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How to last longer

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Hey /adv/ how do you last longer sexually? Just got out of a fuck session. With this 9/10 and I lasted at most 4 mins after foreplay.. I'm no virgin but fuck that was embarrassing. She doesn't seem to really mind but I think i've ruined my chances with this girl.. Any advice for this inexperienced loser?
Well this happens to myself a lot and sometimes i cant last more then a couple of minutes, due to not having any recent sexual activity. Got a gf for 1,5 years now, she doesnt seem to care and is always saying that its normal for me to cum faster then her, however its also really bothering me.
In short, my advice is to try fapping before actually having sex or smthng similar or try having sex on a regular basis, which is also helpful with this kind of stuff. Yesterday we had sex for a couple of times and the first one was really about three minutes, but after some time we did it again and it lasted for like half an hour and was really intensive, we were sweating out like after a marathonn.

Tl;dr try masturbating before sex, thinking about scary stuff while doing it (kinda helps, but ruins the mood) or try round two in a different position, most girls would sing up for it, if it wasnt enough
fem here, lasting longer is not necessarily better. It could be very annoying.
Did she come ? does she seem satisfied ? were her eyes watery ?
Guess so at round 2 atleast maybe I was too busy saying sorry to actually notice
I usually fap too desu. But this wasn't planned at all. I tried thinking of random shit but her bj skills too strong.
Then theres really no reason to worry about it, if you had a bj before the action actually started. Take a bj between first and second times, to help harden the johnson, cause before hand it shortens the first one. So yeah, all is good op, no need to stress.
Don't make a big deal out of it or say sorry. My bf has this issue and it turns me off/annoys me when he gets all upset about it instead of focusing on making me cum. Like you came fast, who cares, help me cum instead of throwing a fit.

Try jerking off a few hours beforehand, going slower (some guys get wrapped up and forget this), and maybe try to make her cum before you do.
>come after less than 4 minutes the first time
>wait around 5 minutes or less and I'm good to go again, then I last around 10-15 on average
>it takes a bit longer to get ready for the third round, but then I can go up to 30+ minutes
>never apologize for cumming fast, I just tell her she got me too horny and round 2 is coming soon
Try to get out of your head. Stop focusing on what's going to happen and start focusing on the moment. Don't think, just go with it. At first, you won't last too long but in time and with an insatiable appetite for sex, you'll learn when not to go past the point of no return. She will also love you for as you set the agenda, are confident and in control. You do it solely for your pleasure and she will definitely get off to that.


When you feel like you're about to bust, you gotta stop the urge to bust and continue foreplay, until you don't feel that feeling, but not too much to lose your boner. Also switch positions constantly.

Repeat this until she's about to cum, then you cum.

>who cares

Men do. I know most women don't actually care about mutual satisfaction in bed, but most men do. We tend to feel really bad and inadequate when we fail to satisfy our partners. The who ejaculation and hormone process is very different for men. After we cum most of our sexual lust goes right out the door and it's hard and rare for us to get back in the mood to do it again.
Thread posts: 10
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