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How do I life?

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Not a spelling mistake, how do I even into life?
I have mild symptoms of autism, I'm somewhere on the spectrum but it's not too bad. But I've basically never had to do anything myself because of it.
I'm 20 now, live with my sister (my family doesn't want me to live alone), get enough money from the government to lead a super comfy life, halfheartedly attend a school, don't have to clean the house or do anything really, my mom even comes over every week and washes my clothes for me.
The thing is, I want to be more independent and do those things myself. I asked my mother about it and she always tells me that it's okay this way and that I shouldn't worry about it.

What should I do? How can I become more independent with a family like that?
Also, I barely know anyone, I don't have any friends and only acquaintances at school, I'm kinda weird in social situations, how do I meet people to hang out with? I have a feeling that would also be important to lead a normal life.
Anon the key is to just do things before others can do it for you. That independence will lead to a passion or hobby and then friends.

I can answer any questions more specifically if you want.
I thought about that, but I have no clue how to properly do any of those things. I'd need to ask my mother how to use the washing machine but she'll just tell me to leave it alone, she'll do it for me, etc.
Don't worry man I got you first off (I think you already know this) but you got a family that's got your back a family that'll go to hell and back for you and that's more then can be said for a lot of people in this world now keep that in mind I'll come back to it in a second

Secondly: if you want to start living you just gotta start living those things (let's call them chores for lack of a better word) you just gotta do them the Internet is your tool look up how to use the laundry machines find a recipe for a dish your sister likes and while she's gone make it for her so when she comes home you can eat it together its little things like that that'll show the people around you that you can take care of yourself not that you don't need your family (we all need someone who loves us) but that you don't need them to try so hard for you

Third: the best way for friends and such is to take your passion in life and go out find people who like that passion to and go do it with them trust me just go do things with people for example you play a guitar or the drums or the goddamn piccolo just find someone who does it to and play with them the rest will figure itself out but just remember your best friends are still your family and when see what your trying to do they help you and that is exactly what you want cause their already your friends if you need them to help you make friends then screw it teach me how to play piccolo and bring me along with you

Dude I hope I helped and good luck I don't know you at all but I believe in and kamina always said "don't believe in yourself believe in the me that believes in you"
Wait spelling mistake wen I said me I meant them as in your family I don't think I can really help you because 4chan
Can't you just look it up? Figure out the brand/ model of the machine or a general how to.

Or start with minor cleaning. If your sister vaccumes the living room on Friday, try and do it just before her, etc.
Thanks m8. I'm trying to use my phone and it sucks.
Don't worry bout it stuffs not gonna happen immediately but take your time make a plan refine that plan and go for it
That was a bit much, but I think I know what you mean.
I guess, I never really thought about that. I usually just ask my mom or my sister whenever I need help with something, I guess that's just stuck in my brain for some reason.
Stretch yourself. Step outside your comfort zone.

Get a job.Take a class. Join a gym. Take public transport. Explore your city. Meet people.

The point is that any of these things might be a little scary, and you might well screw them up at the start. But none of them are all that important or dangerous, so stumbling around a little can't really hurt you. Meanwhile you'll escape from the family cocoon a little and get some confidence.
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