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What do

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>be me
>meet qt through friends 7.5/10 I will call her jess
>most weekends me, her, another grill who she is very good friends with and two other guys hang out
>this gos on for a while
>about a week ago were at a park drinking and shit because other girls birthday. Also there is another guy who I am friends with there
>bring weed because I dont drink. Jess doesn't drink or smoke
>chilling on swing with the qt. others are sitting at a table
>she says "anon I would like to know you better." I replied with "same"
>what the fuck is wrong with me
>"anon what do you mean?"
>chill for a while on swing then we end up going back over to the table
>rolling up some drugs
>friend is there and he is crossfaded and also recently broke up with gf of 11 months
>he starts being fucking autistic and creepy huging Jess's leg
>try to play it of but im fucking pissed off
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>do I have feelings for this girl
>other unimportant shit happens
>tell other girl that I like jess and to try and find out what she thinks about me
>she apparently said that im really nice and shit
>idk how to feel about this
>jess later finds out because other girl fucking told her that I have feeling for her
>jess is apparently only attracted to one guy
>some dick head manlet that according to her fucked her over
>fucking years ago
>want to ask her out but end up not and just repress my feeling
>she is the only girl that I have ever related to on any meaning level and one of the only girls I even can talk to
I dont want to lose the one chance I have at love like this
what the fuck do I do
I dont want this to just slip past me
Fuck off 420 blaze it faggot
Ya know.. You remind me of my friend Jeff. Jeff would rather yell dumb shit across the bar awkwardly at women instead of going over and talking to them.

Be better than Jeff. Instead of saying dumb passive aggressive shit and asking her friends if she, like, totally rykes uuuu... how about you chat her up, find common ground, and then make a date out of it.

That would be the grown ass man thing to do, so I think you should do that.
Lol I've seen a lot of depressed, idiot replies like these to the past few threads I've looked at. Are you running all over advice shit posting? Stop it. *smacks you in the face* Just stop it.
>"What the fuck is wrong with me"
For agreeing with her? Nothing. I'd just keep talking to her to see why she has feelings for her ex or even if they're as strong as she implied. Don't give her the impression that you're shutting her out, but distance yourself from her a little and make other plans as an excuse if you need to. Tell her that she can talk to you whenever she feels like, and even ask to meet her to eat one day if you get the feeling that she is put off a little by you.

You need to guage how strong her feelings are for her ex, and why she has them. Sometimes (most of the time) talking isn't enough, and you need to start taking action to see if you have a chance to be with her. Don't do it too early or too late.

>My one chance at love
Please explain why you think this, because it sounds like melodrama and I think most people here are inclined not to believe you.
You went wrong when you blindly put all your eggs into one basket, ie this girl, just to throw that out there. And that friend that told her, for all you know, might have been trying to hook you up as a solid. You uh, went about this wrong, but what's done is done. So. What do we do when we like a girl and she doesn't express interest, or in this case indirectly rejects you because I'm assuming she told your blabbing friend who can only be expected to blab? Move on. This is why we don't put all our eggs in one basket.
I have never meet a girl that I have been able to connect with so well and be so comfortable around and nothing feels better than making her happy/laugh. Over the last year I have shut out advances of 3 girls because I didn't have anything in common with them and honestly didn't find them very interesting.
When either of us are describing the way we feel about things like the way we treat people and other shit like that it's like were describing the same person. The first girl in years that I have been able relate to and feel good around but the first girl that I feel like my efforts will be in vane. I understand all skepticism I could just be an over emotional cuckold
Do you really know if they have nothing in common with them? Turning down advances is generally a bad idea if you're a guy, because you may find that you like them after a while later on and have more in common with them than you previously thought, or you just gain experience talking to the opposite sex so that you know how to handle situations like this in the future.

>telling the friend of girl A that you like A

Nigga you're dumb, A found out about you liking her probably that same night. Also she sounds like a mental case, as in, "I'm not over my abusive boyfriend" which is a MASSIVE red flag.
I dont really know whats up with her and the ex they dislike each other and try to disacosiate with each other but apparently shes only attracted to him.
I dont fucking understand
She's still emotionally or psychologically attached to him in some manner. Whether they are unrequited feelings for him or just her desperation is something that you will have to find out for yourself.
I dont know how I would go about finding that out. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, those sort of deep-seated feelings aren't something that someone just shares with other people except those that they are really close to, especially if they know that you are romantically interested in them. They will most likely hide thing from you, even if they don't necessarily mean to.
You can try to find out by mentioning him in a conversation and gauging her reaction.
What kind of reactions should I be looking for?
A vacant or distant one is usually a clear indicator that he is still on her mind, but that is probably going to happen no matter how she feels about him, since it's her ex. Try to see her split-second initial reaction and try to draw a conclusion from that.

Yes, I know it's not very accurate, but talking to her friends about it is a bad idea because they will also talk to her about it, and she will become more distant towards you for picking and prodding on her emotions.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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