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Self improvement...still stuck at the same level 2 years later

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I'm 22 and 2 years ago I decided to completely change myself. I have a career, go to the gym every other day, eat clean, sleep well, new clothes, new car, new haircut, take care of my skin, new hobbies but I still feel so empty inside. I can't change myself, barely made any new friends, still no female interaction...what's the point? I feel like such a loser and can't into human interaction even though I tried so fucking hard. I still kinda have oneitis on a girl and she was the motivation of my radical change but I now know that I'll never have a chance with her
Join societies of those hobbies and make friends and mentors. Passionate people join societies of all sorts of shit.

Volunteer a day of your week. You'll meet compassionate people and hear all kinds of great stories.
Google christianity im modern times.

Its all up to You, You have the free will.
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My job involves a lot of volunteering and I've went to every possible event. I did crossfit, climbing, shooting, yoga, racing and many more and never bonded with anybody. Plus, it gets fucking expensive.

I'm at a point where I feel like having 2 jobs and getting a dog to love me unconditionally and forget about people
You need to stop being a control freak and quit trying to change yourself into something you're not. Seriously, just chill the fuck out for a second. Hobbies aren't going to make you a new and interesting person. Self improvement won't make you happy. Not if it's rooted in aversion to yourself as you are now.

Keep trying to force yourself to be happy will only end in making yourself miserable.

You have no idea what you are talking about. If I kept thinking like you say, I would have probably killed myself for being such a borderline NEET with no future. I changed a lot for the best and made improvements but I just can't get people interested in me

You haven't changed at all. Job, hobbies, new clothes, these are all meaningless things.

You just need to get rid of your laughably stupid crush on a girl you have no chance with? It's stupid. Right? You said you have no chance with her, so your crush is STUPID.

Stop being stupid, grow the fuck up.

And now that you have seen it first hand, you can also begin to understand what is meaningful and what is not.
Look up meetings on couchsurfer, you'll meet people that can relate to you that way.
Get a second job, then. I'm the guy you replied to. When I felt that way I actually did get a second job and i loved that sense of being busy and responsibility and making extra money. I thought of that time as a kind of purgatory for the next state of my life - at least I was making extra money while doing it.
Then everything is meaningless. I have no passion. I am an empty husk that merely adapts to its surroundings. I have like a single friend that is close the rest are merely acquintances.

Yes I have been orbiting around her for long enough but imagine if I never met her? My life would have been so much more miserable and in a way, she kinda saved my life. She is also a rare unicorn. She is non degenerate and I believe she has good values.

But in any case, if I drop everything now, I have nothing. Maybe just suck it up and love miserable for the rest of my life? I don't think people back then had much of a choice so who am I to complain
Currently finishing my studies and working at my parent's bakery (someday I will inherit it). Money is my only solace
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