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"Say, 'Yes Anon'."

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>have bf
>sleep with him maybe three nights a week
>almost 100% of the nights that I sleep over, he does this:

>wait until I fall asleep
>rub my sensitive spots for until I wake up
>pleasure me without touching himself until I get off
>tell me to say something
>I say it
>he proceeds with dicking
>he finishes dramatically
>he goes to wash up
>he comes back
>I've usually recovered by then, at which point I go wash up
>we go back to bed

But I really don't know how I feel about every time he tells me to say something. Usually the things he tells me to say are along the lines of, "Yes, Anon," in response to him asking if I want him to continue. And he's really adamant about asking, too. Like yesterday,
>we're having fun
>it's getting good
>suddenly he stops
>"Do you want it?"
>I have an emotionally triggered stutter of moderate severity but kind of lose the ability to talk when having sex
>try to say yes
>fail for five minutes
>he keeps encouraging me to say, "Yes, Anon."
>I keep trying
>eventually call him an idiot
>"That doesn't sound like, 'Yes, Anon'."
>I reply sarcastically, "Okay, Anon".
>"Good enough," and he continues.

But what the fuck? I really don't understand why he would do that. Does he get off on it? Is he asking permission? We're literally in a committed relationship and I've not once EVER said no. Never. So all that's left is he's asking to derive some sexual pleasure out of it. But how is that even possible? He is literally blue-balling himself so that I can gather myself and answer a question. What the fuck?
it could be

A. he wants to make sure you are enjoying it
B. he wants it to be a more connected experience, he wants more emotional involvement from you
C. he wants his ego stroked a bit

I've had sex with girls and I couldn't get into it because I couldn't tell if they were enjoying it as well or not
some girls just lie there making no indication they are into it, and so you stop and they complain "I was really enjoying that" and you think "so why didn't you make some indication of that"

don't be one of those sex ninjas that makes no noise and says nothign
>Does he get off on it? Is he asking permission?
probably both, is it that big of a deal? if he likes it and you sound like you're enjoying it why not just go with it? sounds like you're asking for attention more than advice.
I worry that he has some complex about women accusing him of rape. Like, I asked him why he asks me those things during, and he just changed the topic.

Also I remember once he forced my eye open with his finger and laughed.

I just don't understand it.
>forced my eye open with his finger and just laughed
Wat. Can you please explain this? This is strange behaviour, is it when you're sleeping?
it's 2016, he's prbably got a tape recorded setup in the room because he's afraid of a rape claim that will lock him in prison for 5 years

seriously ladies which is it? you want guys to ravish you or you want fucking consent, I don't think you understand the consequences of getting rape charges filed against you
Oh and sorry for the incorrect quote, I'm not completely illiterate, I swear.
Ok, so how the fuck are these weird fucks getting pussy but I'm not? This guy better be a 10/10. Fuckin' women will put up with anything, I swear.
dudes its a girl on 4chan i'm guessing she's a 4/10
Are you southeast asian? You sound southeast asian.
Because you act like that, m80
this desu
and you women brought this upon yourself with all these false rape claims
You probably give him no indication of enjoyment until that point so he asks to make sure you're into it

The problem is you
OP, my boyfriend likes waking me up to sex and even if he KNOWS that I am fine with it because I said so and we have been doing it for years, he always asks before having sex because he wants to be sure I am fine with it.
Yenno only 1/10 of all rapes aren't reported, right? It's probably higher among men.
You can't call it rape if you say and mean yes.

He's covering his ass.
Thread posts: 17
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