ex, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack and you have to be very luck or just really good looking for that to work out.
Nice dubs senpai
Well anon, first off, dont be desperate to make friends.
You dont want to have a shitton of friends just to have friends, that sucks, they're annoying, take up too much time, etc. Etc.
U want a close knit group of homies that appeal to your interests.
So first off, im advising not rush it, not to stress it, be a social and friendly, chill guy and people will naturally be attracted to you.
Find out what you wanna do, you know, like having a life, that involves going out, occasionally interacting with people.

Do you like to write? Go to a park and sit on a bench or the grass and write.
Maybe just go outside and hang out by yourself, enjoy the day. Like models? Go build one outside. Go for some walks, acquaint yourself with the local things to do, find something you like.
Go to some shows, see what you want to see. Instead of just blindly befriending people you dont know, try and surround yourself with people that share your interest in some way.

Also, get fit, it makes you a man and helps with confidence if you know your body is the shit.

Stop being a pussy, go out, take whats yours, carve a name for yourself, simple as that
the advice i have got is

> go to a bar
i dont think that would work for me
> go to college
i already did college
> go outside
thats not very helpful
> fuck you retard
the advice 'go outside' is the most helpfull thing we can give you because you have given 0 info on your hobbies other than 'im into politics' and that you play video games.

find out something you like to do that involves going outside into the world, then do it. sitting at home you will never meet anyone
and programming and trading and films, are you reading my posts? i dont know where to meet people, i go outside all the time and nothing happens. cant you just help me?
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>i go outside all the time and nothing happens
do you talk to people?

>cant you just help me?
you expect me to hold your hand, guide you out the door, talk to people and say 'hey anon is nice go talk to him'?

>i dont know where to meet people
everywhere, at events, at the cinema, at the coffee shop, at the park, at a concert

we can't give you detailed instuctions on how to meet people
ok, how do you start talking to people then? and dont just say 'talk to them', do you ask them a question or a joke or something?
4chan has no detailed advice beyond 'go outside', it's a common theme regarding these kind of threads.

Sorry man.
I mean, if you're still in education join a geek/anime club.
We apready told you
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Thread images: 2

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